Taylormade M6 vs Cobra F9 Irons Review & Specs 

Cobra and Taylormade make very similar claims about their F9 and M6 irons. Namely that they are exceptionally long and forgiving. If you are shopping between these two sets, it’s understandable to be confused.

It’s almost impossible to determine which set is actually more forgiving and longer without actually playing them for yourself. So if you haven’t been able to play either of these iron sets firsthand, we’ve got the next best thing for you. We tested these sets side by side and we break down their differences in today’s review.


A Brief Intro

The Cobra F9 irons came on the scene in 2021. They were Cobra’s followup to the popular F8 irons. Right off the bat, they feature a larger, squarer sole just a touch less offset than the F8’s. Everything else is pretty much similar though: they do in fact play long and are forgiving.

The M6 irons have more design changes when compared to the M5 and P790 irons. First of all, they feature a thru-slot which helps the face hinge like a wood. This provides a high amount of flex and ball speed.


Cobra F9 Key Features

There are a couple of exciting features at play with the F9’s. First of all the slightly wider sole is created by applying a steel band to the bottom. This lowers the CG of these irons so that they feel fluid and interact with the turf very smoothly.

Secondly, the F9’s have precision milled grooves – tighter grooves in the long irons and wider ones in the short irons. This feature gives these irons a forged feel and help you control spin on your approaches.


Taylormade M6 Key Features


There’s quite a bit going on here too. For starters, the thru-slot helps create a sort of free floating face.  In fact, the only thing connecting the face featuring VFT technology (Variable Face Thickness) to the body is the top line.

This produces high flex and considerable ball speed. We know what you’re thinking; wouldn’t that be really unstable? In most cases yes but that’s why Taylormade included in the M6 irons their patented Speedbridge which connects the top line and sole in the rear for added stability.


Loft Comparison


Cobra F9 Loft

Taylormade M6 Loft

4 Iron



5 Iron



6 Iron



7 Iron



8 Iron



9 Iron




Cobra F9 Set Options

  • Fujikura ATMOS 6 shaft (graphite)
  • KBS Tour 90 shaft (steel)
  • Stiff, regular and light flexes


Taylormade M6 Set Options

  • Fujikura Atmos Orange shaft
  • KBS Max 85 shaft
  • Stiff, regular and amateur flexes


Length & Lie Comparison


Cobra F9 Lie/Length

Taylormade M6 Lie/Length

4 Iron



5 Iron



6 Iron



7 Iron



8 Iron



9 Iron




Who is Each Set for?

If you are a high to mid handicapper, you would definitely benefit more from playing the Taylormade M6 irons. They are certainly more forgiving on low-face shots. The F9’s aren’t bad in terms of forgiveness either.

The wider sole will certainly help mid to high handicappers as well. Overall though, there are less features to help beginner level players with the Cobra F9’s.


Composition Comparison

Both of these iron sets are available with steel and graphite shafts.

The Cobra F9 irons feature tungsten weighting in the toe and heel and an additional band of steel in the sole. The M6 irons feature the inverted cone face architecture which expands the sweet spot out towards the toe.


Distance and Forgiveness Comparison

Overall, we were getting better distance from the long irons in the M6 set. The hinging face technology does a lot to boost overall ball speed. Irons 8 and 9 don’t feature the Speed Pocket though and are more predicated on greenside spin.

The M6’s were also a bit more forgiving than the Cobra F9’s. We were noticing that on low face shots, the ball was still launching pretty well with the M6’s as opposed to the F9’s.


Performance Comparison

We really liked the forged feel of the F9 irons.

The progressive groove dispersion ensured that we had better control over our shots from the 4 iron all the way down to the wedges. On the other hand, the M6 irons were giving us an average of 4-6 more yardage than the F9’s.


Price Comparison

If you want a new set of the Taylormade M6 irons you can expect to cough up around $700 while the Cobra F9 irons run the gamut between $550 and $800.


Taylormade M6 Pros & Cons


  • They played longer overall
  • They were also more forgiving
  • Fluted hosel
  • The thin faces allow for maximum flex
  • Very good ball speed
  • Good for intermediate players



  • They don’t offer as much spin control as the Cobra F9 irons
  • 8 and 9 irons don’t have the Speed Pocket
  • Weaker launch angles
  • No drastic improvements when compared to the P790 irons

Overall Score: 95/100

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Cobra F9 Pros & Cons


  • They interact with turf very well
  • They have more of a players look at address
  • Precision face milling gives them the feel of more expensive forged irons
  • Good vibration dampening
  • Better greenside spin control
  • You can potentially get them for a cheaper price


  • They aren’t as forgiving
  • Irons 6-9 sound a little thin
  • They don’t produce as much ball speed
  • No significant improvements over the F8’s

Overall Score: 92/100

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Final Assessment

So which irons kept their promises? From what we observed, the Taylormade M6’s were the longer and more forgiving irons.

That’s not to say that the Cobra F9’s didn’t play long or weren’t forgiving. They certainly were, just not as much as the M6’s.

If forgiveness and length truly are your top priorities then you would certainly do better with the Taylormade M6 irons. Be sure to check them out for yourself soon.