Ko Jin-Young Net Worth 2022 – Wiki, Bio, Partner, PGA, House, Golf Career, Interesting Facts

This South Korean superstar is like no other. As a professional golfer, Jy Ko is an absolute talent and incredible to watch.


Over her short career, she has already had 12 wins on the LGPA tour and we are sure that is just the beginning of it. Jy Ko went professional at just 23.


Currently, her net worth is estimated at around $5 million which stems from primarily career earnings but also endorsement deals and sponsorships too. As a professional athlete, there are many perks that come with the job!


If you are interested in learning more about Ko Jin-Young and her career as a multi-talented sportswoman, continue on reading!


Ko Jin-Young: Quick Facts

Name and Surname

Ko Jin-Young


7 July 1995






169cm (5 feet 6.5 inches)

Place Of Birth

Seoul, South Korea

Currently Resides



South Korean


Ko Sung-Tae and Kim-Mi Young








Professional Golfer

Turned Professional


Net worth

$5 million


Ko Jin-Young: Early Life And Parents

On July 7th, 1995 Ko Jin-Young was born in Seoul, South Korea to Ko Sung-Tae and Kim-Mi Young. Although there is very little about her upbringing, what we do know is that her parents had the most positive influence on her and her career to date.


They did not participate in any golf activities so she takes pride in the fact that she got to where she is purely through hard work and dedication.


Ko Jin-Young: Personal Life, Husband, Family, And More

It is unclear whether Jy Ko is currently married or in a serious relationship. She appears to be a woman that keeps her private life to herself and only shares career accomplishments with the public.


The young golfer is currently focused on her career and becoming a better version of herself than last season. We can only imagine that there would be no time for a serious relationship when it comes to that!


Ko Jin-Young: Career

Jy Ko went professional at the age of 18 in 2013. Since then she had won 10 times at the LGPA in Korea over a short three year period. This is astounding statistics as many players struggle to get one win and here she is holding the fort with 10, and counting!


In 2014, she won the Nefs Masterpiece which was her very first win after going professional. Following that, in 2015 she came 2nd at the Ricoh Women’s British Open and won the 2017 LPGA KEB Hana Bank Championship.


It was in 2019 that she won her first two huge LGPA Championships, earning her a whopping $2 million! It was this same year that she too was named LGPA player of the year.


Currently, Jy Ko has had one win at the HSBC Women’s World Championship and one very poor game in the 2022 season. Although the loss isn’t ideal, we believe she will pick it back up in no time at all and we look forward to watching it happen!


She is currently ranked number two in the world and I have no doubt that Jy Ko will do everything in her power to either improve that status or maintain it.


Ko Jin-Young: Net Worth

Currently, the estimated net worth of Jy Ko is around $5 million. Majority of her earnings has come from her plays on the LGPA over the years but also through sponsorships.


In 2020, Jy Ko secured a large deal with Solaire Resort & Casino. The contract was signed for two years and whether that will be extended is unclear but we are almost certain she is receiving a large sum of money from them.


She credits her play on the LGPA to the sponsor and she now feels more responsibility to play well as it is not just her name on the line. Otherwise, it is not disclosed where else Jy ko receives her money from, other than her career earnings.


Ko Jin-Young: Interesting Facts

  1. Jy Ko started playing golf at a very young age and credits her parents for having the most supportive and positive influence on her.
  2. She named her dog, “Awesome”. Which is very interesting to say the least!
  3. Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5 are amongst her favourite artists to listen to.


Ko Jin-Young: Social Media Accounts

Jy Ko is very active on social media. With almost 40k followers on Instagram, she shares a great ordeal of things. Whether it be trying a delicious new dessert or an amazing win – she has it for you.


Ko Jin-Young: Round Up

It is no doubt that Jy Ko has changed the golfing game since she fled onto the scene. From having over 10 wins in just three shorts years of going professional to having a net worth of $5 million – this lady is destined for success.


Although we don’t know much about her personal life, we do know she is single and solely focusing on her career at the moment and as she should!


We are so excited to see where she goes from here and what this season has in store for her. We can only imagine it is nothing short of amazing. If you want to keep up to date with Jy Ko and her career, be sure to follow her on her Instagram account.