Is the Ping G5 Driver Still Good? Is it Forgiving for High Handicappers? 

ping g5 driver

 “By 2022 standards, the Ping G5 driver is a fairly average, middle of the road type game-improvement driver. However, that in no way means that it is not still a viable play for high handicappers.”  

The Ping G5 driver was introduced to supplant the very popular G2 driver. And when we picked one up again to test it in 2022, we found that many of the design elements from the G2 are present in the G5.   

You can sort of look at the Ping G5 driver as an upgraded version of the G2; but the spirit is still very much intact. Without getting too much into detail too early, the Ping G5 still provides impressive distance and a solid feel.  

But how is it on forgiveness? Take a look at what we found out about the Ping G5 after thorough range testing. 

Is the Ping G5 Driver Still Good? 

“The features of the Ping G5 are pretty basic but they also reflect more modern game-improvement driver trends.”  

For example, these days you still see a lot of game-improvement drivers that emphasize low weight and high MOI. The problem is that light materials are usually prone to twisting which lowers MOI.   

The Ping G5 driver, like many modern drivers, features a titanium club head. Titanium is lightweight, strong and resistant to twisting on impact. This keeps the MOI high. The Ping G5 came out in 2005 so it’s now 17 years old.   

But from our testing, it keeps up with modern drivers in terms of distance. The average drive distance for our testers was 226.7 yards after 3 swings. Keep in mind that the fastest swing speed in our test group is 101 mph.   

So this driver plays long and the distance alone is enough to make it a good choice for high handicappers in 2022.  

Is it Forgiving for High Handicappers? 

ping g5 driver1

 “Unlike the G2 driver, the Ping G5 has a lower CG thanks to internal weighting that has been moved away from the crown and the face.” 

Again, a feature that is very common in modern game-improvement drivers. But more importantly, the rear/low internal weighting does a lot to increase the forgiveness of this driver.   

We would advise players to tee the ball slightly upward because the sweet spot sits just above the driver face; but if you can remember this little tip, you should have no problem smashing the ball down the fairway.   

The offset is moderate so it has a good look at address. The face has also been milled to varying thicknesses so you get more ball speed when you miss the sweet spot. This is a 460cc driver and the profile of the head is pretty substantial.   

Behind the ball, it looks very forgiving. When you hit the sweet spot, you are rewarded with a very satisfying “tink” that lets you know you nailed the ball. While it lacks adjustability features like a sliding weight and loft sleeve, overall the Ping G5 was very easy to hit. 

Ping G5 Vs Ping G410 Plus  

“The  Ping G410 Plus driver features a sliding rear weight, adjustable hosel and a forged face.”  

The G410 Plus is pretty much the antithesis of the Ping G5 driver: it is packed with adjustability features and there is almost nothing basic about the design. We especially liked the weight that can be slid into the draw, neutral or fade positions.   

This will help compensate for a wide array of swing tendencies. However, the G410 has one fatal flaw when it comes to forgiveness: it has a compact 455cc head. Our high handicap testers unanimously voted the Ping G5 driver as more forgiving based on head size alone.  

Ping G5 First Impressions 


 “The Ping G5 first struck us as a basic albeit clean-looking driver.” 

There isn’t a lot going on with the head. It has a nice half-moon alignment marker that is highly visible on your downswing which we liked immediately. And as we played it more, we came to appreciate the lack of distracting features.  

The Ping G5 driver is also very affordable in 2022 which we like for beginners and high handicappers.  

Ping G5 Selling Points 

  • 460cc head 
  • Half-moon alignment marker 
  • Titanium construction 
  • Milled face 
  • Variable face thickness 
  • Metallic black crown 
  • Low/rear internal weighting 

Ping G5 Key Features 

“The Ping G5 is loaded with essential forgiveness features.” 

Half-Moon Alignment Marker: The half-moon alignment marker plays off the metallic black finish of the crown to promote high-visibility.   

Internal Weighting: The weight has been shifted towards the sole and away from the face to promote higher launch and forgiveness.  

Variable Face Thickness: This feature gives you more ball speed when you hit closer to the perimeter of the face.  

What Handicap is it for? 

“The Ping G5 would be great for 19-25 handicaps.” 

The workability is minimal but forgiveness and distance are high so it would be great for high handicappers. 

Ping G5 Options 

  • GrafAlloy ProLaunch Blue graphite shaft 
  • Aldila NV 65 graphite shaft 
  • 7.5 degree loft 
  • 10.5 degree loft 
  • 9 degree loft 
  • High launch model available 
  • Offset model available 

Who Should Buy the Ping G5 Driver? 

ping g5 driver2

“The Ping G5 driver would be great whether you are a beginner or on the cusp of breaking 100.”  

The distance alone will make it a valuable asset in pretty much anyone’s bag. While mid and low handicappers will have trouble with the lack of workability, the Ping G5 is still an amazing distance driver.   

The carry distances we were getting were simply amazing and the forgiveness puts it right up there with modern game-improvement drivers. The bottom line is that the Ping G5 driver will instantly add at least 5 yards to your drive. 

For that reason it would be a great choice for absolutely anyone who needs to prioritize more yardage from the tee.  

Distance: 98/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel & Control: 95/100 

Value: 98/100

Overall Score: 98/100

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