OGIO Duchess Women’s Golf Bag Review

OGIO Duchess Women’s Golf Bag Review

As golfers go, I’m no expert. I’m still trying to get the hang of perfecting my backspin, and my ball seems to have an affinity with bunkers. However, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a round or two of my favorite game.


Alongside playing, I also like to treat myself to new golfing attire and accessories as often as my bank balance allows (sadly, not as often as I would like)! So, imagine my joy when asked to try out the OGIO Duchess women’s golf bag.


I’d heard good things about the OGIO brand, so was interested to discover if their self-proclaimed description as an industry leader in innovative golf bag technology was accurate. I’m pleased to share my findings with you.


Sleek Design

The first thing that strikes me about the OGIO Duchess golf bag is its rather sleek design. There are different styles to choose from, but I end up trying out the black polka dot bag, which is very striking with it’s red trim.


I like the addition of the shimmering metallic OGIO logo badge, which lies alongside the word DUCHESS (embroidered in white). So, it’s a well-deserved tick in the box for good looks, but what else does this golf bag have to offer?


Lots of Features

I’m a fan of trying to perfect my putt and sharpen my swing, and find great golfing accessories help me to improve my game. The OGIO Duchess women’s golf bag doesn’t seem short on useful features.


For a start there’s the 10″ Uniter™ 15-way top that comes complete with a putter pit for oversized grips. There’s also a low-profile, accessible OGIO Ball Silo for when you need another ball.


A Place for Everything

I like my golf bag to boast decent storage. I need space for my clubs and all of my golfing gear and I’m pleased to report that the OGIO Duchess women’s golf bag has plenty of pockets. There are six in total and each pocket comes complete with a full zipper to keep everything safely tucked away.


I particularly like the pocket that’s designed to keep your treasured possessions e.g. car keys and phone, nice and secure. The pocket is even fleece-lined for added protection! I was also impressed with the detachable ball pocket panel which enables you to get your own embroidery or logo added.


Comfort as Standard

Despite its leisurely reputation, golf can be a strenuous game – all that walking around the fairway and a golf bag to drag around to boot! Fortunately, the OGIO Duchess golf bag is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.


The bag also has a deluxe strap that’s nicely padded, so the carrier sits on my shoulder without causing discomfort. Although I like a stroll, I do occasionally use a cart to get around. When I do, I’m pleased to find I can attach the golf bag to the cart with the handy strap channel.


I Especially Loved…

With its lightweight design, the OGIO Duchess women’s golf bag scores points for being easy to handle. I also liked the design of this bag. It looks stylish and drew admiring glances from a few of my fellow golfers.


If I Could Change One Thing…

The OGIO Duchess women’s golf bag has a lot going for it. If I could add one more thing it would have to be an insulated pocket for my beverage. I do like to take a drink with me – golfing can be thirsty work!


Is the OGIO Duchess Women’s Golf Bag for Me?

All-in-all this is a great golf bag for organised types who value looking good on the course alongside playing well! The zippered pockets provide ample space for all of your golfing bits and bobs, and you can wipe down the outer material to keep your bag looking tip-top. Before you rush out to buy one, remind yourself of the pros and cons:


  • Sleek design that caught the eye of a couple of my golfing buddies!
  • Useful dividers for clubs.
  • Zippered pockets for secure storage.
  • Lightweight bag with a comfy carry strap.
  • Extra features including a detachable ball pocket panel.
  • Fleece-lined pocket for your valuables.


  • You won’t find a separate pocket for the putter. However, with a 15-way top there’s more than enough space for it (although the hole could be a bit bigger)!
  • This golf bag doesn’t come with a stand, it’s a cart bag only (but it does stand upright on its own pretty well).
  • There are no extra hooks for hanging items on.
  • No grab handle beneath the shoulder strap.


Bogey or Birdie?

The OGIO Duchess golf bag features on my leaderboard. It appears to offer good value for money, combining portability with sleek good looks. Extra points to this bag for its storage capability. If you’re seeking a golf bag that’s well designed and easy to carry the OGIO Duchess women’s golf bag could be perfect for you.

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