Matte Vs Regular Golf Balls – What’s Best For Your Game

Hunting for wayward golf balls is the story of my life. Keeping track of your ball in flight becomes more challenging the older we get. However, matte golf balls have made it slightly easier to follow the dimples.

This article looks at matte vs regular golf balls to determine which is best for your game? Plus, I will examine the pros and cons of each golf ball to highlight which option suits what golfer. In addition, I will look at whether these balls impact your performance.

Intro To Different Types Of Golf Balls

Matte Vs Regular Golf Balls Overview

A matte golf ball contains an anti-glare finish. It provides a distinct look that is easier to track in mid-flight. Regular golf balls are your run-of-the-mill tour white and yellow constructions. The only shine on these balls is the gloss finish on the urethane or ionomer cover.

What Exactly Are Matte Golf Balls?

Matte golf balls carry a matte finish. These golf balls are built to produce less glare at address and are easier to identify during flight and on the ground. Most matte golf balls carry colors that are easy to spot. Today, you can find red, green, pink, and yellow matte golf balls.

What Are The Pros And Cons


Glare Resistant

The matte finish on these golf balls works to restrict glare at address. A standard gloss finish is not as effective in this department when the rays are hitting directly off the ball.

Easy To Follow

Thanks to an array of colorful matte golf balls, they are easy to follow in flight. You can follow it when hitting into the sun or fading light.

Easy To Spot

Thanks to their vibrant color, I find it easier to spot matte golf balls in the grass. This reduces the time spent searching for your golf balls. Plus, it reduces the number of balls lost in the thick rough.



While matte golf balls are a revelation for visually impaired players, they are not to every golfer’s taste. The bright pink, red, yellow, and greens may not appeal to traditionalists who prefer the standard white Tour ball.

Who Should be Using Them?

These are ideal for seniors and players with visual impairments. The matte finish makes it easier to follow your ball in flight and identify it on the ground.

How Are Regular Balls Different?

The only difference between regular balls is the finish. This variety of golf balls contains a gloss paint finish, opposite to matte. Besides that, they are crafted with the same core and cover material.

What Are The Pros And Cons


Classic Look

Regular golf balls offer the traditionalist a classic tour white look. To be fair, most manufacturers also offer a yellow option.

More Options

There are more options of regular golf balls than their matte counterparts. That gives you a wide selection of performance features and prices.



The gloss paint finish on regular golf balls can glare at address. It is slightly off-putting, making it difficult to concentrate. In addition, it is challenging to follow the ball in flight. Often you may lose the point of landing, causing you to look for your ball in the wrong spot.

Difficult To Spot

Regular yellow balls stand out better than their white counterparts. When you play with a standard white ball, it can be tough to identify it in the thick grass. That causes you to search aimlessly for the dimples. There are occasions when you run out of time to find your ball.

Who Should be Using Them?

Regular golf balls are suited to the average golfer and Tour players. There are more options in this category to suit a diverse quantity of golfers.

What Should High Handicappers Use?

High handicappers may find that a matte golf ball is easier to identify. You are prone to wayward shots at this stage of your journey, leading you into the woods and thick rough. Therefore, a golf ball that stands out is an ideal option.

When To Switch From Regular To Matte?

You should think about switching to matte golf balls if your eye-sight weakens and it is impossible to follow a golf ball in flight.

Best Matte Golf Balls – Mini Review With Pros And Cons

Callaway Supersoft

The Callaway Supersoft is the best Matte golf ball on the market for some golfers. Its Paraloid Impact Modifier cover performs exceptionally from tee to green. It delivers maximum ball speed and low spin on full shots and high launch and soft landing in your short game.

A high-speed, soft compression core boosts the energy transfer from the clubface to the ball. This prompts rapid ball speed and leads to a high launch, low spin, and increased carry distance.

Adding to longer carry distance is Hex aerodynamics technology. The engineers employed the technology to structure the dimple pattern. As a result, the golf ball delivers limited drag and a stable flight.

Lastly, Callaway has availed these golf balls in 6-colors, which are easy to follow in flight. Plus, they stick out clearly in the rough.


  • Delivers fast ball speed
  • Generates a high launch
  • Produces optimal carry distance
  • Easy to follow in flight
  • Simple to identify in the rough


  • It produces limited spin
  • Not suited to lower handicappers

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Best Regular Golf Balls – Mini Review With Pros And Cons

Titleist Pro V1

Arguably the most famous ball in golf. The Titleist Pro V1 is the Rolls Royce of round dimples. This premium urethane 3-piece golf ball delivers perfection from tee to green. But, its excellence comes at a price.

The Pro V1 presents an incredibly soft feel that every golfer can appreciate. It is built to produce a mid-degree flight and low long game spin to achieve exceptional distance. Conversely, the soft urethane cover grips into the grooves of your short irons and wedges to initiate maximum spin.

Titleist employed a Spherically-Tiled 388 Tetrahedral dimple design to produce a piercing flight for optimal long game yardage.

Although the Titleist Pro V1 is an exceptional golf ball, its premium price makes no sense for the average golfer.


  • Low long game spin
  • Maximum distance
  • Exceptional spin
  • Ultra-soft feel
  • Piercing flight


  • Expensive

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Q: Are Matte Golf Balls Legal

Yes, matte golf balls are legal. That is why major brands such as Callaway, Srixon, and Titleist, now manufacture this variety of golf balls.

Q: Callaway Supersoft Matte vs Regular

The Callaway Supersoft matte and regular golf balls differ based on the finish. The regular ball contains a gloss paint finish compared to a matte. Besides that, they both carry a Paraloid hybrid cover, soft compression core, and Hex aerodynamics.

Q: What Is The Easiest Colour Golf Ball To See?

From experience, yellow, orange, or red are easier to detect than green or white.

Q: Do Matte Finish Golf Balls Make A Difference?

Matte finish golf balls will not revolutionize your performance. However, they do make a difference when it comes to following your golf ball and finding it in the long grass.


There you have it. If you thought matte golf balls would improve your performance, you were wrong. However, it makes a massive difference in tracking your ball in-flight and identifying it on the ground.

Although regular golf balls are not as easy to follow, they offer a broader range of options to choose from.

Therefore, I suggest that the average golfer sticks with regular balls because of the available options. Conversely, seniors and golfers with visual impairments should consider matte golf balls. It will help you find your ball fasters and reduce losses.

Those players who could use visual assistance should look at the Callaway Supersoft range.