Lazrus Golf Clubs Review – Are They Any Good? Are They A Good Brand?

Lazrus Golf Clubs

The Lazrus Golf story begins back in 2017.

An industrious group of golf enthusiasts saw something wrong with the golf club market: clubs were being sold for ridiculous prices due to large retail markups.

The Lazrus Golf company was founded to cut out the retail middle men and provide clubs directly to the consumer.

Lazarus Golf is known for building a business model around the concept of providing golf clubs straight from the manufacturer to the consumer.

This way, they can spare customers from paying for outlandish retail markups. Lazarus golf clubs, according to the company itself, are manufactured in the same facilities as some of the largest golf club companies in the world.

Lately, Lazarus golf clubs have been garnering a lot of attention mainly for their price; but also because some of their clubs are spec’d just like more expensive and well-known clubs.

After testing and reviewing a number of their clubs in preparation for this article, we found that many of their clubs are actually designed to emulate popular Taylormade and Callaway clubs.

So let’s take a look at some of the most notable Lazrus golf clubs and break down their performance.

Quick Facts

  • Direct to consumer business
  • All sales are online
  • Present on Amazon
  • Founded sometime around 2017
  • Known for their wedges
  • Also make irons and putters

Lazarus Golf Clubs  

#1 – Lazrus Irons – LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons

Selling Points:

  • Stepped steel shafts
  • Deep grooves
  • Cavity back design

When we first picked up the Lazrus irons, we were instantly reminded of the Callaway Mavrik irons.

They have the same footprint and the shaping is very similar as well. The Lazrus irons have a fairly substantial head so right off the bat, they look like they’re going to be forgiving.

And they are to a certain extent. For modern game-improvement irons, they are somewhat strongly-lofted. For instance, the 9-iron checks in at 39 degrees.

And indeed, they produced a lower, more controlled launch when compared to modern game-improvement and super-game-improvement irons.

We definitely got the feeling that Lazrus was trying to carefully toe the line between game-improvement and player’s performance with these irons.

We say that because the grooves in the short irons are exceptional which suggests an emphasis on short-game control.

The grooves are nice and deep and you can spin these irons to a very high degree if you were inclined to do so. Still, the cavity back design makes the long irons easy to manage.

You can get an entire set or buy the clubs individually. You also have the option of choosing from right or left-handed irons.

After testing these irons at length, we’re actually inclined to say that they would be good for both high and mid handicappers.

The greenside spin is very impressive and will appeal to better players while the forgiveness in the long irons is just what high handicappers need.

Pros And Cons 


  • Very affordable
  • Great short-game spin
  • Generous sweet spot


  • They launch a bit low

Rating: 96/100

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#2 – Lazrus Wedges – LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set

LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge

Selling Points:

  • Milled faces
  • Forged heads
  • 25” length

These are the clubs that Lazrus is known for. The Lazrus wedges were built to rival those of more expensive brands.

They feature forged heads and premium milled faces to improve spin control and short-game accuracy.

They are available in 52 loft (8 degree bounce), 56 loft (12 degree bounce) and 60 loft (10 degree bounce).

You can get them either left or right-handed as well. The micro-milled faces do indeed provide a ton of feel and spin options from pretty much any lie.

In fact, most of our testers noted that they were able to aggressively attack the pin from the rough and tight lies with these wedges thanks to the acute spin control.

Launch was a bit inconsistent but didn’t pose too much of a problem for our testing party.

The Lazrus wedges also sport a handsome black head finish with steel notched shafts.

The contrast between the black heads and the chrome shafts is a bit jarring at first; but you get used to it pretty quickly.

The Lazrus wedges would be a great choice for any player who is looking for a premium wedge but doesn’t want to pay an insane price.

They have all the most important features as more expensive models at a fraction of the price so they are a great investment overall.

