Ping G710 vs Taylormade P790 Irons Review & Specs 2021

Ping G710 vs Taylormade P790 Irons Review & Specs 2021

It can be hard to pin down what iron features will actually help you lower your handicap. Would you be better off with higher launching irons, irons that give better spin control around the green or ones that launch the ball incredibly far?

While the answers to those questions will ultimately depend on your current skill set, we would like to throw our two cents in. We have picked out a couple of high-quality game improvement sets and compared them side by side to give you insight into what could be your next set of irons.


An Introduction To Both Sets

When the Ping G700 irons came out, Ping swore that they were the longest irons they ever designed. Now they are making the same claim about the newer G710’s. What’s more is the G710’s provide more forgiveness features than the G700’s.

The new Taylormade P790 irons came out in 2021. They have a few upgrades from the 2017 versions which were predicated on providing superior feel and of course distance. The 2021’s have the same great look at address with just a slightly thinner top line.


Taylormade P790 Key Features

The Taylormade P790 irons still feature the same hollow body construction that the 2017 iterations had.

There is still an ultra-thin layer of urethane behind the face to dampen unwanted vibrations and increase ball speed.

The 2021’s also feature precision, non-invasive tungsten weighting.


Ping G710 Key Features

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that these irons have a black finish.

This actually makes them look more compact than the G700’s but they are actually the same size.

Other than that you get aerospace grade alloy in the face working in tandem with Variable Face Thickness technology.


What Makes the Taylormade P790’s Better?

In our opinion, one thing that stands out about the Taylormade P790’s when compared to the Ping G710’s is the lower launch angle.

The Taylormade P790’s produce lower arcing shots which we know, is actually a drawback for some players.

In terms of ball speed and distance though, this is a boon.


What Makes The Ping G710’s Better?

Overall, the Ping G710’s are more forgiving than the Taylormade P790’s.

This is what makes them great for mid to high handicappers. The face flexes higher at more points – particularly the low face.

Some players will also like the higher launch which give these irons enhanced stopping power.


Loft Comparison


Taylormade P790 loft

Ping G410 loft

3 iron



4 iron



5 iron



6 iron



7 iron



8 iron



9 iron




Ping G710 Set Options

  • PING AWT 2.0 shaft
  • PING Alta Distanza Black 40 shaft
  • PING Alta CB Red shaft
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 shaft
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shaft
  • KBS Tour shaft
  • Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 105 shaft
  • Project X LZ shaft
  • True Temper Elevate 95 shaft
  • UST Recoil ES SmacWrap shaft
  • Soft regular, regular, stiff and extra stiff flexes


Taylormade P790 Set Options

  • True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 VSS shaft
  • UST Recoil 780 with SMACWRAP
  • UST Recoil 760 with SMACWRAP
  • Regular, stiff, extra stiff and amateur flexes


Length & Lie Comparison



Taylormade P790 Length/Lie

Ping G710 Length/Lie

3 iron



4 iron


38 7/8”/60.5

5 iron


38 ¼”/61

6 iron


37 5/8”/61.5

7 iron



8 iron


36 ½”/62.8

9 iron




Composition Comparison


The body of the Ping G710 irons are made of 17-4 grade stainless steel.

The faces however, feature an ultra-thin yet strong aerospace grade alloy. Like the Taylormade P790 irons, the G710’s also feature tungsten weighting.

Ping however, has opted to place the tungsten weights in the heel and toes.



The tungsten weight of the P790 irons sits inside the had just behind the face.

It is positioned low to promote a low CG.

The P790s also feature a mostly hollow body design and speed injected urethane inserts. The P790’s also feature a forged construction for enhanced feel.


Performance Comparison

Perhaps the most important performance difference between these two iron sets is the fact that the Ping G710’s are more workable overall.

The higher launch angles allow for more accuracy around the green.

Plus you get better spin control from the shorter irons of the G710’s.

In terms of distance though, we were seeing an average of 6 extra yards from the long irons of the Taylormade P790’s as opposed to the G710’s.

The urethane insert in the Taylormade P790’s also provided better vibration dampening and the forged construction gave these irons a better feel.


Price Comparison

The difference in price between these two iron sets will be about $100 at most retailers.

The Taylormade P790 are the slightly more pricey irons at $1,400 and the Ping G710’s are a bit cheaper at around $1,300 on average.


Taylormade P790 Pros & Cons


  • They play a bit longer
  • They have a better feel
  • Blade look with distance performance
  • Available in right and left-handed
  • Low spin from the long irons
  • Lower CG


  • Less spin in the short irons
  • Not as workable
  • Lower launch
  • More expensive

Overall Score: 96/100

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Ping G710 Pros & Cons


  • Higher launch
  • Good stopping power
  • More shaft options
  • Arccos Caddie smart grips come stock
  • Heel/toe tungsten weighting
  • Less expensive


  • Not as long
  • Lacking feel
  • Not much improvement since the G700’s
  • Black finish will not benefit all players at address

Overall Score: 94/100

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Final Assessment

The right choice for you will essentially boil down to which part of your iron game you are struggling with. If you need more distance, go for the Taylormade P790’s. If you want more accuracy on approaches the Ping G710’s would be better for you.

We think the Taylormade P790’s are better overall but only because of marginally better performance in distance. Give both these sets a good look before making a decision.


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