Jack Nicklaus Net Worth 2021 – Bio, Career Facts, Wife, Kids, Course Designer, Business

A professional golfer who has embodied the meaning of consistency and ‘quality over quantity’ is retired golfing legend, Jack Nicklaus.

With a net worth in excess of $350 Million, 18 major wins and 73 PGA Tour victories under his belt, Jack Nicklaus (aka, The Golden Bear) is esteemed as the best and most intuitive golfer alive today.


Who Is Jack Nicklaus?

His wise and strategic selection of golf championship competitions steered Jack Nicklaus toward the more prestigious golfing tournaments between the 1960’s and the year 2000.

During this time, Nicklaus has made an immense amount of money as a professional golfer.

In addition to his monetary success, Jack Nicklaus has also acquired a massive fanbase.

His extra-golfing involvements include charity events, business ventures, authoring, and a successful business partnership with Howard Milstein.

As a passionate golfer, The Golden Bear has always strived to enhance golf for those who love the game as much as he does.

Most of his business ventures have stemmed from this passion, but there is so much more to the Golden Bear when it comes to his education and his skillset.


Jack Nicklaus – Quick Facts Table

Date of birth

21 January 1940

Marital status


Birth place

Ohio, USA

Net worth

$320 million


Professional Golfer & Businessman, Course Designer

PGA Tour Wins


Major Wins









Jack Nicklaus’ Net Worth

Contrary to what some think, the bulk of Nicklaus’ earnings were not derived from his various golfing money prizes.

His astute sense of business and passion for various industries have catapulted the former professional golf player into a life of success that most other golfing professionals can only wink at.

The current net worth of Jack Nicklaus is $320 million, which speaks to his lifetime earnings of approximately $1.15 billion.

According to Deemples, Jack Nicklaus is one of the 10 wealthiest golfers in the world, with a current worldwide placement of 5th.


Family Life

In July of 2020, Jack celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary with his wife, Barbara.

Of their five children, the most well-known among golf enthusiasts is Gary Nicklaus, who also took up golf as a professional sport and has made a name for himself in the PGA.

At 81 years old, the Golden Bear enjoys the delight of 22 grandchildren. Referring to the thousands of children he has helped through charity contributions, according to his Twitter feed, Jack also considers tens of thousands of other children as his and Barbara’s extended family.


Golf Course Design

According to Nicklaus.com, Nicklaus Design has created more than 420 golf courses across the globe.

Many of these have been listed by Golf Digest as some of the best golf courses in the world. Included in these are courses in Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland and even the Cayman Islands.

The notorious Golden Bear’s first golf course in Harbour Town was opened for playing in 1969, and his latest course will be opened at the Wood River Country Club in 2022.

Golf course design has played a massive part in Jack Nicklaus’ increasing net worth. It seems there is no stopping this passionate man in his pursuit to fill the globe with more high quality golf courses.

He is now the leading name in golf course design with over 420 courses associated with him—and more than 40 currently in the process of being designed.

With this number, The Golden Bear has designed more golf courses than anyone else in history.


Business Ventures

Before Jack Nicklaus decided to take up golf as a profession, he studied in the field of pharmacy for three years before changing his college career path to that of insurance.

Although he was never required to go into any of these fields due to the success of his golfing career, Nicklaus has displayed a strong business sense and work ethic since retiring from golf in 2005.

He has been involved in numerous business ventures such as:

  • Golf instructional books and videos
  • Golf video game consultation
  • Real Estate
  • The beverage industry in Arizona
  • Golf course design

Jack’s business partner, Howard Milstein, is the CEO of Emigrant Savings Bank, and has had a hand in working with the former professional golfer to build an empire.

Howard has been vocal about the importance of carrying on Jack’s legacy—and has so far proved this to be a major goal of his.

Milstein has also played a large part in joining The Golden Bear in giving back to their communities through charitable contributions and initiatives.


Let’s take a look at the most notable of these contributions:


Charity Contributions

The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is one of the largest differences made by Jack Nicklaus and his partners.

The hospital is situated in Miami, Florida and contains over 280 staffed beds. Jack is particularly passionate about making specialized pediatric care accessible to children who would otherwise not have it.

What started out as an all-access children’s facility for kids who suffered from polio in the early twenties, the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is now one of the most specialized pediatric centres in the southern parts of the US.

In addition to Jack’s contribution to healthcare in America, he and his wife Barbara also donated a whopping $60 million to the Miami Children’s Health System in 2015.

This donation made headlines and has become one of the generous deeds most notably associated with the Nicklaus family.

It’s always nice to hear how someone on whom so many have focused for his golfing ability, has chosen to focus on others who need help.


The Secret To The Golden Bear’s Golfing Success

One can’t help but wonder if Jack Nicklaus used the same playing style while playing golf as he did while doing life.

If we look at his style of playing golf, we get some insight into how Jack approached life when it came to business—which might tell us how he ended up as such a success.

One characteristic we see is that during the golf championships he played, Jack Nicklaus displayed a great deal of CONSISTENCY.

According to Wikipedia, Nicklaus is recorded as one of the most consistent long and straight hitters during the PGA tour.

He may not have won every hole, but because of his consistency when playing, he regularly beat his opponents.

Nicklaus showed the same measure of consistency during his business ventures. Although he switched majors during college, he still maintained a love for medicine.

His involvement in the medical industry shows his passion for helping others—especially underprivileged children.

Another element noticeable in Jack’s golf game was that he regularly held back on making powerful shots of distance in order to maintain a strategic turn on difficult courses.

This resulted in a particularly good management of every golf course he played during championship games.



In life, Jack also showed a propensity to strategic business and general life decisions.

Sticking to what he was good and passionate about, Jack spent most of his time focusing on golf; teaching others to get better at it, learning more about it, designing courses to play it on, and even writing books on the game.

It seems that this accomplished man is always moving forward—on the golf course, in life and in business. So, if you learn anything more about what Jack Nicklaus is up to these days, let us know!