Longridge Eze Golf Push Cart Review

There are a lot of us who prefer as simple an experience as possible when it comes to golf push carts. While some of us actually own electric, remote control golf caddies, the majority of us don’t think you should have to charge a device for 8 hours just to get your bag from hole to hole.

That’s why the majority of us still use push carts. We have tried and tested more than our fair share of push carts in our day so for today’s review, we wanted to highlight a product that reflected the style and philosophy of most of us here: simple elegance.

If you are anything like us, you want a cart that doesn’t take a lot of thought and one that lets you concentrate on the game. If you are in the market for a push cart of this nature, you will surely appreciate our review of the Longridge Eze push cart.


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First Impressions

When our shipment of the Longridge Eze arrived and we picked up the box, right away we knew this was going to be a lightweight push cart. When we unboxed it and set it up, our thoughts were confirmed.

This was one of the lightest push golf carts we ever encountered so we knew we were on the right track with the Longridge Eze (again, we wanted something simple and light weight is usually indicative of simplicity).

What struck us next was the stance of the Longridge Eze. Before we even loaded it down with a golf bag we knew it was going to be a sturdy push cart because of the wide stance and the A-frame of the bottom mount and back brace.

The problem with a lot of lightweight golf push carts is that they topple easily under the weight of a full golf bag. But the design of the Longridge Eze instilled confidence in us long before we put it to work on the course.


Key Features

First of all, the Longridge Eze is a 3-wheel golf push cart. The rear wheels are an ample 10 inches in diameter and made of a hardened foam material which means you’ll never have to worry about inflating them. They are ball-bearing wheels so they glide over turf and asphalt pretty smoothly.

The bag brackets are made of nylon and they are widely adjustable. We tried a bunch of different sized bags in the Longridge Eze and the nylon bag securing mechanism was able to hang on to them all very securely.

The entire trolley folds down in two motions to about half its size when it is fully erect. Unfolding the Longridge Eze can also be done in two simple motions but you have to tighten the joint screws by hand to lock it into place.

The handle is adjustable and comfortable. You would be able comfortably navigate the Longridge Eze no matter how tall you are. The foam grip handle is easy on the hands and the console features a drink holder and a small storage compartment underneath.

Lastly, you can lock the wheels in place when you are settling into a hole via the strong foot brake. You can literally just step down on the tab near the wheels to engage the brake.


Performance Review

Overall, we really liked the way the Longridge Eze handled itself on the course. It was easy to push and navigate. It was easy to set up. And it handled our heavy bags with ease. Our first impression that the Longridge Eze was going to be sturdy was correct as well.

No matter how large or awkwardly packed the bag was, the Longridge Eze didn’t topple over. It was easy to fold down when we were done with it and at just a smidgen over 14 pounds, the Longridge Eze was not taxing on our bodies.

All in all it did what we wanted it to do: it allowed us to focus on our game.



The Longridge Eze is available at multiple physical and online retail stores so the price is going to vary a bit depending on where you go. But in general, you are looking at about an $80-$96 price range.


Pros & Cons Of The Longridge Eze


  • Very lightweight
  • Keeps things simple
  • Comes in an attractive white color scheme
  • Easy to fold down and store
  • Sturdy frame makes it very difficult to topple over
  • Easily navigable on the course


  • We wish it had a bit more storage space
  • No umbrella holder
  • Releasing the foot brake takes some getting used to
  • It’s a bit expensive

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Other Push Carts to Consider

The Longridge Eze was not the only golf push cart we tested. In our search for elegant simplicity, we came across a few other carts that may be more up your ally.


The Qwik Fold 360

This cart was a dream to handle thanks to a swiveling front wheel. It was also very easy to unpack and fold down.

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The KXDLR Golf Push Cart

This is a great cart if you have particularly long clubs. It can handle big bags and long clubs easily and features a score card holder and a sturdy 3-wheel design.

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The Clic Gear3.5 Golf Push Cart

clicgear +3.5 golf push cart

The Clic Gear has a number of things going for it: It’s lightweight. With an umbrella holder, scorecard and drink holder, it has pretty much everything you need from a push cart.

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Final Words

Playing a full round of golf with the Longridge Eze was easy and enjoyable. But perhaps most important of all; we weren’t aching and in pain after a full round. The Longridge Eze is easy on the body and it allows you to focus on the game.

There are not a lot of bells and whistles here, but that’s something we like in golf push carts. If you are looking for a push cart that has everything you need and nothing you don’t, we recommend the Longridge Eze. Be sure to give it a try for yourself soon.

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