Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set Review

Taylormade Kalea

Golf isn’t the easiest game to pick up. A lot of beginners give up because the learning curve is very steep when you first start out. It takes a strong constitution and drive not to get discouraged by constant shanking, drives that go nowhere and trips into the rough.

But golf club manufacturers have recognized this problem. As a result, a large portion of the golf club market is focused on new players. Today, there are hundreds of beginner’s and improvers golf clubs to choose from that have been specifically designed to help newbies and overcome the hardest parts of learning the game.

Today we are going to be taking a look at one such set of beginner’s and intermediates golf clubs for women. We tested this women’s golf club set against two full rounds and some range practice as well. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this women’s Taylormade set.


Initial Benefits of the Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set

Right away, you can feel that the weight of these clubs has been focused in the rear-bottom of the club head. What does that mean? It means it is much easier to get a great launch angle from the Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set.

What isn’t so apparent when you pick up these clubs and do a few practice swings is what Taylormade calls the “Speed Pocket.” The Speed Pocket is essentially a cavity in the club head that allows it to recoil and fire back on impact, essentially giving the ball an extra boost of speed.

All of this translates to better ball speed and longer distance: two things that neophyte players struggle mightily with. Now, let’s take a look at what clubs are included in the Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf set.


What You Get With The Set

Taylormade Kalea



The driver in the Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set offers 12 degrees of loft and while we felt that the head was a bit larger and heavier than most women’s driver’s we have tested in the past, this worked to the overall advantage of the set.

It plays incredibly long and straight. The sound the driver face makes when it contacts the ball pretty much tells you everything you need to know about how you are hitting it.

The weight doesn’t detract from accuracy so much as it lets you know where the head is throughout your backswing and follow through.


Fairway Woods

You get 3 and 5 fairway woods in the Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set and they offer 17 and 20 degrees of loft respectively. The woods are where Taylormade really starts putting an emphasis on light weight for women.

Both of these woods have an ultralight graphite shaft and again, focus almost all the weight on the club head and hosel. The result is a set of fairway woods that are very wieldy but don’t give up anything in the way of power.



The hybrids fill in the gap between the woods and the irons very nicely. You get both a 5 and 6 hybrid in the Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set with 26 and 30 degrees of loft respectively. But it’s the slotted sole technology that really steals the show with these hybrids.

The slots in the sole make the club head more flexible upon impact. This flexing allows for an extra impact on the ball so you can really get good speed and distance with these clubs even if your swing speed isn’t ideal yet. Overall these hybrids will be a great asset to any beginner.



The irons that are included in the Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set are 7 through 9. The irons also feature slotted sole technology and we found that in the irons, the slots make for very forgiving shots.

We were hitting off-center shots straighter than we would with other irons. There was also a good amount of flex for lady beginners. The shafts of the irons in this set are also ultralight graphite which increases club head speed and makes the irons wieldy enough for newbies.



The Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set includes a pitching wedge and a sand wedge to help you get out of a jam. Both the wedges are very well balanced which we believe to be very important. After all, with tough shots that call for a sand wedge, you may find yourself in an awkward stance.

The even balance of the wedges make even off-kilter shots feel more fluid. They were also surprisingly lightweight.



Last but not least, you get a premium spider putter in the Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set. This is a very high quality putter that has a very nice weight and balance to it. It is easy to line up shots with the putter and start to develop healthy short game mechanics.


Club Composition

All of the clubs beside the putter and driver feature ultralight graphite shafts which give a great amount of flex: perfect for lady golfers. You also get high quality Lamkin Sonar Lite 38g grips on all of the clubs except the putter which feature Lamkin Deep Etched grips.

Club Options

This set comes in either left or right hand orientation with a premium bag and an option for head covers.


Club Length

The clubs run a bit short even for women’s golf clubs. But they seem to be suitable for women between 5’4” and 5’7”.


Pros & Cons Of The Kalea Set


  • Slotted sole technology
  • Speed Pocket cavities
  • Very forgiving
  • Great distance
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design


  • Expensive
  • Some may prefer a mallet type putter
  • Some may prefer a 6 iron
  • Not a lot of flex on the driver


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Alternatives To Consider

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Callaway Strata Womens Golf Club Set

The Callaway Strata Women’s set is one of the most famous beginner sets on the market from a trusted brand in Callaway. The club set comes with 16 clubs at an incredible value (just about $400). The Clubs feature oversized heads for forgiveness and distance. The clubs are also high quality and you can’t go too far wrong with the Strata.

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Cobra F-Max Ladies Set

The Cobra Set is built for beginners and improvers. The clubs are light for slower swing speeds and they are build for accuracy and distance. The Cobra set for women has an offset driver head for easy squaring and maximum distance. Cobra are well know for the quality of their clubs and this set is no different.

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Wilson Platinum Women’s Clubs

Wilson are are a respected name in the Women’s Golf Club market and you can be sure you are getting excellent quality AND value when you go with Wilson. The Wilson Women’s Platinum is one of the latest iterations for improvers and beginners alike and it features Wilson’s Super Game Improvement technology perfect for beginners and those wanting to keep their ball in play more often.

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This is a great set if you are new to the game or if you are looking to improve. The Kalea are a well known set for those who are serious about the game and want to commit to improving further.  It will help you overcome the strife that typically plagues beginners whether they are male and female and that is missing the target or not getting enough distance. While they are a bit on the pricey side, they are among the highest quality set you can buy off the shelf and you can’t go wrong with the Kalea if you want to improve your game ten fold. Check them out today!

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