Ping G425 Irons vs Taylormade P790 Review & Specs 2021

The two iron sets that we are going to be comparing in today’s review have a few things in common.

But the first thing we noticed about them is that on the outside, they look like pretty standard iron sets. Both sport a clean, streamlined, even compact look.

But the clean design belies the bevy of features that are packed inside both these iron sets. And to help you make the right choice for your game and sort through the features, we tested and reviewed both sets.


Ping G425 Overview

We had to wait longer than anticipated for the Ping G425 line of clubs to hit the market, partly because of the pandemic.

The G410’s held us over but when we saw the toned down design aesthetic of the Ping G425 irons compared to the G410’s we thought Ping was holding out on us.

But the Ping G425 irons look sleeker and have even more performance features. The variable face thickness (VFT) and the oval shaped sweet spot greatly increase flex and launch – producing great ball speed and stopping power in the short irons.


Taylormade P790 Overview

The 2021 version of the Taylormade P790 expands on the impressive distance of the 2017 version and increases playability and feel.

The most notable feature here is the urethane foam injection in the heads which makes these irons feel softer while at the same time increasing flex on impact and ball speed.


Who Are the Ping G425’s for?

With the G410’s Ping promised more distance and they delivered on that promise.

And they are still calling the G425’s distance irons but after we tested them, the consensus was that these work much better as precision irons than distance irons. The dispersion rate is low, meaning you get huge consistency from the G425’s

They provide comparable distance to the G410’s but the smaller irons are really where it’s at with the G425’s.

They hold onto greens for dear life. So if you aren’t looking to add more distance from the G410’s but want more greenside accuracy, the G425’s would work great for you.

The G425’s are perfect for high handicappers and mid handicappers, favoring the slightly better players

Who Are the Taylormade P790’s for?

One of the best improvements that Taylormade, well, made, in the P790 series is the low profile Tungsten weighting strategically placed near the sole inside the head.

This greatly increases the stop and drop capability of these irons.

So, like the Ping G425 set, the P790 also shine on approaches. The higher and more effortless launch will be great for any player looking to close more birdies.

The P790’s are going to be perfect for improving golfers who want a bit more feel from their irons.

Loft Comparison


Taylormade P790 Loft

Ping G425 Loft

3 Iron



4 Iron



5 Iron



6 Iron



7 Iron



8 Iron



9 Iron




Taylormade P790 Set Options

  • True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 VSS shaft
  • UST Recoil 780 with SMACWRAP shaft
  • UST Recoil 760 with SMACWRAP shaft
  • stiff, regular, extra stiff and amateur flexes
  • Right and left-handed


Ping G425 Options

  • Ping Alta CB Slate shaft
  • Ping AWT 2.0 shaft
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft
  • True Temper Dyanmic Gold 105 shaft
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shaft
  • FST KBS Tour shaft
  • Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 105 shaft
  • Project X LZ shaft
  • True Temper Elevate 95 shaft
  • Regular, stiff extra stiff, soft regular flexes


Length & Lie Comparison


Taylormade P790 lie/length

Ping G425 lie/length

3 Iron



4 Iron


60.5/38 7/8”

5 Iron


61/38 ¼”

6 Iron


61.5/37 5/8”

7 Iron



8 Iron


62.5/36 ½”

9 Iron


63.5/ 36”


Composition Comparison

The metal wood composition style of the Ping G425 faces is truly unique.

While both iron sets have Tungsten weighting, this wood-metal hybrid material gives the Pin G425 irons a unique feel that increases flex at moment of inertia.

The other major difference is what Taylormade calls “Speedfoam.” Speedfoam, which is a lightweight urethane material is injected into the heads of the P790 irons, dampening the interior Tungsten weighting and improving feel. You can get both of these iron sets with graphite or steel shafts.


Performance Comparison

Again, both of these iron sets shined on approaches. You get great launch from both of them increasing your ability to bit the green.

But when it came time to work the ball on approaches, the Ping G425 short irons performed slightly better.

They provided more spin control and variance for longer approaches where forward spin was needed.

And as far as feel, both of these irons are unique. The cavity plate on the pack of the Pings provide great vibration dampening while the Speedfoam makes the P790’s feel soft.


Price Comparison

Here’s where there is a larger difference between these iron sets.

The Taylormade P790’s will set you back nearly $1,500 while you can score a set of Ping G425 irons for around $900.


Taylormade P790 Pros & Cons


  • The longer irons have a soft feel
  • You get great launch angles
  • Good drop and stop capability
  • Progressive forged faces
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips
  • Clean design



  • Limited shaft options
  • Less spin control
  • More expensive
  • Compact heads


Overall Score: 93/100

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Ping G425 Pros & Cons


  • Great spin control
  • Good sweet spot shape
  • They look good at address
  • Good perimeter weighting
  • The finish actually repels moisture
  • The short irons are excellent on approaches


  • Don’t play any longer than the G410’s
  • The stock Arccos smart grips are bulky
  • Lesser launch angles
  • The toe screw is kind of ugly

Overall Score: 96/100

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Final Assessment

In terms of pure performance, we have to give this one to the Ping G425’s.

Both irons provided almost identical distance so it was a wash in that regard. But once it came time to pull out the short irons, we quickly started feeling more confident with the Ping G425’s.

Plus, they’re cheaper so be sure to give the Ping G425’s a good look the next time you’re shopping for new irons.