Standard vs. Midsize Golf Grip – Which Grips Are Right For You?


The golf grip is the only connection that we have with the club. Without an excellent grip, there is no possible way to get the proper strike and precision that we need in the game.

In addition to understanding where your hands need to be placed, it is also essential to consider the size of the grip being used. Having the proper size grip allows golfers to get their hands in the place that they should be.

While hand size is going to be a factor in what grip size you should chose, whether you are going for maximum power, feel or control are also going to help determine what size grips you should use. One great way to decide which grips are best for you is to simply replace one grip in your bag and see if that one feels better on the course than the others.

Let’s take a deeper look into the world of standard and midsize grips and help you decide which is best for your game.

What’s The Deal With Golf Grip Size

Having been a professional golfer for many years, I have seen quite a few problems with golfers playing the wrong grip size.

Many people are entirely unaware that grip size is a factor that should be considered in their game.

If you believe that your hand is smaller or larger than average, you will likely need custom grips.

Golf grips are easy to adjust and to change and having the proper grip can make things a bit easier on you.

How much bigger are midsize grips?

Grips are measured by the diameter of the grip. If you look at the top of the grip of your golf club, there is sometimes a number there that will let you know the size of your grip. The midsize grip is 1/16” bigger than a standard golf grip.

This may not seem like that much of a difference in size, but if you hold a standard and a midsize grip in your hands, you can absolutely tell which is the larger one.


Golf Size Grip Chart

Should I Use Midsize Or Standard Golf Grips

The decision to use midsize or standard golf grips will mostly come down to the size of your hand. You can take measurements of the distance from the base of your palm up to the tip of your middle finger. These measurements can then be converted into a proper grip size.

However, this single number is not always going to be an exact science. As we know, a good portion of golf has to do with feel as well. If you find a golf grip that does not feel as it should, then you can absolutely adjust to the size that you need.



Who Will Midsize Grips Suit

Midsize golf grips are best for those that have a large hand, wear an oversized glove, and also those with arthritis.

The midsize grip makes it so that your hand does not have to bend and close quite as much.

This certainly helps those that felt as though they were having too much of their hand on the club.


Who Will Standard Suit

Standard golf grips are going to work for the majority of the population.

With a standard golf grip, you will probably be a person that wears a medium or large-sized golf glove.

Standard golf grips are the way the majority of golf irons and woods will come; midsize is usually a custom feature on a golf club.

Benefits Of Midsize

  • Can help golfers who have arthritis
  • Will relieve grip pressure for those with smaller hands
  • Helps golfers to get clubface square at impact
  • Better feel for more powerful golfers

Benefits Of Standard

  • Allows those that slice to release the club more
  • Can help golfers get a better feel and control of the club
  • The standard in golf and likely won’t be an upcharge
  • More sensitive for accurate players


How Can The Wrong Grip Size Effect Performance

We always find it interesting when golfers purchase new clubs, and they spend countless hours hitting shots on a launch monitor to make sure they get the right choice. All of these hours, the ball speed, flight, spin, and everything are recorded and calculated.

The shaft of the club is going to be custom fit for the player, but was the grip considered? Without the right grip in place, the connection to the club will not be what it needs to be, and this will cause issues in the golfer’s game.

Many golfers will tell you that switching to the proper size grip has helped them to shave several strokes off their game. The largest performance measures that grip size can impact are the swing plane, impact position, grip pressure, and control of the golf club.

Does Grip Size Affect Ball Flight?

If your grip size is not right, you can absolutely see an effect on the ball flight of your shots. When a grip is too small, chances are your grip pressure is going to be very tight. When grip pressure is tight you will potentially stiffen up your arms as well.

When things are a bit rigid coming through the golf ball, the ball flight tends to be a bit lower. You won’t get the spin or the distance that you need on your shots.


What Happens If Your Golf Grips Are Too big?

If your golf grips are too big, you will always feel as though you are trying to get your hands in the proper position on the club. It will feel like no matter how many times you grip and regrip your club; it just won’t feel right.

