Miura CB 302 Irons Review – Are They Good for High Handicappers?

Miura CB 302 Irons

“The Miura CB 302 irons are made from premium materials and offer premium looks. But can they do anything for high handicappers?”

If you’re in the market for a new set of irons but aren’t sure which ones would suit your needs, pay close attention to the following review.

The Miura CB 302 irons are an intriguing set because after having tested them, we can honestly say that they have a little something for nearly every kind of player.

In fact, it would seem that Miura made this set specifically to appease the needs of a wide variety of players. Let’s get into the details.

Miura CB 302 Irons Overview

“To start with, the Miura CB 302 irons were forged from S20C soft carbon steel.”

As you can imagine, this gives these irons a soft feel that is maintained throughout the set.

So yes, the scoring irons are amazingly workable and give better players the soft feel they need for tight bump and runs.

Still, these are cavity back irons and the undercut is quite considerable.

While Miura states that the Miura CB 302 irons boast the largest sole width they have ever produced, they aren’t gigantic.

They are of a moderate width but definitely smaller than some of the game improvement irons that Callaway and Taylormade produces.

The top line is also moderate lending the Miura CB 302’s a clean yet confidence-inspiring look at address.

The lofts are relatively weak with the 9-iron checking in at 40°.

Who Are Miura CB 302 Irons for?

The Miura CB 302 irons have the forgiveness that mid and high handicappers need.

And while they offer the feel and precision that better players want around the pin, there isn’t much else they offer to this class of player.

How Forgiving Are the Miura CB 302 Irons?

“One of the most intriguing features of the Miura CB 302 irons is the cambered sole.”

This is really what gives the Miura CB 302 irons a smooth feel through the turf. The cambered sole plays really well through the fairway,

rough and semi-rough. Plus, this is a fully forged iron so in addition to that smooth play, you get a soft feel.

It’s very easy to find the sweet spot of these irons and glom onto it. We suspect that is the result of the individual weighting of each club in the set.

The face profile is fairly deep so your margin of error is wider. These may be the most forgiving forged irons we’ve ever tested.

Are the Miura CB 302 Irons Easy to Hit?

“Surprisingly, yes. The Miura CB 302 irons have a fluid feel and the sweet spot is expansive.”

The Miura CB 302 designers really outdid themselves with these irons.

The Miura CB 302’s are individually weighted to optimize flight and forgiveness in each iron.

You get a consistent feel throughout the set and you never feel like you have to adjust your swing very much as you work your way through it.

Key Technology That Makes the Miura CB 302 Irons Good for Beginners

Miura CB 302 Irons1

“Each iron in this set has its own unique weighting.”

This makes the learning curve much flatter for irons because beginners won’t have to adjust their swing as they work through the set – the unique weighting in each club compensates for that.

The Miura CB 302 irons also have cambered soles with a tamable leading edge. So if you find yourself in the rough a lot, these irons will make it easier to get out.

The Miura CB 302 irons also have relatively weak lofts so beginners will find it easier to get the ball into the air with these irons.

The Miura CB 302 irons also feature a “Y” grind that yields better flight and consistency for a wide variety of players – even beginners.

Are the Miura CB 302 Irons Good for Mid Handicappers?

Absolutely. In fact, we would say that the Miura CB 302 irons are ideal for mid handicappers who are just starting to cut out their mid and long irons and need better control from their scoring irons.

Are the Miura CB 302 Irons Good for Low Handicappers?

“The Miura CB 302 irons wouldn’t be the ideal choice for low handicappers.”

While they offer a lot of short game precision, the cavity back design holds them back in terms of workability.

While our testers were able to flight the Miura CB 302’s down pretty well, side-to-side workability proved more difficult.

Pros & Cons of the Miura CB 302 Irons


  • The unique weighting for each clubs makes these irons easy to swing
  • The Miura CB 302 irons feature fully forged S20C steel bodies
  • Cambered soles make for very smooth turf interaction
  • The satin chrome finish gives these irons a very nice look at address
  • Less offset than some other Miura irons
  • Very consistent spin rates
  • The moderate topline and minimal offset gives these irons a clean look at address


  • Lateral workability is limited
  • A bit pricey

Final Thoughts on the Miura CB 302 Irons for High or Mid Handicappers

Miura CB 302 Irons2

“Again, we think the Miura CB 302 irons would be ideal for mid handicappers.”

Of course, a fitting is always recommended but the Miura CB 302 are excellent for mid handicappers and forgiving enough for high handicappers.

The Miura CB 302’s have a really nice feel throughout the set and it’s really easy to produce optimal spin and flight.

The Miura CB 302 6-iron was consistently producing spin rates in the 5,000 RPM range for our testers.

More importantly though, it was yielding this kind of spin shot after shot. This kind of consistency is what every player needs – not just mid and high handicappers.

You can tell that the Miura CB 302 irons were lovingly and expertly crafted.

While the lack of offset may turn some high handicappers off, it will likely appeal more to mid handicappers who prefer the cleaner look.

Miura CB 302 Irons

Overall Score: 97/100

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