Taylormade Stealth Vs Taylormade Stealth HD Irons

Taylormade Stealth Vs Taylormade Stealth HD Irons Comparison and Review 2023

Taylormade Stealth Vs Taylormade Stealth HD Irons Comparison and Review 2023

Taylormade Stealth Vs Taylormade Stealth HD Irons

“Taylormade is a powerhouse when it comes to game improvement clubs. Today, we look at some of the best GI irons they have ever produced.”

The Taylormade Stealth irons revamp the Cap Back system that were a hit in the SIM2 irons and paired it with a toe wrap design that takes mass from the high-toe area and places it low in the sole. This achieves lower CG and more overall forgiveness.

The Taylormade Stealth HD irons have been designed to be even more forgiving than the standard Taylormade Stealth irons.

While the Taylormade Stealth HD’s have many of the same features as the standard Taylormade Stealth irons, the performance is significantly different. Find out which irons would be best for your game in the following comparison review.

Taylormade Stealth Irons Overview

Taylormade Stealth Irons

“The Taylormade Stealth irons have a unique and pleasing look in the bag.”

Behind the ball, they look really nice. They aren’t huge; but you don’t get the feeling you’re playing with butter knives either.

The  undercut cavity is pretty deep and you get the almost obligatory Speed Pocket channel on the sole that helps with face flexion.

These irons are wicked forgiving. Mis-hits fly almost as straight as perfect strikes. The face profile is moderately deep and certainly deeper than the Taylormade Stealth HD’s.

And it is very easy to find the sweet spot on these irons. They really give you the confidence you need to take your best swing.

These irons also feature the ECHO damping system that helps smooth out harsh vibration. In our testing, we did notice a smooth feel; but nowhere near the feel of a forged iron. However, ball speed was high on almost every type of strike.

We got good rollout from these irons as well so the overall distance was very nice. The launch angles we were getting were pretty steep, which isn’t our favorite thing about these irons. However, keep in mind that these are GI irons.

For the most part, the high launch and mid-high spin rates will appeal to high handicappers with slow to moderate swing speeds.

“The forgiveness of these irons is pretty remarkable. They will also help mid to high handicappers bite onto more greens.”

Taylormade Stealth HD Irons Overview

Taylormade Stealth HD Irons

“The Taylormade Stealth HD irons are also exceptionally forgiving. In fact, we are tempted to call them super game improvement irons.”

Compared to the standard Taylormade Stealth irons, the HD’s have a shallower face profile which improves forgiveness from heel to toe.

They also have wider and more rounded soles than the standard Stealth irons.

They still feature the ECHO damping system and the cap back multi-material badge. So you get the same smooth feeling.

However, the Taylormade Stealth HD’s produce a towering launch and significantly higher spin rates than the Taylormade Stealth irons.

The rounded out sole also works really well in the rough and semi-rough. We were amazed that our testers who struggle with slicing the ball were producing beautiful baby draws on a consistent basis.

Ball speeds were just a little bit slower than what we saw with the Taylormade Stealth’s; but you have to give up something if you’re going to gain this kind of apex height.

“The Taylormade Stealth HD’s would be great for beginners and high handicappers who could use a boost of confidence from the fairway.”

Overview Conclusion

“The Taylormade Stealth irons are certainly more versatile and will meet the needs of a wider swath of players.”

The Taylormade Stealth HD’s are really more for beginners. The Taylormade Stealth HD’s aren’t as workable and it’s easy to send the ball ballooning out of control.

However, the Taylormade Stealth HD’s play smoother and more effectively from the rough.

Taylormade Stealth Irons First Impressions

Taylormade Stealth Irons1

“We liked the look of these irons immediately.”

They aren’t too big, aren’t too small and the angled cavity undercut looks really cool.

Taylormade Stealth Selling Points

  • Low CG
  • Toe wrap design
  • Smooth feel
  • Good ball speed
  • 450 stainless steel

Taylormade Stealth Key Technology

“Most of the tech that went into these irons increase their forgiveness”

ECHO Damping System: A soft layer behind the face absorbs harsh vibrations.

Toe Wrap: The toe wrap technology positions more mass in the sole for lower CG.

Speed Pocket: The speed pocket allows the face to flex more on low-face strikes.

Taylormade Stealth HD Irons First Impressions

Taylormade Stealth HD Irons1

“The Taylormade Stealth HD irons simply look forgiving.”

It’s hard to miss the sweet spot of these irons and the wide soles allow for less chunking on the fairway.

Taylormade Stealth HD Selling Points

  • Smooth feel
  • Good turf interaction
  • Shallow face design
  • High launch
  • Very forgiving

Taylormade Stealth HD Key Technology

“The draw bias will be good for players looking to correct a slice.”

Draw Bias: The internal draw bias helps you hit straight shots consistently.

Progressive CG: The CG shifts upwards as you work down the set to give more control in the scoring irons and better launch in the long irons.

Taylormade Stealth Loft & Lie

Club Loft Lie
4-iron 18.5 61.5
5-iron 21 62
6-iron 24 62.5
7-iron 28 63
8-iron 32 63.5
9-iron 37 64


Taylormade Stealth HD Loft & Lie

Club Loft Lie
5-iron 23.5 62.5
6-iron 26.5 63
7-iron 30 63.5
8-iron 34 64
9-iron 38.5 64.5

Who Should Buy the Taylormade Stealth Irons?

Taylormade Stealth Irons2

“The Taylormade Stealth irons are perfect for high handicappers seeking forgiveness.”

This is a solid GI set that allows for a bi of workability but focuses mainly on straightening mis-hits.

Distance: 96/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Workability: 94/100

Overall Performance: 96/100

Value: 96/100

Taylormade Stealth Irons

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Should Buy the Taylormade Stealth HD Irons?

Taylormade Stealth HD Irons2

“Beginners and 25+ handicappers will benefit from these irons.”

Launch us near-effortless and they perform well in the rough which is where beginners spend a lot of time.

Distance: 95/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Workability: 91/100

Overall Performance: 95/100

Value: 95/100

Taylormade Stealth HD Irons

Overall Score: 95/100

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