Jena Sims Net Worth 2021, Bio, Wiki, Brooks Koepkas Girlfriend

Brooks Koepkas is a world-famous golf player and puts his full focus on winning championships. He is one of the most prolific golfers in the industry but now he’s gotten even more recognition thanks to his famous girlfriend, Jena Sims.

Sims is a stunning 31-year-old actress worth $3 million that travels with Brooks Koepka around the world while he tours for his championships.

Today’s article will highlight all the fun facts you didn’t know about Jena. Keep reading to find out more.

Who Is Brooks Koepka

Brooks Koepkas is an American professional golfer on the PGA Tour.

He was born on May 3 1990 in West Palm Beach Florida to Bob Koepkas and Denise Jakows.

He also went to Florida State University. Koepkas became World Number One in October 2018 after winning the CJ Cup.

Introducing Jena Sims

Jena Michelle Sims is an American actress who has appeared in many films namely Sharknado 5 and Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader.

She was also Miss Georgia Teen in 2007.  What’s more, the famous actress is a philanthropist.

Jena Sims Quick Facts Table

Date of birth

December 30, 1988



Place of birth

Winder Georgia, USA


Actress, Model

Net Worth

$3 Million



Number of films


Hair color


Eye color


Jena Sims Interesting Fact

Did you know that Jena Sims is a major Instagramer? And she’s excellent at it too. The actress has more than 183,000 followers on her account.

The account is not private so you get to follow Sims on her life’s journeys and see some professional photographs of the actress.

Additionally, Jena has her own charity called Pageant of Home and she’s incredibly devoted to her cause. It’s a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage children facing challenges and to celebrate their inner beauty.

Another interesting fact about Sims is that she shares the same birthday as Tiger Woods although she was born 13 years after the famous golfer.

Are Brooks Koepkas and Jena Sims married?

Brooks and Jena haven’t tied the knot yet but they have been in a serious relationship for more than three years.

They travel together and they have a strong and stable relationship.

Golfers and actresses are quite busy so eloping will probably only happen when the couple is ready to settle down.

How Did They Meet?

Jena met Brooks in 2015 at the Masters on the 7th hole but the actress doesn’t recall what happened on the day.

On the other hand, Brooks remembers the day perfectly from what Jena was wearing to the conversations they had.

Does She Appear On Tour?

Luckily, actresses aren’t held down by office jobs so Jena gets to travel with Brooks as much as she can. She gushes over Brooks and stays that she enjoys watching him play golf because he is so talented.

The actress also enjoys sitting amongst spectators to hear what they have to say about her famous golfer boyfriend. What’s more, Sims enjoyed watching golf even before she met Brooks. She started watching golf when she was a young girl.

Have The Pair Made Headlines?

The couple first made headlines in 2017 at the US Open when she stood next to Brooks when he received a trophy for winning his first major tournament.

But at the time she was misidentified as Becky Edwards who was a previous soccer player that Brooks dated before he met Jena.

But the famous couple is always making sports headlines especially with their comical Instagram pictures during the golfer’s PGA Tours.

Jena Sims Early Life Bio

Jena Sims was born on December 30, 1988, in Georgia US. She went to Winder-Barrow High School.

In 2004 Jena became Miss Georgia Junior National Teenager and won the title of Miss Junior National Teenager a year later.

The actress and social media star attended Belmont University in Nashville briefly and she studied Business Management.

What’s Her Net Worth ($3 Million)

Jena Sim’s net worth is a whopping $3 million. 

She made her money through her acting, celebrity sponsorships and her amazing home in the Bahamas.

Brooks, on the other hand, has a net worth of $18 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What Does Jena Sims Do For A Living?

Besides acting in film and TV shows, Sims runs a non-profit organization that plans children’s beauty pageants. These children suffer from cancer and other types of disadvantages.

On the Pageant of Hope website, the mission statement says that the organization aims to raise awareness for disadvantaged youth. Pageants are organized for girls who have special needs to increase their confidence.

Jena’s Successes?

Jena Sims was a pageant star before she became an actress. In 2007 she won the Miss Georgia Teen USA title.

Furthermore, her Pageant of Hope has won 10 National Community Service Awards from all over the world.

How Tall Is She?

To be a pageant model you have to have some height and Jena is definitely not lacking in tallness.

Sims is 5’8’’ in height which is quite tall for a female. She’s slender and you can see she takes care of her health.

Can She Play Golf, What’s Her Swing Like?

Jena has stated in previous interviews that her father plays golf and she can too.

But she also said that Brooks should give her proper lessons on the sport before she can play a full 18.

Surprisingly, even though Jena loves the game of golf and Brooks is a golfer the couple hardly talk about the game.

This is because Brooks trains hard for his tournaments and the couple both have busy lifestyles. So when they do settle down together for the evening, they’ll watch TV or go out to dinner.

Jena Sims On Instagram

Jena Sims is an avid Instagramer and she’s always posting stunning pictures either by the swimming pool or when she’s on holiday. The actress also loves to post pictures with the children from her charity.

If you enjoy celebrity fashion then you’ll love Jena’s Instagram posts. She always posts pictures of her outfits before going out on a date or going to an event.

Jena’s Instagram handle is @jenamsims. Before you follow the actress make sure there’s a blue tick next to her name. This shows that her Instagram profile is certified. When you visit her profile you’ll also see a link to the Pageant of Hope website as well as a short bio about the actress.

Jena Sims And Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods and Brook Koepkas are friends so it’s only natural that Jena would be friends with the famous golfer too.

But two months ago Jena and Brooks spent time on Instagram stories to answer their fans pressing questions about the way Sims was looking at Tiger during a meeting.

The actress is not shy to admit that she finds Tiger Woods mesmerizing.

But fans wanted to know what Brooks thought of all the looks Tiger was getting from his girlfriend.

Koepkas simply laughed it off and didn’t find that there was anything to be worried about.

Jena Sims in The Bahamas

Here’s another interesting fact about Jena Sims. She owns a house in the Bahamas! That’s right, the stunning starlet rents her holiday home out to people visiting Exuma for a vacation.

The home is named Beach Blanket and it’s a 2600 square foot house that offers the following:

  • Three and a half bathrooms
  • Four bedrooms
  • Three outdoor seating areas
  • Fully furnished rooms

Beach Blanket is located on Sandy Lane and is only 200ft away from the beautiful ocean. This vacation destination is perfect for large families that want to spend more time on the beach during their holidays.

The vacation home has many positive reviews from people who’ve stayed there before. So if you want to experience staying in a celebrity home, then perhaps you’ll love staying at Beach Blanket.

Who Has Jena Acted With?

Even though Jena hasn’t acted in major blockbuster movies she’s still worked alongside many famous actors. She’s worked with Morgan Freeman, Jeremy Renner and even Robert De Niro.

She appeared in a TV series called Entourage and she was the lead actress in Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader.

Sims also appeared in the horror-comedy Sharknado 5 and in Kill the Messenger as Quail’s Girlfriend.

Other films she’s appeared in are American Beach House and Last Vegas.

Many fans enjoyed Jena’s performance in her movies even though some of them are B-grade films.


We hope you got all the information you were looking for about Jena Sims in today’s celebrity Bio. If you’re not sure who the famous actress is then consider watching some of her films or follow her on her Instagram account.

You can also visit Jena’s Pageant of Hope website to see how you can assist her organization. But if you’re an avid golfer perhaps you’ll see Jena during one of Brook’s games. She tours with him often so you may see her among the spectators.

What do you think about Jena and Brook’s relationship? Are you a fan of Brooks or Jena? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.