Ping G400 Vs G400 Max Vs G400 LST Driver Review 2023

Ping G400 Vs G400 Max Vs G400 LST Driver

“The Ping G400 series of drivers is still a favorite among a variety of golfers. But what makes them so popular?

Which one is the best for your game? We help you answer these questions and more in the following series review.”

While the Ping G400 series doesn’t sport the latest and most advanced materials (i.e. carbon fiber) a lot of people look to this era of golf club manufacturing as the acme of what titanium had to offer.

The Ping G400 series of drivers came in three varieties: the standard Ping G400, the Ping G400 MAX and the Ping G400 LST.

The Ping G400 Standard was designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of players.

It offers a mid-high launch and great workability for mid handicappers while still being forgiving enough for high handicappers.

The Ping G400 MAX was certainly designed to be the most forgiving of all three drivers.

It features a deeper-profiled face and is the only driver in the G400 series to sport a 460cc head.

The Ping G400 LST is the only driver in the series to feature forward-biased weighting. The idea is to reduce spin rates by placing more weight nearer to the driver face.

Those are the broad strokes of the Ping G400 driver series. But we tested each one side-by-side to see what they really offer from the tee.

Ping G400 Vs Ping G400 MAX

“The standard Ping G400 is a great choice if you’re looking for a good combination of workability and forgiveness.”

It should be noted that the standard Ping G400 has a 445cc head.

Both the Ping G400 and the Ping G400 MAX have a D3 swing weight and a head weight of 206 grams despite the difference in head volume. They are also available in 9.0° and 10.5° models.

What we really liked about the Ping G400 MAX was that low face shots were going nearly as far as perfect strikes.

The deeper face profile and more voluminous head surely make for a more forgiving driver.

Naturally, our better testers preferred the shot-shaping ability of the Ping G400 Standard.

The launch was also easier to control with the Ping G400 whereas with the Ping G400 MAX, you were almost always at risk of ballooning.

Ping G400 Vs Ping G400 LST

“Our faster swing speed testers loved the Ping G400 LST.”

It was reminiscent of some of the better Cobra drivers. The Ping G400 LST drives distance through lowered spin rates and reduced drag on the club head.

Most of our testers were seeing faster club head speeds with the Ping G400 LST than with the standard Ping G400.

Both of these drivers have a 445cc head and a similar sound/feel at impact thanks to their shared forged titanium face insert.

However, the Ping G400 LST felt a bit more stable and seemed to resist twisting better than the standard Ping G400 driver.

Ping G400 MAX Vs Ping G400 LST

“The performance differences between these two drivers were like night and day.”

With the Ping G400 LST, you get a low, controlled launch. With the Ping G400 MAX, you get a high launch that is a bit more unpredictable.

The Ping G400 LST also has a swing weight of D4 and a club head weight of 208 grams.

So it’s actually a bit heavier than the Ping G400 MAX, although the ultimate weight will depend on which shaft you choose.

Our higher handicap testers definitely struggled a bit with the smaller head of the Ping G400 LST although MOI was noticeably better than with the Ping G400 MAX.

What All Drivers Have in Common

Ping G400

 Tungsten Rear Weighting

 In an attempt to make all three drivers forgiving, every model has a fixed rear tungsten weight.

Forged Titanium Face

 The titanium face that all three drivers share gives them an explosive feel and allows for more rear weighting.


 Each model has turbulators on the crown which, Ping claims reduces drag on your downswing.

Is the Ping G400 Worth it?

Ping G400=1

“The Ping G400 still offers a valuable combination of workability, distance and forgiveness.”

It is definitely still worth a look if you are a mid handicapper, looking for that mythical “Swiss Army Knife” of a driver that can do a little bit of everything.

Ping G400 Drivers First Impressions

“The matte finish of all these drivers looks really attractive.”

We were also very impressed with the ultra-satisfying metallic crack that the forged titanium face on all three drivers produced.

Ping G400 Key Technology

 “The technology used to produce the Ping G400 series is simple, yet effective.”

Internal Dragonfly

This is an intricate internal bracing system that works with the rear weight to increase head stiffness.

Adjustable Loft

The adjustable hosel sleeve allows players to shape their shots and adapt to different conditions.

Forged Faces

 The forged T9S+ titanium faces add an explosive feel and satisfying sound to all of the Ping G400 drivers.

Ping G400 Family

 “The standard Ping G400 is a great middle-ground for mid handicappers.”

Ping G400 MAX

Ping G400max

A great choice for high handicappers who want to keep their shots straighter and get enough air under any of their drives.

Ping G400 LST

Ping G400lst

This driver is best for players with swing speeds above 85 MPH who can benefit from lower launch.

Ping G400 Swing Weights, Lofts & Lie

Loft Lie Swing Weight
Ping G400 9.0°, 10.5° 58° D3
Ping G400 MAX 9.0°, 10.5° 58° D3
Ping G400 LST 8.5°, 10° 57° D4

Ping G400 Shafts

Ping G400

  • Aldila XTorsion Copper
  • Ping ALTA CB 55
  • Ping Alta Distanza
  • Project X HZRDUS Yellow
  • Ping Tour 65

Ping G400 MAX

  • Ping ALTA Distanza
  • Ping Tour 75
  • Project X HZRDUS Yellow

Ping G400 LST 

  • Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver Dual-Core TiNi
  • Ping Tour 65, 75
  • Ping Alta Distanza
  • Project X HZRDUS Yellow

Ping G400 Pros & Cons


  • Very satisfying sound
  • Faces play hot
  • Good MOI
  • Pleasing look at address
  • Good distance
  • Satisfying feel


  • Unpredictable launch
  • Outdated materials

Who Should Buy the Ping G400 Drivers?

The Ping G400 drivers are a good choice for anyone who wants a near-immediate distance boost.

No matter which model you choose, the explosive, thin, forged titanium face is liable to boost your ball speeds.

While they aren’t the latest drivers, they offer the best that titanium woods have to offer and the series has something for every skill-level.

Distance: 97/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Workability: 96/100

Overall Performance: 96/100

Value: 97/100


Overall Score: 97/100

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