Palm Springs Petite Lady Hybrid Club Set Review

Palm Springs Ladies Clubs

Whether you are a beginner golfer or a woman looking for a complete set of golf clubs, the Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite is an option that needs to be considered. We all know that golf clubs are expensive, and when you start putting a complete set together, the prices can become unaffordable. Palm Springs Golf was able to manufacture this very high quality set solely with the woman golfer in mind. In this review, we will give you all the information you need to decide if this Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite is your next set of golf clubs.


Benefits of the Palm Springs Graphite Complete Set

Par 3 Golf Course

This golf set is made up of eleven golf clubs, headcovers and a golf bag. Sold for less than $250, it is hard to complain about the price on this option. The Driver and fairway wood features enlarged sweet spots for more forgiveness. All of the clubs, except the putter, come equipped with a graphite shaft perfect for the swing speed and strength of a female golfer.

Another great thing about the Palm Springs Complete Set is that it comes in the petite length. Most women’s golf clubs are made for a 5’8 inch tall woman. This set is considered to be a petite option perfect for a woman that is 5’6″ or less. Petite clubs are one inch shorter than standard ladies length golf clubs.

The included golf bag features beautiful blue accents on a mostly black background. Although those white and pink golf bags might look nice, they will get dirty quickly. This bag should stay looking good for years to come.


What Clubs Are In The Bag

This complete set comes with everything you need to play a round of golf.



Golf Driver

An oversized 460cc Driver


Hybrid Clubs

3 Fairway- 15 degrees


3 Hybrid – 18 degrees


4 Hybrid- 21 degrees


Palm Springs Irons

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW


Putter Palm Springs



Headcovers for Fairway Wood, Hybrids and Driver

Golf Bag


Club Composition & Set Makeup

When purchasing a golf set in the current golf market, you would be foolish not to get something lightweight and forgiving. If the help is out there, take it! That is why you will see golf sets with more hybrids and woods and less long irons. Years ago, women’s golf sets would feature a four and maybe even a three iron! These clubs are not made for women golfers.

The Palm Springs set has a great mix of Hybrids and Irons. If you are a new golfer looking for something that will help you learn all areas of the game, this set will do the trick.

Golf shafts typically come in both steel and graphite. For women, the standard option is graphite. Graphite will help you increase your swing speed, and it also helps in the sense that the center of gravity will be low in these clubs. To create the perfect launch angle, you need a low center of gravity.


How Does The Composition Help Petite Ladies

Petite Golfers
There are a few things that can happen if you are playing with a set of golf clubs that is too long and too heavy for you. For starters, you will lose distance. Trying to swing a club that weighs more than your swing speed can handle will no doubt back you up several yards.

Also, if you are swinging a club that is too long for you, it is challenging to hit it straight. When you approach the impact position, the club will still be lagging too far behind you with an open clubface, and you will very likely hit the ball to the right. Some women don’t realize this issue for many years, always make sure you are playing with clubs the correct length for you!


How Long Are The Clubs And What Height Do They Suit?

This set is one inch shorter than standard, perfectly suited for the woman who is 5’6 or shorter.


Pros & Cons of Palm Springs Golf Complete Graphite Petite Set

Palm Springs Senior Womens Golf Clubs


Graphite shafts
11 Club Set with Hybrids and Woods
460cc Driver
Very reasonably priced
Golf bag and headcovers included
Large sweet spot
Lightweight set


Not for faster swinging ladies
Does not have sand wedge
Only one fairway wood
Stand bag with minimal pockets


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What Other Club Sets Could You Consider?

If the Palm Springs set is not the perfect option for you, we have a few others that you can consider.


Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Set

Wilson Profile XD Womens Clubs

Very similar to the Palm Springs set in the fact that this is a complete lightweight option explicitly designed towards the slower swing speed golfer. If you are a new player or unsure if the game will be a fit for you, this is a perfect set to step into. Available in both a petite and tall option, Wilson makes sure to produce sets that can fit every golfer.



Quality made complete set
Come with Headcovers
Includes High Launch Sand Wedge
Also available in petite option


slightly higher price
Only one hybrid
Mostly geared towards beginners

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2018 Cobra Women’s XL Complete Set

Cobra XL Womens Set

If the Palm Springs set was not for you because you are a more advanced player, this Cobra Women’s complete set could be a better choice. Cobra makes some very high-quality clubs, and because of that, you will pay a little more than you will for the Palm Springs. In return for the higher price, you will get a set that will last for many years and grow with you as you improve your game.



High-quality construction
Individually priced these clubs would be well over $1000
Set includes Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, 5 Hybrid, 6-PW, SW, blade putter, and premium cart bag
Three fairway woods provides lots of help on the longer shots
Golf bag has insulated pockets


Priced quite a bit higher
Clubs are slightly heavier than the Palm Springs
Designed more for an intermediate golfer than beginner

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The Palm Springs set is a great option to consider for a female beginner or slower swinger. If you are less than 5’6,” you should be considering a shorter set of clubs to help with both distance and accuracy. Don’t let a poor-fitting set of clubs ruin your next round.