As you swing the club, you may feel as though it is slipping out of your hands at times. This is because your fingers are not properly wrapped around the body of the grip. This lack of control can cause quite a few different shots and cause you to lose the ability to release the golf ball.


What Happens If Your Golf Grips Are Too Small?

Golf grips that are too small are going to cause a player to grip the club with more force. This is done to try and establish a solid connection with the club. The problem is that when your golf grip is too tight, you won’t be able to hit proper golf shots.

Another problem with the golf grip being too small is that it can sometimes cause players to swing a little too fast and inside as well. If you want to get the feeling of what the smaller grip can do to your swing, try swinging with one of your kid’s clubs. You will notice these differences almost immediately.


How To Test Which Is Right For Me?

Truly the best way to test to see if a grip is for you is to swing a club and hit shots with several different grip sizes. If you find that midsize is too large for you, but standard is too small, you can always thicken the standard by a little bit.


If you put a few extra wraps of tape under a standard grip, it will bridge the gap between the standard and midsize grips.


You can simply measure your hands and take that measurement size as being the proper one for your hands; however, we recommended trying to hit with the grip that you are considering.


If you think all of your grips need to be replaced, it can make sense to test on just your seven iron and then replace all of the grips after that point. This will help you save money in case the grip change was not the proper choice.


What About Oversized Grips

Oversized grips are even larger than midsize grips. With oversized grips, you are going to need a very large hand or have an issue with arthritis. For those with arthritis, you can use this type of grip to make sure your hands don’t have to bend all that much on the club. The grips make it easier and less painful to play golf.


Should I Use The Same Grips On All My Clubs?

With the exception of your putter, it can make sense to have the same grip on all of your clubs. When you create some uniformity and consistency in your game, you will only make things easier on yourself.

When you switch to the putter, you can be more creative in the type of grip you use. In fact, most people are finding that the thicker grips on the putter help to establish some control and less wrist action in the swing.

When you purchase new grips for your golf clubs, purchase enough to have all of your clubs regripped at the same time.


Best 3 Standard Size Grips On Amazon – Mini Review


Lamkin Crossline 360 Standard Golf Grip, Gray 101377 Men’s Standard

The Lamkin Crossline is a classic golf grip with great feel and performance. The Lamkin is a rubber grip with a great feel. The pattern is the same from the top to the bottom of the grip allowing consistency for a golfer.

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Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip

The Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound helps golfers that want the best tackiness and control but also don’t want their hands ripped apart.

The MCC was designed by combining a traditional rubber grip with a cord to get a perfect mix for the average golfer. This is one of the most widely used grips in golf.

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Winn Dritac Standard Golf Grips Dritac

The Winn Dritac grips provide some of the tackiest feels on the market while still being soft. You will feel as though you can release your golf grip pressure but still have full control over the ball.

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Best 3 Mid Size Grips On Amazon – Mini Review

Golf Pride ZGrip Cord Golf Grip

The Golf Pride Z Grip available in midsize is a traditional cord grip with a unique pattern. This is the kind of grip that is going to hold up in any weather condition. If you are a golfer with lots of club speed, this is a great choice to consider.

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Winn DriTac Wrap WinnDry Grip, Midsize (+1/16-Inch)

Winn DriTac grips come in both standard and midsize options. These grips are a wrap style, so they will work their way around the club and create some nice ridges for your hands to fall in. This midsize grip is also very soft to help with proper grip pressure.

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Lamkin Sonar Midsize Golf Grips

The Lamkin grips have a few different textures to help make sure your hands have the grip and traction that they need. The Lamkin grip also has some nice alignment lines to make sure you are set up correctly to hit your shots.

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Dechambeau Grip Size

We all know that Bryson Dechambeau does some unique things with this golf game and equipment. One of those things are his grips. The grips on Bryson’s golf clubs are the Jumbo Max, and they are considerably larger than standard. The diameter of Bryson’s putter grip is 4.38 inches.



Now it’s time for you to take a look at your golf clubs and see what grip size you should be using. You will be amazed at how a difference of 1/16 of an inch can change your golf game.

Golfers often forget that grip size is just as important as grip feel. Find a grip that you love the feel of, and then make sure it is installed at the proper size for your hands.