Srixon ZX4 vs ZX5 vs ZX7 Irons – What’s The Best Option For Your Game

Srixon ZX4 vs ZX5 vs ZX7 Irons

I recently described Wilson as one of the most underrated golf brands on the market.

Today we are talking about another, Srixon. Hailing from Japan, a country synonymous with the absolute best in golf club making, this is a company that are all to often overlooked.

Today we want to look at Srixon irons and show you just how good these things are!

If you are in the market for new clubs and haven’t tried these then read on to find out why you need to rethink. Srixon irons are absolutely for you and I will explain.

Srixon ZX4 vs ZX5 Irons

First off, these two are designed for different golfers.

If you squint, they do look broadly similar but once you hit a few you’ll realise they’re not.

The ZX4 iron is more forgiving and built for those who need help with speed. They are also built a little bigger with a chunkier sole, though a slim topline.

 The ZX5 irons have been developed for lower handicap golfers who are less worried about speed and forgiveness than they are about playability.

This is a players iron and they feel incredible to hit. Intelligent use of tungsten weighting has created impressive forgiveness and playability.

Srixon ZX4 vs ZX7 Irons

The ZX7 irons are a step further into the more accomplished players wheelhouse than the ZX5.

They really aren’t that comparable to ZX4 in terms of those who would be looking to use them. They have an aggressive sole and are made to maximise feel and playability.

Another great feature to mention about the ZX4 irons is that they have tungsten weighting toward the sole of the iron which means a lower centre of gravity.

This results in a higher launch which is perfect for those golfers looking for some help in getting the ball in the air. 

Srixon ZX5 vs ZX7 Irons

 This is the real battleground of this article. These models are quite comparable, they look similar and they will both appeal to a similar kind of golfer.

Both of these sets are players irons that have been developed with shot-shaping in mind. The ZX5 irons have slightly larger heads of the two.

It would appear that the ZX5 will give you slightly more forgiveness and distance but the advantages are small.

One thing that many online talk about with these models is building a mixed set. ZX5 long irons into ZX7 scoring irons, this potentially gives you the best of both worlds.

What All Of The Irons Have In Common

Srixon ZX4 vs ZX5 vs ZX7 Irons1

Srixon Styling

 Srixon irons are beautiful, they have an edginess that I love.

All of these irons have a similar styling to them with bold angular patterns that provide both form and function.

They are gorgeous to look at and that should never be underestimated.

 Great Feel

 Whilst the ZX4 irons feel different to hit than the other two, all of these irons feel great at impact.

They have a softness that lets you know when you’ve properly caught one out of the middle and it is a feeling that really instils confidence in you as you get into hitting them.


 Bear with me on this one, I know that what I’ve said to here may make this point confusing.

ZX4 are made to be forgiving, but my point here is that ZX5 and ZX7 are exceptionally forgiving as far as players irons go. I hope that makes sense now.

When To Use A 5 Or 7  Wood?

A 5 wood can be used from many situations on the course, from the tee box, fairway and light rough.

Try to avoid using it in thicker rough as the club may get stuck.

A 7 wood can be used from the fairway, rough and when you play par 3’s.

I would suggest staying away from them on the tee box of par 4’s and 5’s as you won’t get enough distance with them.

How Do They Compare Technically?

Let’s take a look at the specs of these clubs side by side to compare them in real detail.

Srixon ZX4 Lofts And Specs

Srixon ZX4 Lofts And Specs

Srixon ZX7 & ZX5 Lofts And Specs

Srixon ZX7 & ZX5 Lofts And Specs

Srixon ZX4 Irons First Impressions

Srixon ZX4 Irons

These irons are a bit of an engineering marvel.

They look like players cavity back irons in the bag but only when you place them behind the ball do you see that all is not what it seems.

Only at this point do you really notice how thick the topline is and how large the head is.

 These clubs are truly excellent. They may not be game improvement irons, they are for better players than that, but they are irons that can revolutionise the game of mid-handicap golfers.

There may not be a better set of irons on the market for this type of golfer.

Srixon ZX5 Irons First Impressions

Srixon ZX5 Irons

One pure strike and you will struggle not to fall in love.

These forged irons look great behind the ball and are so buttery soft at impact.

These irons got me. They have the perfect blend of playability and forgiveness and that means a lot to me.

 The topline of these irons is nice and thin, they look aggressive and make you feel like attacking pins.

That forgiveness gives you that feeling of a safety blanket that provides you peace of mind as you take the club away in pursuit of the pin.

Srixon ZX7 Irons First Impressions

Srixon ZX7 Irons

These irons look incredibly similar to the ZX5s at address, well from pretty much all angles really.

One big detail you will notice is how aggressive the sole of the ZX7 irons are.

This is one thing that I found reduced the forgiveness somewhat and made me prefer the ZX5s slightly more.

That being said, these are absolutely beautiful. I did like the more compact head that these irons had, I thought they looked more appealing over the ball, albeit a very slight difference indeed.

I am certain many golfers will prefer these, they are absolutely beautiful.

Srixon ZX4 Pros And Cons


  • These clubs are impressively forgiving
  • Although forgiving, they don’t look like classic irons built for forgiveness
  • ZX4 irons are built to launch the ball far and fast
  • Their forged face brings exceptional feel


  • ZX4 irons have quite a chunky sole, this may put some people off them
  • They can feel quite light, something many will like but could be a turn off for others

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Srixon ZX5 Pros And Cons


  • Compact heads give these the look of blades at address
  • ZX5 irons are forgiving yet playable and aggressive
  • The long irons on these clubs are wildly impressive
  • The angular design is striking


  • The ZX5 irons are a players iron, though some may want something more aggressive
  • It’s difficult to find any other issues with these

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Srixon ZX7 Pros And Cons


  • For elite amateurs and pros, these irons are sublime
  • At address, these irons look beautiful
  • The compact head and thin topline is reminiscent of blades


  • The sole on these may be a little aggressive for some, they do require elite ball striking
  • They have been developed for highly-skilled golfers and others probably need not apply

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irons golf

This iron line-up is a really exceptional one.

It sometimes pains me that many would overlook Srixon when on the market for clubs.

They make some of the most well-crafted clubs that you will find and they should always be on your list of club makers to try.

 Whether you need maximum forgiveness, maximum aggression or some mix in the middle, the Srixon ZX4, ZX5 and ZX7 irons will give you what you need.

Those angular and edgy good looks create an iron that you will love to look at as much as you love to hit.