Collin Morikawa’s Girlfriend Katherine Zhu – Wiki, Bio, LPGA Golfer, Hot Pics, Instagram

Collin Morikawa has made quite a splash in the golf world this year. He’s fun to watch, well-spoken, and certainly knows how to compete.

As with all the new talent on the PGA Tour, us fans are interested in learning more about them. Morikawa’s girlfriend, Katherine Zhu, has an impressive golf resume herself.

If you are interested in this power couple, keep on reading!

Who Is Katherine Zhu?

Katherine Zhu is a 24 year old amateur golfer who played college golf at Pepperdine. Zhu is a great player and a great student as well.

While at Pepperdine, she has won many awards for both academic and golf achievements. She is currently dating PGA Tour Professional Collin Morikawa.

Katherine Zhu Quick Facts Table

Full Name

Katherine Zhu





Date of Birth


Place of Birth

British Columbia


Malibu California


Pepperdine, California


Tennis, Swimming, Figure Skating, Playing the Flute

Are Collin Morikawa and Katherine Zhu married?

Collin Morikawa and Katherine Zhu are not yet married.

How Did They Meet?

When Zhu was playing in a college golf tournament, she started talking with one of her playing partners about life and dating.

She mentioned that she was single. That girl was friends with Collin and went to the same school that she did.

After her golf tournament, she went back to school and showed Collin the picture of Katherine, and asked what he thought. He was interested in going on a date with her, and that is where it all started.

They have been dating since 2017 and celebrated their third anniversary in April of 2020.

Certainly, they have been through quite a bit together in the short time they have known each other.

What’s Their Relationship Like?

Collin and Katherine have a lot in common, and their one main love, golf, helps them stay connected.

Golf is a very time-consuming sport, and it is important for players to have a partner that understands this.

Not only does Katherine understand the time commitment, she knows what it is like to play under pressure.

Collin and Katherine like to research new places to eat, and they travel quite a bit. While traveling together, they try to find unique local restaurants and enjoy them together.

These two have a very natural connection, and the similar personalities and interests certainly help maintain their relationship’s strength.

With the fame that has come Collins way this year, he has not wavered in his appreciation for Katherine.

In fact, he considers her his good luck charm.

He is always saying that he wouldn’t have made it where he is in golf without her help and support.

Do They Play Golf Together?

Yes, Collin and Katherine enjoy playing golf together. With his career, they will have a hard time seeing each other unless they are out on the course together.

Zhu understands the commitment and the level of focus that Collin needs. She knows when a round of golf can be fun and when he needs to turn things on.

Interestingly they play matches against each other to keep things competitive on the course.

Katherine Zhu Wiki & Early life

Katherine Zhu grew up in British Columbia.

Not much is mentioned about her mother or any siblings, but her father is a successful entrepreneur and tennis player.

As a young child, she was introduced to many sports and activities.

In her early teen years, she decided golf was one of the things that she enjoyed doing the most.

She started getting serious about the game and putting the time in to become a college golfer.

To be recruited by Pepperdine takes a solid golf resume.

Where’d She go to College?

Pepperdine University

Who Are Her Parents?

Not all that much is known about Zhu’s parents, except for her father. Her father, Mike Zhu, was a championship tennis player at Beijing Sport University.

He provided his daughter with ample opportunity to grow her golf career.

Clearly, he instilled some good characteristics in Katherine when it comes to her dedication to both golf and school.

What’s Her Height?


Katherine Zhu Net Worth (Less Than $1 Million)

Not too much is known about the net worth of Katherine Zhu. It is estimated that it is around $800,000, but this number could be changing daily.

Is Katherine Zhu in the LPGA?

Katherine Zhu is not in the LPGA. She has not really said if her goals are to take her game to the professional level. She still remains an amateur golfer.

The LPGA tour is exceptionally competitive, and although Zhu’s scoring average in college is solid, it may not be what is required on the LPGA Tour.

At this point, it seems as though Zhu is satisfied helping Collin grow his career, and at some point, maybe he will help her take her game to the LPGA Tour.

Zhu is an excellent student and smart person; chances are she will have a very successful career of her own at some point.

What Was Amateur Career Like?

Zhu was a good amateur golfer even before she decided golf was going to be her thing. She won 16 junior tournaments, including some bigger ones like the 2013 Jack Nicklaus Junior Championship.

She also played in the 2014 World Ladies Championship. At Pepperdine, her scoring average was 76.5, and she played in almost all events her junior and senior year.

Is Katherine Zhu A Model?

Katherine Zhu is not currently a model, but she has quite a few Instagram followers. She has lots of opportunities to take her career in a number of different directions.

Katherine Zhu On Instagram

Katherine Zhu has an Instagram account with more than forty thousand followers. She posts pictures of travel, golfing around the world, and lots of time she spends on the beach as well.

Her account will sometimes feature a picture of her and Collin. She does not post all that often, but she certainly has a strong following and gets lots of attention when she does share parts of her life.

What Does Katherine And Colin’s Future Look Like?

Katherine and Collin have the world at their fingertips. They are both educated and talented people that are going to come across quite a bit of success in their future.

It looks like, for now, Collin is going to lead the way in his golf career, and Katherine will be there to support.

This year is going to be a big one for him as he has undoubtedly grown his golf career and taken it to new levels.

t will be quite interesting to see where these two wind up, but for now, their relationship has been going strong for four years.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you have a better understanding of the Katherine Zhu and how she has gained so much attention this year.

Katherine is an impressive young person, and it is not just because she is dating Collin. If you have not seen her golf swing, it is certainly worth taking a look; we could all learn a thing or two from her tempo and extension!