Pros And Cons 


  • Great feedback
  • Solid feel
  • Excellent spin control


  • Not available with graphite shafts

Rating: 97/100

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#3 – Lazrus Hybrids Set – LAZRUS GOLF Premium Hybrid Golf Clubs

LAZRUS GOLF Premium Hybrid Golf Clubs

Selling Points:

  • Graphite shafts
  • Black or silver color options
  • Forgiving performance

It should be noted that a lot of Lazrus golf clubs aren’t available with stock graphite shafts so it was nice to finally get our hands on a graphite-shafted club in the Lazrus hybrids.

The Lazrus hybrids are available in a ridiculous array from 2 to 9 hybrids. We don’t expect a lot of players to take advantage of some of the shorter hybrids like the 7-9 hybrids but they may still be of interest to beginners.

The Lazrus hybrids are very forgiving and have a premium feel. While the launch is a bit low for high handicappers, we think mid to low handicappers will appreciate the piercing launch.

These hybrids would be great for anyone with an aggressive swing and fast swing speed.

But they are also forgiving enough for high handicappers and beginners – you just have to be willing to sacrifice a bit of launch.

You can get these hybrids as a complete set or buy them individually. They come in left or right-handed versions. They also come stock with graphite regular flex shafts.

Pros And Cons 


  • Very affordable
  • Good forgiveness
  • Piercing launch


  • They lose a lot of ball speed on low-face shots

Rating: 95/100

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#4 – LAZRUS Premium Sand Wedge

LAZRUS Premium Sand Wedge

Selling Points:

  • Micro milled face
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Regular flex

You can get the Lazrus sand wedge in 58 or 65 degrees of loft. The launch on these wedges is very impressive and the sole grind is silky smooth.

They are billed as “anti-duff” sand wedges and they certainly live up to the moniker.

If you have trouble chunking your sand wedge then the lazarus Sand wedge may be perfect for you.

Again, you get great spin control from the micro milled grooves but the Lazrus sand wedge lacks a forged head so some of the feel is lost.

Still, these wedges are a great price and will really help increase accuracy especially from tight lies.

Pros And Cons 


  • Great turf interaction
  • Good spin control
  • Great for high handicappers


  • No forged head

Rating: 94/100

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Who Are Lazrus Clubs for?

The clubs we tested would fit a wide variety of players. Their premium forged wedges are good enough for scratch players while their irons are great for beginners.

Are Lazrus Wedges Legal?

No. The deep U-grooves of Lazrus wedges do not conform to the allowable USGA and R&A regulations and they are not available with conforming specs.

Are They Good for Beginners?

Yes, especially the Lazrus irons. Lazarus clubs are known for fitting a wide variety of players.

Are Lazrus Clubs Good for Seniors?

Not so much. That’s because almost none of their clubs are available with stock senior flex shafts. In fact, most of their clubs come stock with steel, regular flex shafts.

Do Any Pros Use Lazrus Clubs?

As of now, no pros are using Lazrus clubs. This may be because the wedges cannot be used in Tournament play.

Other Brands to Consider


The Mazel Golf company was established in 2002 and they actually make a wider variety of clubs than Lazrus including drivers.

However, their clubs are made in China so while they are comparable in price, they may not be comparable in quality.


Like Lazrus, Pinemeadow is a “direct to consumer” golf club manufacturer. They are known for making a variety of beginner-friendly clubs and have launched popular brands like PGX.

The PGX offset driver in particular is very popular among high handicappers who struggle against a slice. Still, they make a wide variety of clubs

While they make clubs that are affordable like Lazrus, many Pinemeadow clubs lack the premium appointments like forged heads and milled faces.


The great thing about Majek clubs is that they are assembled by hand in a facility in Riverside, CA.

The not-so-great thing is that most of their clubs are designed with beginners and high handicappers in mind.

There is also not very much known about the company as their products are exclusively sold on 3rd party retail sites.

Final Assessment


Lazarus Golf may be the king of affordable replica golf clubs.

In our experience, they make the highest quality clubs of any manufacturer that sells within the same price point.

They are not without their flaws; but they are probably the best option if you are looking for quality and affordable clubs.