Pros And Cons Of Spikeless Golf Shoes

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Golf shoes have made quite the transition over time. We have gone from metal spikes to soft spikes and now the spikeless shoe. Spikeless golf shoes are becoming more and more popular, and there are tour players that enjoy wearing them as well. We will break down for you the pros and cons of spikeless golf shoes and who should be wearing them. If you have ever thought about switching to a spikeless golf shoe, you are in the right place.


Are Golf Shoes Worth It For Beginners

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

As a beginner golfer, there are so many expenses. When you first see that sticker on the shiny new set of golf clubs you picked out, your head will likely be spinning. Add in some new clothes, a few greens fees, those $48.00 golf balls, and you may end up wearing no shoes the next time you go and play. Golf shoes are really not worth it for beginners. If you feel as though golf will be your sport and you plan on sticking with it for quite some time, by all means, go for the golf shoes.


If, however, you are giving the game a test and deciding if it is the right game for you, then sneakers are more than acceptable to wear to play golf. You will not want to wear anything other than this as certain shoes can do damage to greens. The soft rubber bottom of a sneaker is a perfectly acceptable shoe to wear on the golf course.


Benefits Of Spikeless Golf Shoes

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Spikeless golf shoes can be a great fit for some people. Here are some pretty clear benefits that will help you narrow down if spikeless golf shoes will work for you.

  • Lighter: Since spikeless golf shoes do not have the spikes on the bottom, they weigh quite a bit less. If you are a walker, you will appreciate this as you come down the eighteenth fairway and your legs don’t feel like jello.
  • More Comfortable: Spikeless golf shoes are much more like wearing a sneaker. If you were wearing an older style uncomfortable golf shoe, you would find a lot more comfort in the new spikeless models.
  • More Stylish: If fashion is your thing, there is no question that you will have more options and opportunities with spikeless shoes than you do with traditional golf shoes.
  • Can Wear Them Everywhere: This is our favorite benefit of the spikeless golf shoe. You can put them on at your home, drive to the golf course, get out of your car, and walk to the first tee. Do you know those rules about changing your shoes in the parking lot? What about the old shoe bag you need to keep clipped to your golf bag? With spikeless shoes that are all a thing of the past.
  • Are Kinder To The Golf Course: The original switch from metal spikes to soft spikes had everything to do with taking care of the golf course. Metal spikes were tearing up golf courses, and it was a significant problem. The soft spikes helped to improve this, but as we all know, soft spikes can cause their fair share of damage. If you drag or skid your foot on a green with soft spikes on, it will leave a mark that could take some time to heal. This is unfortunate, but with thousands of rounds in a week, it is bound to happen to the golf course. Spikeless shoes are much less likely to cause damage to a green.


Negatives To Spikeless Golf Shoes 

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Like all great things, there is usually a downside. Spikeless shoes don’t have too many downsides, but there are a few that are worth considering before making your final purchase.


Might Not Offer As Much Traction When Its Wet

Metal spikes and soft spikes were designed to help give you balance, traction and stability. Spikeless shoes do not have this same capability. They are made to help provide some traction, and they are by no means slippery, but there is a slight difference in feel on those rainy days or when the grass is wet in the morning.


Can Degrade Quicker As You Wear Them More:

You know those Footjoy soft spikes that you have had your entire life? You likely won’t find that same thing to happen with the new spikeless shoes. The reason being is that these shoes are naturally worn more. You wear them when you leave the course to run a few errands; they are getting more wear and tear than a traditional golf shoe used to get. Still, spikeless shoes are intended to last for quite some time if you take care of them.


What About Metal Spikes? Are They Legal? Who Uses Them

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Metal spikes are banned unless you are a player on the PGA Tour. Some PGA Tour players continue to wear metal spikes. With the club head speed they generate, it can help them to have some extra balance and stability in their game. Metal spikes are really not necessary for the average amateur golfer.


What Should A Beginner Use?

Beginner golfers are fine to wear a sneaker, a soft spike or a spikeless golf shoe. With all the expenses incurred when starting out with this game, purchase whatever golf shoe, you get a great deal on. Although something with a bit of a spike may give you some better balance, it is not going to make or break your entry into this game.



Here are some quick answers to some commonly asked questions about spikeless golf shoes.


How long do spikeless golf shoes last?

