Nippon Modus 115 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Nippon Modus 115 Shaft

The Nippon Modus 115 is a tour spec’d iron shaft.

It was designed to appeal to the shifting needs of Tour pros – namely lighter weight with as much stability as stouter iron shafts.

If you’re a golfer then you have surely heard the name “Modus.” Nippon makes some of the most coveted and tour-proven iron shafts on the market.

The Nippon Modus 115 is aimed at players who prefer modern fittings. So will it be any good for you? Let’s discuss it.

Nippon Modus 115 Shaft Overview

As the name suggests, the Nippon Modus 115 hovers in the 115-gram weight class.

The heaviest (extra stiff flex) version clocks in at 119.5 grams. When we first started swinging the Nippon Modus 115 shaft, we noticed that it felt light and comfortable in the hands.

On the downswing, you get an acute sense of control – you know where the club head and the shaft is at all times.

Even if you really load up on it, you can still clearly feel the weight of the club head and the shaft as they move in unison.

So the Nippon Modus 115 doesn’t feel whippy by any means. Oddly enough though, it doesn’t feel stout either.

It occupies a rare middle ground between stout and whippy. The transition is also vintage Nippon. In other words, it’s very smooth.

The kick point is just under the grip section but you can only feel it in the most aggressive swings. At all times, the Nippon Modus 115 feels incredibly stable without stifling the player.

In terms of looks, the Nippon Modus 115 is nothing to write home about. It has a classically Nippon chrome finish with minimal lettering in the middle of the shaft.

The lettering is in white and red which matches the color scheme of many other Nippon shafts.

Why is the Nippon Modus 115 So Popular?


Basically, this is one of the most controllable lightweight steel shafts you can find.

“Lightweight” “controllable” and “steel” are rarely used in the same sentence when it comes to iron shafts. But the Nippon Modus 115 truly does tick all of those boxes.

We can imagine that the Nippon Modus 115 is a popular choice among players who have just shifted to steel after gaming graphite iron shafts.

Making such a transition with the Nippon Modus 115 would be very easy.

How Does the Nippon Modus 115 Perform?

For the most part, the Nippon Modus 115 is a point and shoot shaft.

But we were affecting all kinds of shot shapes with this thing. Basically, the Nippon Modus 115 shaft will react to your swing speed and tempo. But let’s start with the simple shots.

Our testers found that the Nippon Modus 115 shaft could affect straight shots that nearly landed on the line consistently.

If you’re looking for an iron shaft that will help you stay out of the trees, the Nippon Modus 115 will work very well for you.

However, our better testers were able to hit beautiful draws and fades seemingly at will.

Players should also note that this is a pretty low-torque shaft. The regular flex version has a torque rating of 1.7°. And we felt it. Again, the kick point only reveals itself on really powerful swings.

While the Nippon Modus 115 isn’t by any means a distance machine, it does work well with fast swing speed players. So distance shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you’re swinging faster than about 90 MPH.

The main draw of this shaft is its ability to hit virtually any kind of shot shape. When we needed it to be straight, it was straight.

When we wanted a high draw, it gave it to us. When the lie required a sweet fade, we managed it.

Nippon Modus 115 Shaft Specs

Specs Nippon Modus 115
Available flexes Regular, stiff, extra stiff
Weight 117.5g, 118.5g, 119.5g
Butt .600”
Tip .355”
Length 37” – 41”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Regular would be good for 80-85 MPH swingers.

Siff and extra stiff would be good for 86+ MPH swingers.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The 117.5g version would work well for 80-85 MPH swingers.

The 118.5g and 119.5g versions may suit 86+ MPH swingers.

Why is it So Good?

The Nippon Modus 115 shaft gives you the ability to hit virtually any kind of shot you want.

It also feels incredibly stable and performs consistently.

Nippon Modus 115 First Impressions

Nippon Modus 115 Shaft2

Our first impression of the Nippon Modus 115 shaft was that it was fun.

It’s fun because you can get any kind of shot shape you want out of it. It makes swinging and even practice very addicting.

Key Features & Performance

Nippon claims that the versatility of the Nippon Modus 115 shaft is owed to Multi Shape Adjustment technology.

Apparently, MSA technology is what makes the Nippon Modus 115 so reactive and gives it the ability to affect multiple shot shapes.

Nippon Modus 115 Iron Review

Equipping the Nippon Modus 115 with modern game improvement (larger club heads) irons will likely produce an increase in club head and ball speed.

Combining this shaft with more compact iron heads will greatly improve workability.

Nippon Modus 115 Wedges Review

Unfortunately we weren’t getting the kind of spin we like to see in our wedges.

The Nippon Modus 115 is also a mid-launch shaft so sticking fast greens was tricky.

Nippon Modus 115 Pros & Cons



  • Very versatile
  • Smooth feel
  • Works with almost any swing speed
  • Lightweight
  • Consistent


  • Low scoring iron spin

Overall Score: 97/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Nippon Modus 115 would be great for low and mid handicappers because these kinds of players will be able to take full advantage of the workability.

The Nippon Modus 115 isn’t super long so faster swingers won’t lose out on much distance with this shaft.