TaylorMade TP5x vs Titleist Pro V1x – What’s The Better Golf Ball?

If you are looking for a ball that will help you play more like the pros, today’s review is for you. Today we are going to be taking a look at a couple of tour-grade balls that have been played by some of the biggest names in golf.

Shopping tour-grade golf balls can be a bit tricky because, like with so many things in golf, balls are subjective. You can pay a premium price and end up with a product that truly is high quality; but still ultimately worthless since it doesn’t suit your particular needs as a player.

That’s why it is so important to do your research if you are in the market for a tour-grade golf ball. Buyer’s remorse for a $60 range sleeve of golf balls can hurt more than normal. But we have done the research for you to help you determine which is the better golf ball for you.


The Taylormade TP5X

Taylormade may not be the first name you think of when you think of tour-grade balls. But they have been an industry stalwart for over 40 years and have come up with some of golf’s most important innovations.

With the Taylormade TP5X, they have stepped up their game once again – winning over some of the most dominant pro golfers with their unprecedented 5-layer design and the innovative high flex material, gradient coverings.

The Taylormade TP5X was built for speed off the tee. With less drag and spin off the driver and irons, you get piercing velocity which is boosted by the 322 seamless dimples that adorn the cover. Speaking of the cover, it is made of cast urethane that increases groove interaction for even more spin control.

With the Taylormade TP5X, you get a compression grading of 87 thanks to its 3-layer core. The control you get from these balls is very impressive and we suspect it has something to do with the gradient layering that helps the ball distribute striking energy more evenly and reduces spin.


  • Very impressive design
  • Allows for more workability
  • Great launch angle
  • Very little drag
  • You get good distance from them
  • They launch surprisingly straight


  • They are a bit pricey
  • The lowered spin can be a hindrance for some players
  • Not great if you have a low swing speed
  • They don’t seem like the most durable tour-grade balls on the market

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The Titleist Pro V1X

Titleist Pro V1’s have been the professional standard for a long time. In fact, if you observe any major tournament, you will see Titleist balls all over the course. The V1’s are known for high performance but with the Titleist Pro V1X we get some very enviable upgrades.

For starters, we get more precise spin control. The Titleist Pro V1X balls provide more iron and short game spin so these balls are more accurate when you’re in scoring range. You also get a higher flight from the Titleist Pro V1X. Noticing a pattern yet?

The Titleist Pro V1X’s are definitely for snipers who have no trouble getting to their approaches. Still, you get a good amount of speed out of these 4-piece tour-grade balls.

This is thanks in part to the precise spin control. On drives, long-game spin is kept handily in check by the thermoset urethane elastomer cover.

The cover of the Titleist Pro V1X is 17% thinner than the V1’s which allows for more control and feel around the green. The 90 compression rating is also optimal for faster swing speeds. And the larger casing layer allows for greater distance off the tee without sacrificing spin control.


  • Great approach balls
  • Allow for maximum spin control
  • Very sticky on the green
  • 328 dimple pattern
  • Relatively affordable tour balls
  • Good distance


  • Definitely not for lower swing speed players
  • A little hard to work
  • Not great if you are looking for a distance ball
  • They don’t feel great off irons

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Performance off the Tee

This one goes to the Taylormade TP5X balls. They shoot straight and you get high ball velocity pretty easily with them. They feel really good off the driver face too.

The Titleist Pro V1X did provide as much distance as a ball that was designed for performance around the green could give. The spin control was surprisingly ample. But we couldn’t get the repeatable distance from the Titleist Pro V1X that we did from the TP5X balls.

Fairway and Green Performance

This one goes to the Titleist Pro V1X balls, hands down. They bit the green so nicely we couldn’t wait to get down the fairway. They offer great control off chip shots and their stopping power is simply unrivaled.

And while the Taylormade balls performed admirably around the green, there was definitely a difference in spin rate on approaches and putts.

Putting Performance

Again, the Titleist Pro V1X balls claim this victory. They feel great off the putter and allow for professional-grade accuracy.

The Taylormade TP5X balls were great for close putts. But there was definitely a lack of spin control that became more pronounced the longer the putt was.


Price Comparison

The Taylormade TP5X balls will run you about $45 for a dozen. The Titleist Pro V1X balls are only slightly more expensive at a price point of about $49 at most retailers.


Which is the Better Ball?

There was a lot to be impressed about with both of these balls. But in our opinion, if you are going to buy a tour-grade ball, then you probably don’t have a lot of trouble with distance. It is the finer nuances of the game that the Titleist Pro V1X balls are better for.

And that is what gives them the edge in this review. Although the feel and the distance of the Taylormade TP5X balls are better, they didn’t perform as admirably on the fairway and on the green. The Titleist Pro V1X’s are scoring balls to be sure. They are today’s winner so check them out!



Titleist Pro V1X

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