PEAKPULSE 6Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope-Switch Technology Review

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Isn’t it amazing how interesting technology has made modern sports? Sport has evolved into much more than simply hitting a target or chasing a certain score. These days, it’s all about HOW you get there that makes many sports attractive. And this is certainly the case with golf; and why I hope you have a rangefinder as part of your kit already.

The Peak Pulse 6Pro is an impressive Rangefinder on the lower end of our under $200 budget range. It has all the features that you can find is some higher priced rangefinders like Slope, Vibrational Pin Lock and accuracy within 1 yard of the target. The slope mode can be disabled for tournament play. The Peak Pulse has a range of 500 yards and a 6x magnification making it an impressive rangefinder for any course and it is also water resistant for the UK and some parts of the US.


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Why Invest in a Golf Laser Rangefinder?

Golf is about distance and precision. And you can’t make an informed decision if you’re not sure what distance you have to hit that ball, right? This is where a rangefinder comes in: you can pick the ideal club to use for your next shot, based on what the rangefinder tells you.


So, what are you getting in the PEAKPULSE 6Pro package?


Key Features of the PEAKPULSE 6Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Peak Pulse Rangefinder

It’s clear that the PEAKPULSE team kept practicality in mind when designing this model. Here’s why you should consider getting one.


Size and Shape

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At 4.5” x 1.5” x 3” this is a compact unit to take with you. And the brand gives you an ergonomic design which is comfortable to hold AND it’s easy to reach all the buttons you need.


Energy Saving

You won’t be near a power outlet when out on the golf course, so you need to make sure your equipment will last the entire day. On the 6Pro model you’ll find an Auto Close feature. After eight seconds of non-use it will shut down, to preserve power.



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Your 6Pro is one of the brand’s better performing models when it comes to range. You can get accurate feedback up to 500 yards away, with magnification of 6x. The Fast Focus feature also comes in handy.


Speaking of ‘accurate’ that’s another bonus: it’s rated as being accurate to 1 yard. And thanks to the Flag Acquisition Technology it’s easy to hone in on the target—the flag—instead of other obstacles on the course, such as trees.

You can decide to use it with or without Slope Technology, so disable it if you’re playing a tournament.



  • Ergonomically designed
  • Energy saving
  • Focuses fast and will target the flag, not other obstacles
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lanyard and carrying case included
  • No setup required



  • Not the best range on the market
  • Sometimes unreliable, but brand can offer replacements



If your main focus is distance you can opt for another model in the PEAKPULSAR brand, such as the S600AG. Or, from other brands you can give the TecTecTec VPRO500S a try. This one can give you feedback on distances up to 540 yards.



Do We Recommend the PEAKPULSE 6Pro Laser Rangefinder?

Let’s be fair: no product is perfect, so make sure the range of the 6Pro works for you. But there’s no question you’ll get value for money if you purchase the PEAKPULSE 6Pro golf laser rangefinder. From its sleek design to the impressive Slope-Switch technology, the brand made wise decisions when designing it.


Will you give your game a chance to improve this year?

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What Makes a Laser Rangefinder Value for Money?

Thanks to their popularity you’ll find many rangefinder models on today’s market. We’ll help you shop like a pro by explaining a few features that determine how much value you’ll get for your money.



Think of the unit in context: you’re going to carry it around on the golf course. You can’t carry it in your hands the whole time. I feel a rangefinder should fit in your bag so you can easily store it away.


Also look for design features that will ensure:

  • Durability: Can it handle some moisture and will it survive an accidental fall?
  • User friendliness: You don’t want to spend hours trying to get used to your new gadget. It should be simple yet effective to use.
  • Layout: Make sure the button layout will feel comfortable to use, based on your hand size.



Rangefinders differ in their functions and you should shop for the ones that offer you what you need. Many golfers enjoy slope compensation, but it’s not allowed when you’re playing in a tournament; so don’t opt for it if you’re never going to use it. A valuable feature is of course guaranteed accuracy.



Certain accessories, such as a lanyard, makes for easier handling. Make sure you know what you’re getting for the price you’re paying.