Sephlin Signature Womens Pink Golf Club Set Review Vs Alternatives

There are so many women’s golf club sets that actually omit very important clubs – it can be very frustrating if you are a woman who is serious about mastering the game. While beginner sets shouldn’t be shied away from, you shouldn’t shy away from the harder clubs either.

Today we will be taking a look at a complete set of women’s golf clubs that doesn’t shy away from the challenge of developing a well-rounded game.

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Initial Benefits of the Sephlin Signature Womens Pink Golf Club Set

“The first thing you will notice about these clubs is that the heads are oversized but the overall weight is minimal.”

They feel incredibly balanced from the woods to the irons. Right away you can tell that these are going to be forgiving clubs because the woods and the irons have oversized heads. But what keeps the weight in check are the carbon fiber/graphite composite shafts.

We were not expecting such high-end shafts on what are marketed as beginner golf clubs; but we were happy with it all the same. The immediate benefit of these clubs is that they are light and forgiving.

For most of our testers, this meant faster swing speeds and more accuracy. And for anyone who likes pink, the Sephlin Signature Womens Pink golf club set has a nice aesthetic appeal too.

What you Get With the Set


“The Sephlin Signature Womens Pink driver is a 460cc titanium driver set to 12.5 degrees.”

The relatively weak loft will help women golfers get the ball airborne with much less trouble. Titanium is a naturally light alloy too so the head design is also what contributes to the light weight of the driver.

Fairway Woods

“The set includes not one but two fairway woods.”

This was a great choice because beginner players need to learn how to bridge the distance gap on the deck too. You get a #3 and a #5 wood set to 17 and 20 degrees of loft respectively. Again, you get fairly weak loft which amounts to a lot of launch.


“The hybrid in the Sephlin Signature Womens Pink golf club set is 23 degrees.”

We liked that the hybrid in this set has a shallow face profile. This allows for better lateral forgiveness. The turf interaction left a lot to be desired but if you’re not in the cabbage, you should have no problem striking accurately with this club.


“Any beginner will feel very much at ease with one glance at the Sephlin Signature Womens Pink irons.”

That’s because they are large and have wide soles. You get irons 4-9 in the Sephlin Signature Womens Pink set which again, is a great choice because you will have to learn the long irons eventually – may as well be now. These are cavity back irons that produce great apex height and have large sweet spots.


“We liked the offset of these wedges. They really help with short-game accuracy.”

If you have trouble closing up the face with your shorter irons, the offset of the Sephlin Signature Womens Pink irons will surely help. The set includes both a pitching and a sand wedge.


“The Sephlin Signature Womens Pink golf club set includes a very unique mallet-style putter.”

This putter looks really cool and it feels very well balanced – even when you’re taking a long putt. The roll was pretty delayed overall though. There was a decent amount of skipping on most of the putts we took. The face insert doesn’t seem to have been made very well; but some concessions are only to be expected with an entry–level set of clubs.

Club Composition

The graphite/carbon fiber composite shafts represent one of the best aspects of this set. They are light and provide enough flex to up your ball speed. They also still feel nice when you thin the ball or mis-hit. There’s no harsh vibration.

Right now, the Sephlin Signature Womens Pink clubs are only available in right-handed but left-handed versions may become available in the future.

Club Options

Sephlin is still a pretty small golf club manufacturer so it’s understandable that their set options are minimal. The Sephlin Signature Womens Pink clubs only come in right-handed but you do have two color options to choose from.

Club Length

The Sephlin Signature Womens Pink clubs run a bit long. However, our testers ranged from 5’4” to 5’10” and they all felt comfortable with these clubs.

Pros & Cons of the Sephlin Signature Womens Pink Set



  • They look great at address
  • Stand bag included
  • Great launch
  • Steep descent angles
  • Very forgiving
  • Includes all essential clubs


  • Roll is delayed with the putter
  • Not great for fast swing speeds
  • Limited options
  • Hybrid has poor turf interaction

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Alternatives to Consider 

Wilson Women’s Profile SGI Golf Club Set

All of the clubs in this set except the putter have lightweight shafts but we really like the irons in this set. They were exceptionally forgiving thanks to perimeter weighting and the 431 grade stainless steel construction gives them a very nice feel.

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Aspire XD1 Ladies Golf Club Set

The Aspire XD1 golf club set includes a 460cc driver, 15 degree fairway wood, 21 degree hybrid, irons 6-PW and a putter. This is a very affordable set that would be great for beginner golfers.

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Precise NX460 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

We loved that the driver in this set produces great loft. Carry distance with all the clubs was great too. Overall these are great distance irons – just don’t expect a whole lot of workability from them. They are definitely tailored for the games of high handicappers.

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The thing we really love about this set is that it includes all the clubs you need now as a beginner and all the clubs that will help once your game starts to advance. The Sephlin Signature Women’s Pink golf club set feels great, will help you increase your swing speed and is a great set for beginner golfers.

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