Rubber Vs. Cord Golf Grips Vs. Wraps – Which Are The Best?

Hybrid Club Grip

All golfers will have their opinions about which grips are the best. There are always those players that swear they can’t even hit the ball when they don’t have their Golf Pride MultiCompound with the two extra layers of tape on the bottom and the logo turned upside down.

Although we think this may be a little extreme, there is some truth to the fact that the proper grip can make a difference to a golfer. After all, the only connection we have with the golf club is through our hands. We have put together some helpful information to make it easier for you to decide which grip makes the most sense for your game.

What’s The Difference Between Cord And Rubber Grips

There are a few significant differences between the cord and rubber grips. The main difference is that a cord grip has a string that runs through it. The string is combined with the rubber, and it is visible when looking at the exterior of the grip.


The rubber grip is going to be much softer and easier on the hands than the cord grip. Cord grips do a great job of grabbing a player’s hand, but they have also been known to rip at the hands and cause some rough spots as well.


A grip will only perform as well as the person who is holding it. That being said, the cord grips tend to perform quite well for players that don’t like to wear a golf glove. If you are playing in the summer months and your grips get a little wet, the cord will give you some extra grab and traction.

The rubber grips have more options when it comes to design, thickness, and softness as well. If you have trouble with arthritis or getting blisters from your golf grips, the rubber grips will give you more options.

When it comes to playing in difficult weather conditions, the cord grips tend to be a better choice. If you want a grip that has a softer feel but still holds up in the rough weather, some grips have a cord portion closer to the head of the club and a rubber portion at the butt end. These grips are excellent when you are looking for some versatility.

Ease Of Use & Installation

Both cord grips and rubber grips are equally easy to install. They are also about even in price when you compare a base level rubber grip to a base level cord grip.

What Determines The Type Should You Be Using?

Most of what determines which grip you should use is going to be personal preference. Suppose you like a softer feel than you should stick with the rubber grips. If you feel like the clubs are sliding around in your hands, then the cord grip may be an option to consider. A few other things to think about when deciding which is the proper grip.

  • Arthritis– people with arthritis should use a softer oversized golf grip so that they don’t need to bend their fingers as much. A cord would not be the right choice.
  • Swing Speed– faster swinging players, tend to do better with the cord grip because of the speed of their golf swing
  • Weather Conditions– if you play quite a bit of golf in poor weather you may want a cord grip because of the extra grab you can get when they are wet
  • Grip Size– both rubber and cord grips are offered in several different sizes, however making sure you choose the proper size golf grip is essential

Cord Vs. Wrap

A wrap grip is very similar to the rubber grip; it is just put on the club a different way. The wrap grip looks as though it wraps around the golf club. The wrap grip will have natural indentations that help to make it easier to grip onto. Wrap grips are more like rubber grips than they are like cord grips and can provide a lot of comfort when gripping the club and swinging.

How Do I Know Whether I Need To Change – What Problems Will The Wrong Grips Cause?

It’s time to change your golf grips when they appear visually worn down or slippery. If you have just changed your rubber grips and they already feel like they have lost their tack, you can wash them. Many people replace grips quickly because they don’t know you can wash them.

When you wash golf grips, they will get a lot of their tack back. They get oils, and sunscreen, and dirt stuck inside, and the washing will help to get that out. Once you have finished washing and thoroughly drying your grips, test them to see if they are still slippery. If they are, you need new grips.

If you have never tried a cord grip and you are thinking of making the change, make sure to try it on one club like a seven iron and see how it feels first. Keep that in your bag for a week and if you like it, go ahead and change the set. If you don’t like it, you will not have spent a good deal of money on a set of grips you don’t enjoy.

What Should Beginners Use?

Beginners need to be very careful when choosing a golf grip. Since a beginner’s hands are not accustomed to being on a golf club, they may be subject to some blisters. When you first start playing golf, if your grip pressure is off or your hand position is off, you may end up with a blister.

These are painful and difficult to overcome without quitting your practice for a few days. It is highly recommended that a beginner golfer wear a golf glove and play with a softer rubber grip. As the beginner improves and picks up club speed and skill if they feel as though the cord grip would be a better match, that is fine.

Best Cord Golf Grips

Golf pride makes some f the best golf grips out there, and this Z Grip Cord is no exception. If you want an option that is going to help you have a better connection with the golf club, this is it. You can get the Z Grip Cord in midsize or in the standard.

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Best Rubber Golf Grips

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet is the most well-known grip in golf. This is the standard option used on many stock golf clubs, and it is an affordable and high-quality grip. The tour velvet is decently tacky, and it is just soft enough to allow you to have medium to light grip pressure. If you have a bunch of mix-matched grips on your clubs, do yourself a favor and put on a set of the Tour Velvets.

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Best Non-Cord Golf Grips

The Golf Pride MultiCompound is an excellent choice if you want something that is a mix between the cord and the rubber grip. This has more of a cord feel towards the bottom of the club so you can grip down and get that cord-like feel when the weather conditions get tough. We also love the number of colors that you can get the Golf Pride MCC grips in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Grips For Sweaty Hands?

The best golf grips for sweaty hands are the cord type golf grips. If you don’t think a cord is an excellent idea for you than you could look at a half cord grip. It will be a little easier on the hands but still give you that grab that you need to have a good connection with the club.

Do Different Material Grips Have Different Sizes?

Golf grips come in many different sizes, but the size won’t be related to the material that they are made of. You can purchase a rubber grip in a midsize, or you can buy an oversized grip in a midsize, and either one will be the same size.

Do Cord Grips Last Longer?

Some people think that because the cord grip is made with a rougher material that it will last longer. The truth is it does not last any longer than the rubber grip. The cord or the string on the cord grips will wear down, and then they need to be replaced.

Should my driver Grip be the same as irons?

Yes, Ideally, all of your grips should be the same throughout your clubs. With all the variables in the golf game, it is essential to make sure that you keep some things constant. Except for your putter, try to keep all of your golf grips the same.

How vital is grip pressure in the golf swing?

Grip pressure is one of the key fundamentals in the game of golf. If your grip pressure is off, you are going to have a tough time performing. The grip pressure can affect things like club path, swing plane, and even your ability to release the golf club.


We hope our information about the rubber verse the cord grip gave you a good idea as to what the differences are and which one is best for your game. Sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation when it comes to golf grips to find the right one. If you aren’t sure if you want a cord grip or a rubber grip, look for something that is a mix of the two.