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Spikeless golf shoes will probably not last as long as traditionally spiked golf shoes because they are going to be worn more often and for things other than golf. Depending on how many rounds of golf you play in a year, you should be able to get a few years out of a pair of shoes. If you really do use your spikeless shoes only to play golf, they should last for quite some time.


Do pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Yes. Although the majority of professional golfers wear spiked golf shoes, there are some that wear spikeless.  


What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger is not afraid to test out new equipment. He has been known to send many golf manufacturers back to the drawing board to come up with a better product. Tiger still sticks with a traditional spike in his golf shoe. Many experts believe it helps him with some of the health issues he has had in recent years.


What golf shoes is Rory McIlroy wearing?

Most recently, Rory has been seen wearing a soft spike shoe made by Nike.


Can you wear sneakers to golf?

Absolutely. Some sneakers can be very similar to the spikeless golf shoes currently on the market. If you watch any of the NCAA tournaments where college golfers play and have to walk and carry their bags, many of them are wearing sneakers. Anytime you combine exercise and golf, it pays to take care of your feet and their comfort as well. Not all decisions should be made just to help your golf swing.


Are Ecco golf shoes worth the money?

ECCO BIOM Hybrid Womens Golf Shoe

As far as golf shoes go, whether they are spikeless or not, they are not going to be cheap. There is quite a bit of technology that goes into the manufacturing of golf shoes. This is not the same as a cheap sneaker. Many people wonder if Ecco golf shoes are worth the money. In all honesty, Ecco prices their shoes about the same as other manufacturers.

The Ecco Men’s Biom 2 is a shoe that is about a year old and has many different color combinations you can choose from. Since it is not the latest release, the pricing on these shoes has dropped, and they are a great investment. Having the ability to go from the store to the course to work really is a nice feature that is worth the money. Without these shoes, you will be stuck buying three or four pairs of shoes to accomplish the same goals.


What Are The Most Comfortable Spikeless Golf Shoes?

As the spikeless golf shoe craze has grown, more and more companies have started to produce them. Most major athletic shoe manufacturers now have a spikeless golf shoe version available. We highly recommend sticking with a company that you know and trust for comfort and looking to see what they offer in a spikeless golf shoe. If you run every Sunday morning with Adidas shoes, look for the Adidas spikeless.


 Our Favorite SpikeLess Shoes

New Balance Men’s Breeze Breathable Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe

If you are looking for a shoe that provides high levels of comfort, this New Balance is the one. We love this shoe if you are a walker and looking for something that will leave your feet, knees and back in good condition after a round of golf. The New Balance Breeze comes with a waterproof exterior in certain areas that won’t keep your feet dry during a hurricane, but under normal conditions, you should stay fairly dry.

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Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent 2.0 Golf Shoe:

The Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent 2.0 is an excellent spikeless shoe with enough of a tread pattern on the bottom to help give you some stability and balance in your game. The Balboa comes in a few different colors; we really like the light gray option that they offer.

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Our Favorite Spiked Shoes

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes


Available in several colors this is a lightweight mesh/microfiber golf shoe. This shoe has about six soft spikes on the bottom that give you the perfect amount of grip on those shots from tough conditions. If you are looking for a shoe that will cause minimal damage to the golf course, the Tech Response is a great choice.

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New Balance Men’s Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

For the early morning golfer we love this New Balance Striker Waterproof golf shoe. This is a waterproof shoe that will keep your feet dry during the course of your round. Golf courses are traditionally pretty wet in the morning hours of the day. The wet grass can be slippery and cause you to lose a bit of traction. The New Balance Spike pattern helps to maintain optimal balance.

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Conclusion – Who Would We Recommend It For?

Spikeless golf shoes can work for anyone, but there are a few people who will really benefit from these.


  1. The Fashion Conscious: There is no question that the spikeless golf shoes look better than the soft spikes. The designs and patterns of these shoes are much more modern when it comes to fashion.
  2. The Busy Professional: If you are a working person running from the golf course to work to a meeting, the spikeless golf shoe could save you both time and money. On your way too and from the golf course you won’t need to worry about changing your shoes, and you can run-up to the first tee box on time.
  3. The Walker: Walking an eighteen-hole round of golf is a lot of work. You will walk miles and miles, and sometimes the terrain can be hilly or damp. Having a comfortable pair of shoes to wear makes the walk all that much more enjoyable.


Spikeless golf shoes will be around for years to come. People tired of changing the spikes in their shoes will realize that this really is an easier option and potentially more economical as well.