Powerbilt 14-Way Golf Stand Bag Review

The onus of any golfer looking to save money has always been finding a budget-friendly bag that is actually worthwhile. Many budget bags either feel cumbersome and awkward or don’t end up lasting more than a season or two.

And if you are shopping for a men’s golf club bag, you have probably seen the reviews and ads for your Callaway’s and your TaylorMade bags – and you were probably repelled by the lofty price tag. We feel your pain.

The Powerbilt 14 way stand bag is a incredibly well reviewed budget stand bag with a separate slot for every club. It is lightweight and with plenty of storage. The budget bag offers performance, reliability and quality in abundance.

Today we are going to be taking a look at the budget-friendly bag that we found to provide everything the casual golfer needs and a bit more. Let’s take a look.

Powerbilt Golf Bag Key Selling Points

If you don’t have time to read our entire detailed review, we’ve got your covered. Here is a list of the most important features of the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag:

  • Very lightweight at just 5.4 pounds

  • 36” Tall

  • 9 inch diameter 14-way top divider

  • 5 zippered pockets

  • Leg stands

First Impressions Of The Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag

As soon as we unboxed the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag, we could see that it was compact. It bears a sleek design which instills hope that it will be comfortable to carry.

There are no humongous pockets that jut out of the frame of the bag.

We could also feel just by handling it that it was going to be lightweight. But would the sleek design, compact pockets and light weight be able to accommodate all of our gear? We would soon find out…

Design Details

Let’s start with the 14-way divider top. There are 14 dedicated club wells that can accommodate graphite shafted clubs securely. The top is 9 inches wide so you get ample space without having to worry about your clubs shifting around too much.

And of course, this is a stand bag. The stand legs are made of tempered steel and they are easy to release when you need them. But more importantly, they fold up tightly against the bag so they aren’t a burden when  you carry this bag.

Speaking of carrying, the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag has a padded double carry strap which is quite comfortable. They even threw in a hip pad.

And the nylon material is very breathable so you won’t be stifled by your own sweat when you carry this bag on your back.

Pockets & Organization

As we mentioned earlier, the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag has 5 zippered pockets. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but you get enough room for all your essentials.

There is a velour-lined valuables pocket for your watches, phones and other delicate belongings.

There is also an oversized apparel pocket that runs the length of the bag, top to bottom.

There are a couple of accessory pouches in the front that are good for balls, keys, GPS devices or even an extra pair of shoes.

The top divider does a good job of keeping your clubs organized too. The Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag features full-length dividers so your clubs will fit snugly.

Other Features

There are also some nice peripherals like a tee holder, scorecard sleeve, towel ring, glove holder and an umbrella holder slot. And while we are on the subject of rain, it’s important to note that the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag is not a fully weatherproof bag per se.

It’s made of nylon which does a decent job of beading and repelling water but it won’t protect your items from getting soaked through. But the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag does come standard with a rain hood so it will hold up well in a light downpour.

And of course, the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag weighs only 5.4 pounds on it’s own, even with the tempered steel legs. So this is a very lightweight bag for it’s price point.

Pros & Cons Of The Powerbilt Golf Bag


  • The bag has a sleek design
  • It isn’t awkward to carry
  • It’s very affordable
  • Provides moderate rain protection
  • The legs are easy to release and fold up
  • Top and bottom lift handles


  • The legs aren’t the sturdiest
  • There’s no insulated cooler pouch for drinks
  • Doesn’t stand well when the legs aren’t engaged
  • The stitching isn’t the sturdiest

Overall Rating: 91/100

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Other Bags Worth Considering

If you’ve come this far in the review and you still aren’t sold on the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag, here are some other bags that you might find more to your liking:

OGIO 2020 Convoy SE Stand Bag

This is another stand bag with sturdier legs that feature grippy rubberized feet.

This bag weighs 5.8 pounds so it’s also surprisingly lightweight for a 14-way divider top bag.

The OGIO Convoy SE also comes with an insulated cooler pouch.

Overall Rating: 95/100

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Sun Mountain 2020 4.5 LS Stand Bag

This Sun Mountain stand bag weighs just over 5 pounds and features a dual padded carrying strap that is very comfortable. And all 14 club slots are full length for an anti-rattle effect.

Overall Rating: 98/100

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Cobra 2020 Ultralight Stand Bag

This is one of the lightest bags we have ever tested. It weighs just 4.5 pounds!

There is a total of 8 zippered pockets including a fleece-lined valuables pocket, oversized apparel pocket and an insulated cooler pouch.

Overall Rating: 97/100

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Final Words

Is the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag perfect? No, of course not. The stitching on some of the pockets seems a bit weak and the legs don’t have very wide feet so it can be hard to stabilize it on inclined or patchy turf.

But, in light of all the perks, we think these shortcomings are forgivable. In the end, the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag has everything you need including ample storage, accommodations for all your clubs and a palatable price tag.

And that’s enough to put a smile on any budget-conscious golfers face so take a look at the Powerbilt 14-Way Stand Bag for yourself!

Overall Rating: 91/100

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