Nitro X Factor 13 Piece Golf Clubs Set Review

Finding a good set of beginner golf clubs is harder than it should be.

You want a good balance of playability and affordability and it’s hard to strike that balance sometimes. But today, we are going to be reviewing a beginner set of clubs that just might have that perfect balance for you.

We are also considering the very worthy alternatives and letting you know which set will offer the best balance of performance and value for your game.


First Impressions

Our first impression of the Nitro X Factor club set was admittedly one of skepticism.

Nitro isn’t exactly a mainstay on the PGA Tour and the light weight of the clubs didn’t make them seem like they could deliver the kind of distance that beginners need. But first impressions aren’t always accurate.


What The Set Includes



The driver features a 460cc head which is great for beginners who need distance right from the tee. It provides mid-range launch at 10.5 degrees of loft.



You get a #3 fairway wood which features a low and rear-oriented center of gravity which is congenial to longer shots.



The Nitro X Factor set comes with a 5 hybrid set at 24 degrees of loft.

It features an alloy face that flexes very well and you should be able to hit this club from almost anywhere.



You also get irons 6-9. They feature steel shafts and widened soles to increase accuracy.



The set includes a pitching wedge fitted with a steel shaft. The pitching wedge has a low and deep center of gravity which makes it easier to get under the ball.



Lastly, the Nitro X Factor golf club set comes with a mallet-style putter with easy alignment markers and a widened sole.


Club Composition

All of the clubs in the Nitro X Factor set feature steel shafts save for the driver. The driver features a graphite shaft which encourages flex and ball speed: two things that beginners will surely benefit from.

The flexes for the clubs in this set are regular which is good for new players who will likely be starting off with a slower swing speed. All of the clubs in the set also feature stainless steel head construction. The material is surprisingly lightweight which makes the clubs more wieldy in the hand.

And the faces are made of a metal alloy which in our opinion, offers the most value of any other feature in this set. You usually have to pay much more for a forged-feel face that flexes at multiple points.

But the metal alloy face material makes the Nitro X Factor set play like a much more expensive set. A beginner player will surely benefit from the added forgiveness of club faces that flex hot even on strikes near the sole and crown.

And the grips are nothing to write home about but at least they are comfortable. The Nitro X Factor is outfitted with Nitro Stock Rubber grips that aren’t too thick but allow for a good amount of feedback.

And aside from the clubs, the Nitro X Factor set comes with 3 head covers for the driver, wood and hybrid. The clubs come with a stand bag with a comfortable sling-style carrying strap and a rain hood.


Set Options

Maybe this is where Nitro saves some money because there are not a lot of options to choose from with the X Factor 13 piece set.

The set is only available in right-handed and with 10.5 degree driver loft.


Pros & Cons Of The Nitro X Facter Set


  • The metal alloy club faces provide a good amount of flex
  • You get good ball speed from the driver and fairway wood
  • The head of the hybrid club is aerodynamically shaped for better club head speed
  • The putter has a really helpful alignment marker
  • The shorter irons actually allow for a decent amount of spin control
  • The Nitro X Factor set would be a good fit for anyone between about 5’7” to 6’5”



  • The set does not include the longer irons
  • There’s virtually no greenside spin control with the pitching wedge
  • The driver dents easily
  • The stand bag is sort of awkwardly shaped and has limited storage capacity

Overall Score:92/100

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Other Sets to Consider

If you aren’t sold on the Nitro X Factor here are some other complete sets that would be good for both beginner and intermediate players:


Nitro Golf- Blaster Pro 17 Piece Complete Set

The main draw in this set is the 3 hybrids it comes with. The longer irons tend to give newbie players the most trouble so having 3 hybrids can certainly help with flattening the learning curve a little.


  • 5 head covers
  • Graphite shaft in driver
  • Includes pitching wedge


  • No 3 or 4 iron
  • Not very durable

Overall Score:94/100

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Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

This is a great golf set for beginners because it includes a 4 and 5 hybrid to take the place of longer irons.

The driver also features a titanium face that provides high flex and ball speed.


  • Forgiving 3 wood
  • Milled face putter
  • Available in left and right-handed sets


  • The stand bag legs aren’t durable
  • A bit expensive

Overall Score:98/100

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Cobra XL Speed Set 

The Cobra XL complete golf set comes with a 15 degree driver, woods 3 and 5, hybrids 4 and 5, irons 6-9, pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter.


  • Graphite driver and woods
  • Regular or senior flex
  • Great launch



  • More for intermediate players
  • Cheap-feeling grips

Overall Score:96/100

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Final Assessment

Overall, we have to say that the Nitro X Factor golf set pleasantly surprised us. The high quality metal alloy faces provide the kind of immediate playability that beginners need and for whatever faults it may have, you simply can’t beat the price.

While the Nitro X Factor is a good quality set, it has stern competition from the likes of the Strata set which is proven to deliver time and time again. If you want to shave the maximum strokes off your round and for a very competitive price, it’s very hard to overlook the Callaway Strata.

Overall Score:98/100

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