KBS TGI 80 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

KBS TGI 80 Shaft

KBS is known for their steel iron shafts but their graphite iron shafts have spiked in popularity over recent years.

Their flagship graphite shaft is the KBS TGI series. The KBS TGI series of shafts is offered in a very wide array of weight classes ranging from 60g to 110g.

For this test session and subsequent review though, we wanted to shoot for the middle of the road.

So we singled out the KBS TGI 80g for testing. Are KBS’s graphite offerings as good as their steel shaft offerings? Read on to the end to find out.

KBS TGI 80 Shaft Overview

For many players, the looks of a shaft is almost as important to the performance of a shaft.

The looks of the KBS TGI 80 shaft is at once familiar and fresh. Instead of the polished chrome finish you see in KBS’s steel shafts, the KBS TGI 80’s have a matte black finish.

But you still get the familiar red badge in the middle of the shaft that bears the KBS TGI logo.

For even more players, the feel of a shaft is of crucial importance. So how did the KBS TGI 80 shafts feel? In a word, consistent.

From the 4-iron down to the 9-iron, you get a consistent kick point that makes it almost feel like you’re swinging the same iron.

The tip section feels stiffer than you would expect from a graphite shaft which for most golfers will be a good thing.

That’s because a stiffer tip allows for more club head control and stability on less-than-accurate shots. And just because the tip section feels stiff doesn’t mean the shaft feels overall boardy.

It doesn’t. The activity can be felt in the midsection and on anything faster than a slow swing.

Why is the KBS TGI 80 So Popular?

KBS TGI 80 Shaft1

We can imagine that the KBS TGI 80 shaft is a very popular choice for players who are transitioning from steel to graphite shafts for their irons.

Why? Namely because they offer similar dispersion to stouter steel shafts. The accuracy is definitely there; but in a much lighter package.

Plus, the KBS TGI series of shafts (in taper tip) comes in seven different weight classes to address the needs of a wide array of players.

How Does the KBS TGI 80 Perform?

As we alluded to in the previous section, the shot dispersion we got from these shafts was great.

Dispersion was nice and tight – even on errant strikes. That last bit is especially important if you are a mid to high handicapper.

Our experience with the KBS TGI 80 is that it enhanced the forgiveness factor of our irons.

When paired with solid GI irons, you will likely experience a significant increase in accuracy. The launch was mid/high with spin rates to match – pretty typical for graphite irons so no surprises there.

What was surprising though was our ability to work the ball. Our testers were able to fade and draw the ball for optimal fairway placement on doglegs.

This performance was very reminiscent of steel KBS shafts that we have tested in the past. So it seems that KBS’s claims that the KBS TGI 80 is “steel-like” is pretty close to accurate.

The ability to hit both straight and fade/draw shots was really impressive to us.

Of course, a lot of that workability came from the mid/high spin rates which may be a problem for more powerful swingers.

But if you’re a powerful swinger, you probably aren’t looking into graphite shafts anyway.

KBS TGI 80 Shaft Specs

Specs KBS TGI 80
Available flexes Stiff
Weight 80g
Butt .600”
Tip .355”
Length 36” – 39.5”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The KBS TGI 80 is only available as a stiff flex shaft.

Stiff flex would be good for players in the 85-90 MPH swing speed range.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

As the name suggests, the KBS TGI 80 is an 80-gram shaft.

Even as the “middle of the road” option for the KBS TGI line of shafts, this is still pretty light. It may be suitable for 75-85 MPH swingers.

Why is it So Good?

The KBS TGI 80 shaft is good because the  performance is really close to that of a steel shaft.

Plus, it feels really light in the hands throughout your swing.

KBS TGI 80 First Impressions

KBS TGI 80 Shaft3

The first thing we noticed was the matte black finish.

In fact, some of us were downright shell-shocked because we’re simply not used to seeing a matte black KBS shaft.

However, after the initial shock, we came to really like the finish.

Key Features & Performance

The KBS TGI 80 was designed with the same E.I. graph curve as the KBS Tour Steel shaft.

The E.I. curve refers to the stiffness of the butt and tip sections. This produces a bend profile that is nearly identical to a steel shaft which is what imparts acute control into the KBS TGI 80 shaft.

KBS TGI 80 Irons Review

Whether we were facing dogleg left or right, we were able to affect gentle draws/fades with the long irons.

KBS TGI 80 Wedges Review

The high spin and launch came in handy around the green.

We were able to stick on elevated greens and had enough distance control to completely avoid airmailing.

KBS TGI 80 Pros & Cons

KBS TGI 80 Shaft2


  • Very lightweight
  • Active midsection
  • Tight dispersion
  • Good short-game spin
  • Good workability


  • May feel “noodly” to aggressive swingers

Overall Score: 98/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The KBS TGI 80 would be a great option for players switching from steel shafts to graphite shafts.

You will still get accurate performance; but for your swing speed that may be declining.

The KBS TGI 80 shaft would also be great for slow to moderate swingers with deliberate tempos.

Or, if you’re tired of the wide dispersion you are getting from your current graphite iron shafts, you should definitely try the KBS TGI 80’s.