Taylormade RBZ Speedlite Complete 13-Piece Set Review Vs Alternatives

You hear the phrase “take your game to the next level” a lot. It’s a statement that gets thrown out a bunch but rarely has any substance behind it. In terms of golf, you will mainly hear it from club and ball manufacturers all the time.

Every once in a while however, someone does actually come along and offers a set of clubs that are designed specifically for game improvement or getting your game to the next level.

Added to that, when the set is made by Taylormade, it really is going to command the attention of those in the market and for good reason.

In the following review, we will be taking a look at one such set that promises to “up the game” of beginners and intermediate players alike.


First Impressions

Upon first impression of the RBZ Speedlite set we were, well, impressed.

It comes from Taylormade for starters and with just a few practice swings with the driver and hybrid, we were giddy to get the set out on the course. The clubs felt smooth in terms of weighting and downswing.


What Comes In The Set?


First off, you get a 460cc driver with a titanium head design which is the legal limit for hitting bombs off the tee.

This helps keep the weight down, and in tandem with Taylormade’s proprietary SpeedPocket technology, helps the face flex to promote ball speed. The driver is set to 10.5 degrees.

The great thing about the driver for beginner and intermediate players is that it has an aerodynamic head shape so it will actually help you get your swing speed up.


Fairway Woods

You get a #3 and #5 fairway wood with the set. They too feature the SpeedPocket but with a CG focused lower in the head to achieve maximum apex height. The 3 wood is set to 15 degrees and the 5 wood is set to 19.

Both of these fairway woods launch high with minimal effort. They can be used effectively from the tee on higher par holes and they cut through rough lies pretty well too.


Rescue Woods

The set also includes #4 and #5 rescue woods. The soles of the rescue woods have been rounded out for better turf interaction. They are set to 22 and 25 degrees respectively.

These is a great duo of woods to have in your bag if you are a mid to high handicapper. They cut through the rough like butter and provide enough offset to get square easily. This is definitely a benefit when you find yourself in tough lies.



Irons 6-9 feature weights in the toe and the heel to expand the sweet spot.

They feature a classic cavity-back design with added weighting in the sole for an incredibly low CG.



The RBZ Speedlite set comes with a sand and pitching wedge.

They each feature high-volume grooves to help with greenside spin control.



Lastly, you get a mallet-style putter that offers multiple alignment marker options: a topline alignment, sight dot or a cutaway alignment in the rear.



Club Composition

Each club in the set is made of stainless steel save for the driver which features a titanium head.

You can get the entire in either graphite or steel shafts.


Set Options

The Taylormade RBZ Speedlite complete 13-piece golf set comes in either right or left-hand orientation. As we touched on in the last section, you can also choose from graphite or steel shafts. The flexes that are currently available for this set are senior and regular.


Pros & Cons Of the RBZ Speedlight Set


  • Great distance from the driver
  • Irons are surprisingly forgiving
  • You get 2 rescue woods in the set
  • The set also includes a cart bag with 8 pockets including a cooler pouch
  • The putter has multiple alignment markers
  • You get a good launch angle from all the woods



  • The putter doesn’t have the smoothest feel
  • We would like to have seen a stand bag come with this set
  • It’s pretty pricey
  • There are no hybrid clubs in the set

Overall Score: 96/100

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Other Golf Club Sets to Consider

If you aren’t sold on the Taylormade RBZ Speedlite then here are some other top-rated sets to consider:

Callaway Golf Strata 

One of the best known sets in the world for beginners and a set that is of excellent quality.

The Callaway Strata set does come with a number 4 and 5 hybrid which might make it more congenial to beginners and high-handicappers.

The set also includes a full titanium driver, 3 wood, irons 6-9, PW, SW and a face milled putter.


  • More affordable than the RBZ Speedlite
  • Includes 2 hybrids
  • Great for beginners


  • Less advanced features for intermediate players
  • Still no stand bag

Overall Score: 96/100

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Cobra Golf XL Speed Set

The Cobra XL Speed occupies the intermediate space between the Callaway Strata and the RBZ Speedlite.

It features an oversized 11.5 degree driver, 2 woods, 2 hybrids, deep undercut irons (6-9), PW, SW and a putter.


  • Very attractive aesthetics
  • Shallow profile fairway woods
  • Heel weighting in the driver improves forgiveness


  • The bag it comes with is a little bulky
  • The wedges don’t have the greatest launch angles

Overall Score: 94/100

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Wilson Profile SGI

The Wilson Profile SGI set has a great-feeling set of irons for beginners and intermediate players.

They feature low CG weighting and perimeter weighting for more forgiveness and higher launch.

You also get a 460cc driver, fairway wood, hybrid, SW and heel/toe weighted putter.


  • Affordable price
  • Comes in men’s tall and men’s standard lengths
  • All woods feature graphite shafts


  • It’s currently unavailable in left-handed versions
  • While it has a stand bag, there are not enough pockets on it

Overall Score: 93/100

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Final Assessment

So can the Taylormade RBZ Speedlite set really take your game to the proverbial next level?

For the most part, yes. It’s obvious that Taylormade has focused on long game refinement with the RBZ Speedlite set.

The driver plays long, the rescue woods are handy in a pinch and you get great launch from all the woods and the irons.

It’s the short game that falls a bit flat with this set.

The putter lacks a lot of feel. Still, this set can really help a lot of mid/high handicappers on the front end so check it out.

If you are a beginner, probably better to go with the Strata set.