Powerbilt Women’s Golf Club Set Review – Are They Any Good?


Whether you are shopping for a set of women’s golf club yourself or you want to get your wife or significant other a gift, Powerbilt is an intriguing brand. While not the most notable manufacturer of golf clubs, Powerbilt is quickly building a reputation for quality and good looks.

In today’s review, we wanted to shift the attention towards the lady golfers of the world. We will be taking a look at a Powerbilt set of women’s golf clubs that is garnering a lot of buzz in the golf community.

Of course, we are talking about the Countess line of women’s golf clubs from Powerbilt – an interesting set that at first glance, looks great. But does the performance of these clubs match the high aesthetic appeal? Is there anything behind the pretty face? Let’s find out.


The Powerbilt Countess Women’s Golf Set – First Impressions

First of all, Powerbilt has all the bases covered. The Countess set has all the clubs that a beginner/intermediate player need to perfect their game.

We’ll get into the specifics a bit later but our initial impression of these clubs was that they were exceptionally comfortable.

The grips are supporting without dampening too much feedback from the club and almost all of the clubs are weighted superbly.

The clubs are designed for a high launch trajectory for anyone who has trouble getting the correct ball flight.

Before we go any further, this would be a great set to pick up if you are looking for clubs that can help hone your skills and improve as a golfer.


What’s In The Bag?

Now we can get into the good stuff.

  • The Powerbilt Golf Women’s Countess 15 Piece Set starts off with a 460cc high loft driver.

  • Then, you get 2 woods; one of which being a high loft fairway wood.

  • There is a #6 rescue hybrid that takes the place of a longer 6 iron as well.

  • The irons included are #7-#9 and there is both a sand and pitching wedge.

  • The putter is a high Moment of Inertia mallet style putter and

  • The set is completed with a very nice 14-way top cart bag with 5 zippered pockets.


The Driver

As mentioned in the above section, the driver in the Powerbilt Golf Women’s Countess 15 Piece Set sports a 460cc head size. It is also set to 12 degrees of loft which is right where you want to be as a beginner/intermediate player.

Overall the driver was very effective. The wide, durable face offers a generous sweet spot and the weight is balanced very well and concentrated in the rear of the club head.

Most players won’t have a hard time getting good distance from this club.


The Woods

There are 2 woods in the Powerbilt Golf Women’s Countess 15 Piece Set; a #3 and a high loft fairway wood. These are great clubs to get the hang of as a beginner because if you can manage to get down the fairway with these woods, your front-end game will be a cakewalk.

You get great loft from both of these woods and the head sizes are large enough to get good distance but not large enough that they become clunky and cumbersome.


The Hybrid

But it’s not all about distance with the Powerbilt Golf Women’s Countess 15 Piece Set. The clubs certainly start to get more refined with the hybrid.

The Powerbilt Golf Women’s Countess 15 Piece Set comes with a #6 rescue hybrid which offers great versatility and takes the place of the longer, less wieldy #6 iron that beginners might not have mastery over.


The Irons


The irons look and sound great. They feature a cavity back design which allows for maximum distance and great feedback when you hit the ball dead center.

You get a #7, #8, and #9 iron in the Powerbilt Golf Women’s Countess 15 Piece Set which is ideal for beginners.


The Wedges

The wedges in the Powerbilt Golf Women’s Countess 15 Piece Set offer great loft for getting up and over hazards. The set includes a sand wedge and a pitching wedge so you’ll be able to get yourself out of any mess you may find yourself in on the course.


The Putter

The putter felt very smooth overall. While it felt a bit heavy, there was still a good amount of control and it allowed for proper follow through. It’s a mallet style putter so it should be a good fit for most players.


Club Composition

All of the clubs in the Powerbilt Golf Women’s Countess 15 Piece Set feature graphite shafts with stainless steel heads save for the putter which features a stainless steel shaft. They also all feature Powerbilt custom velvet grips.


Options & Length

You can get this Powerbilt set in standard or petite length. The standard seems to be a good fit for players between 5’5” and 5’9” although the putter runs a bit long. The petite size shaves about an inch off all the clubs.

It’s currently available in right-handed only and you get head covers for the driver, woods and hybrid clubs.


Pros And Cons Of The Powerbilt Countess Set


  • Great for beginners
  • Attractive design
  • Built for performance
  • 2 woods
  • Easy #6 hybrid
  • The bag has ample storage room



  • Putter runs long
  • No stand bag
  • Putter is a bit heavy
  • Not cheap


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Overall, it’s pretty easy to recommend the Powerbilt set for women. It’s lightweight, plays long and looks great too.

Our only real gripe is with the long, heavier putter and the non-stand bag but these shortcomings can be easily overlooked considering the value these clubs will have for beginner/intermediate players. If you want a set that plays as good as it looks, give the Powerbilt Countess 15 Piece Set a try.