Ping G710 vs Titleist T-300 Irons Review & Specs 2021

Choosing a new set of golf irons can be a bit difficult. There are so many great options on the market, and when you narrow it down to brands like Ping and Titleist, the decisions get even more difficult.

The Ping G710 irons and Titleist T 300 irons both have some great features and benefits. If you are having a hard time deciding which of these will be the best for you, here are a few critical factors to consider.

By the end of our review, you should have a better idea as to which of these clubs is the best choice for your game.

Club Set Overviews

The Ping G710 and the Titleist T300 irons are both built for the same golfer. Players that care about feel, but still need an iron that is going to help them increase their accuracy and their distance, consistently.

If this describes you, then you are looking at the right clubs. Ping is known for making great feeling irons for various players, where Titleist has more of a reputation with the lower handicap players.

The T300 are the Titleist game improvement set and will be easier to hit than the more blade-like Titleist irons.

Key Selling Points With The Ping G710 Iron Set

  • Maraging steel face for more flex
  • Very fast ball speeds
  • Improved distance and launch from previous Ping iron models
  • Tungsten toe weights for increased forgiveness
  • Hydropearl chrome finish with a black PVD coating, great looking and high performing
  • Low vibration with epoxy material in the club head
  • Arccos smart grip
  • Ping fitting technology and options
  • Incredibly consistent


Key Selling Points With The Titleist T300 Iron Set

  • Maximum ball speed
  • High level of forgiveness
  • Unique Polymer core for dampening and better sound
  • Longer blade length and tungsten weighting in the toe
  • Well positioned center of gravity
  • Fast feeling cavity back
  • Classic look, thinner top line


The Ping G710 Iron Set – Who Are They For?

The first thing that is going to set the Ping G710 apart from the T300 is the finish of the club head.

The PVD finish on the golf club head is starting to become increasingly popular. With more and more players realizing that the sun glare has been bothering their game all along, the G710 is an excellent addition to the bag.

The other factor that you will notice from the G710 is the Ping buttery feel. When you hit one of these irons well, it feels like a forged blade. This is hard to achieve on a cavity back iron, but Ping has done it quite well.

The Ping iron set will be an excellent choice for the mid to high handicapper that cares about both look and feel. If you want something consistent that will still be a good fit for your game five or six years from now, the G710 is the way to go.


The Titleist T-300 Iron Set – Who Are They For?

There is no question that Titleist is known for its precision.

If you want to hit the golf ball precisely and care to control how the ball moves up and down and left to right, the T300 is a great choice to consider. Titleist golf irons offer an excellent feel, but they now offer plenty of forgiveness as well.

We love the T300 for a golfer that needs a game improvement iron but does not enjoy a thicker top down line. The T300 is going to be high launching, high performing, and a  great choice for the mid to high handicapper who may have enjoyed their Titleist irons when they were a lower handicapper.


Loft Comparison Table For Each Iron In The Set

Ping G710


Titleist T300


4 Iron


4 Iron


5 Iron


5 Iron


6 Iron


6 Iron


7 Iron


7 Iron


8 Iron


8 Iron


9 Iron


9 Iron


Pitching Wedge


Pitching Wedge


Gap Wedge


Gap Wedge


Sand Wedge





Ping G710 Iron Set – Shafts/Flex Options

  • Ping AWT 2.0 Steel
  • Several Graphite options, including the Ping Alta CB Red
  • Arcoss Smart Grip

Titleist T-300 Iron Set Iron Set – Shafts/Flex Options

  • True Temper AMT Red Steel
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet


How To They Compare On Price

The Ping G710 is a bit more money than the Titleist T300.

Ping does not release clubs quite as often as other companies, and when they do, they tend to keep the pricing a bit inflated for a few years.

Eventually, the pricing comes down, but that tends to be a little late; you have to purchase these hot while you can still get them.


Which One Do We Recommend, For Who?

It’s hard to say that the Ping or the Titleist is better.

You will likely notice that the performance you get from both of these sets of irons is relatively similar, you may get more distance with the T300 and more forgiveness with the G710.

When choosing between these two clubs, you are going to have to make your decision based on looks and feel.

The T300 has a bit more of a classic Titleist look with a thin top down line.

We know that Ping has made some of the more funky looking golf clubs through the years, and the G710 falls in line with that.

However, once you swing a Ping, it’s hard to go back to any other club.


Ping G710 Pros & Cons 


  • Great looking golf club
  • Easy to launch
  • Large club face with a big sweet spot
  • Great feel


  • A bit thicker for the top down look

Overall Score 96/100

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Titleist T300


  • Thin top line
  • Plenty of distance
  • More forgiving than other Titleist golf clubs


  • Feel is not as smooth as the Ping

Overall Score 95/100

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Hopefully, this review of the Ping G710 vs. the Titleist T300 has helped you narrow down which will be the best choice for your game.

From a performance and distance standpoint, both of these irons offer some excellent playability and they are forgiving enough for high and mid handicappers too.

Be careful to choose something that fits the look and the feel that you like the most.