Murtisol 14-Piece Complete Golf Club Set Review Vs Alternatives

Murtisol may not be a household name but beginners should seriously consider picking up this set.

There have been many golf club manufacturers that have emerged in recent years as contenders in the beginner’s golf club market. Murtisol is one of those manufacturers. Let’s take a look at the Murtisol 14-Piece complete golf club set.

What to Look for in Beginner’s Clubs

Beginner’s clubs and player’s performance clubs aren’t built the same. If you are a beginner, look for:

Accuracy and Forgiveness

You will want a combination of both if you want to compete.

Usually for beginners, accuracy means perimeter weighting and oversized heads. The larger the better – just be sure that your club head sizes are tournament-legal if you plan to compete.

Low CG in the Woods

CG stands for Center of Gravity and refers to the weight placement in the head.

If you’re a beginner,  you will want the CG to be as low as possible in pretty much all of your clubs. But in the woods (driver and fairway woods) this is doubly important for distance and forgiveness.

Shaft Material

Graphite or carbon fiber shafts are ideal for beginners.

That’s because these materials bend and flex more at impact. This will be important for beginners as it helps with ball speed and helps dampen harsh vibration.

Shaft Flex

You will also want to opt for amateur or regular flex as a beginner.

The flex of a shaft should fit your swing speed. Slower swing speeds (under 85mph) require shafts with higher flex such as amateur or at least regular flex.

Murtisol Golf Club Set Quick Facts






Stand bag


Carbon fiber/steel

Shaft Flex



460CC aluminum alloy



Overall Score


First Impressions

The first thing we noticed when we started taking swings with these clubs was that they were very lightweight.

For instance, the driver has a lightweight carbon fiber shaft with a swing weight of D0 and an overall club weight of 349 grams – keep in mind this is a 460CC driver with a pretty large footprint.

Who is the Set for?

Based solely on the weight and the size of most of the club heads in the set, it’s apparent that the Murtisol golf club set is meant for beginners and high handicappers.

If you go down the entire set, you will notice that every club has a swing weight of D0. So in addition to beginners, the Murtisol golf club set would be great for high handicappers with slow swing speeds.

The Murtisol Driver

The driver is set to 10.5 degrees of loft and has a very large footprint.

The driver in this set is inherently forgiving based on its size alone. The sweet spot is massive and you get a surprisingly satisfying sound and feel out of the aluminum alloy head when you pure the ball.

The Murtisol #3 Wood

The #3 wood is also made of an aluminum alloy which is a big reason why the woods in this set are so light.

For us, the fairway wood was a bit too light. Launch was a bit lacking and the sound was kind of thin. However, it is plenty forgiving from the deck or the tee.

The Murtisol #5 Hybrid

The hybrid in this set provides great distance but is a bit disappointing from the rough.

While it’s not a great rescue club overall, it’s very easy to get 170+ yards out of the Murtisol #5 hybrid.

The Murtisol Irons

These are surprisingly strong-lofted irons for a set of entry-level clubs.

For instance, the 7-iron is 33 degrees while the 9-iron is 41 degrees. You get plenty of launch and excellent stopping power with these irons (6-9). A very pleasant surprise overall as they are also very forgiving.

The Murtisol Wedges

Included in the Murtisol Complete golf club set are pitching and sand wedges.

We really liked the fact that this 14-piece set includes both a pitching and sand wedge because it makes gapping close to the green much easier. While spin is a bit lacking, you still get plenty of launch, steep descent angles and ample stopping power.

The Murtisol Putter

Another surprise was the blade-style putter.

Usually, entry-level club sets have a mallet-style putter. The feel of this putter was very nice but there was a decent amount of hopping and skipping on longer putts.

Murtisol Pros & Cons


  • Irons have good holding power
  • Lightweight design
  • Carbon fiber shafts
  • Forgiving, cavity-back irons
  • Great for slow swing speeds
  • Strong-lofted irons


  • The headcovers are low-quality
  • Putter doesn’t give a smooth roll
  • Low-spinning wedges
  • Low-launching #3 wood

Overall Score: 94/100

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Of course, the Murtisol 14-Piece complete golf club set isn’t the only game in town. Check out these other notable golf club sets:

Callaway Strata

The Callaway Strata set comes in 12 and 16-piece versions.

This is really more of a pure beginner’s set and is very affordable. The set includes a 460CC forged driver, stainless steel irons, oversized fairway wood, a hybrid club and a mallet-style putter.


Overall Score: 92/100

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Wilson Platinum

The Wilson platinum set is marked by hot, thin faces.

This is a great set for any high handicapper who is still dealing with low ball speed and inadequate distance. They play long and the bag it comes with is very durable.

Overall Score: 93/100

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Callaway Edge

“The Callaway Edge set’s star is the Odyssey White Hot putter.”

This is an incredibly smooth, accurate and consistent putter that you usually see in more expensive sets. The entire set is great for beginners though and features oversized irons and a titanium driver.

Overall Score 95/100

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This is an exceptionally lightweight set of golf clubs that offers a surprising degree of stopping power.

The irons play straight on off-center strikes and hold onto greens very well thanks to steep descent angles. While the putter and hybrid aren’t great for beginners, this set is still a steal thanks to the overall distance and surprising accuracy.

Overall Score: 94/100

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