Is the Ping G25 Driver Still Good? Is it Forgiving for High Handicappers?

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“The Ping G25 driver is a classic as far as we’re concerned. As with all Ping drivers, the value really lies in the performance.”

Still, it begs the question, ‘who does the Ping G25 perform best for exactly?’ This was a question we wanted to answer for our readers so we went out and tested the Ping G25 driver once again – much to the delight of our team.

The Ping G25 driver sort of set the benchmark for subsequent Ping drivers as is evident in the technology that was used to make the Ping G25 driver, and is still used in more recent Ping drivers.

The Ping G25 debuted back in 2013 so it definitely doesn’t qualify for relic status. But should your hard-earned golf gear dollars be going toward a more beneficial driver? Let’s discuss it in the following review.

Is the Ping G25 Driver Still Good?

“While there are certainly higher-performing drivers in Ping’s repertoire, the Ping G25 is definitely still a good driver for high handicappers.”

These days, you can choose from a variety of Ping drivers that have 455cc heads that certainly look more compact at address. But let’s face it, who is really checking for these kinds of drivers apart from scratch players.

When you look down at the Ping G25 driver, you see a club with a pronounced footprint. In fact, the Ping G25 looks even larger than the Ping G20 driver which is already saying quite a bit.

The Ping G25 also has an awesome-looking matte black crown finish which helps minimize glare and gives it a very unique and attractive look. The Ping G25 driver feels lightweight in the hands thanks in part to the ultra-thin crown construction.

The Ping G25 driver also has a slightly deeper face than the Ping G20 driver so you get a lot of vertical sweet spot to work with. That all being said, the  Ping G25 generally won’t play as long as more recent Ping drivers with forged titanium faces.

But as far as looks, durability and forgiveness go, the Ping G25 is definitely still a good driver for high handicappers.

Is the Ping G25 Driver Forgiving for High Handicappers?

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“Yes. Absolutely. In fact, one of the strongest suits of the Ping G25 driver is its forgiveness factor.”

After our testing which was marked by high-arcing shots one after another, our testers mentioned that the Ping G25 driver was very easy to hit with.

We even intentionally mis-hit with the Ping G25 driver more than we do with other drivers just to make sure we were seeing correctly.

Only on extreme heelside shots will you see any significant ball speed decrease or hook. Ball flight remained straight so long as you put half your effort into your swing. Spin rates were kept low as well which helped with distance.

In general though, distance wasn’t overwhelming. Our testers averaged a distance of 197 yards with the Ping G25 driver. The main problem seemed to be a quick drop-off in ball speed soon after impact.

We may be able to attribute this to having the hosel set up the wrong way; but keep in mind that it can only be adjusted 0.5 degrees up or down. It may also be the way the club head sits.

Our testers mentioned that the Ping G25 driver looks open behind the ball so it could be that it also stayed open at impact.

Still, 197 yards is nothing to balk at if you are a high handicapper. The forgiveness is really where it’s at with this driver though.

Ping G25 Vs Ping G410 Driver

“The Ping G410 driver has a 450cc head and a forged titanium face insert.”

You can’t beat the feel of the forged titanium and the smaller club head makes the G410 much more workable. However, this won’t appeal to the average high handicapper. The G410 also has an adjustable weight and our testers noticed better swing speed though.

More often than not, this led to better distance than the Ping G25 driver. So if your accuracy is pretty good and you want more distance, the G410 would be the way to go. Otherwise, the Ping G25 is more valuable in terms of forgiveness.

Ping G25 First Impressions

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“The Ping G25 inspires confidence at first glance.”

It has a nice, big footprint, the face is nice and deep and even the matte crown looks great at address. It looks forgiving at first glance and more importantly, it really is forgiving.

Ping G25 Selling Points

  • Ti 8-1-1 crown
  • Matte black crown finish
  • Variable face thickness
  • High MOI
  • Low CG
  • Back weighted stock shaft

Ping G25 Key Features

“The features of the Ping G25 effectively bridge the gap between past and present.”

VFT: Variable face thickness allows more power to be placed behind the sweet spot and more ball speed to be preserved around the perimeter.

8-1-1 Crown: This is a very thin and light titanium alloy that helps save weight and increase swing speed.

Low CG: The low CG is what allows the Ping G25 driver to produce towering shots with ease.

What Handicap is it for?

“It would be great for mid to high handicappers.”

The Ping G25 would fit well with mid handicappers with a slightly faster swing speed and high handicappers who need more forgiveness.”

Ping G25 Options

  • Ping TFC i89D shaft
  • Ping Tour graphite shaft
  • GrafAlloy ProLaunch graphite shaft
  • Alta CB 55 graphite shaft
  • 8.5 degree
  • 9.5 degree
  • 10.5 degree

Who Should Buy the Ping G25 Driver?

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“Anyone who plans to stick with the game long-term.”

Aside from being a great driver for players seeking excellent forgiveness, the Ping G25 driver would be a solid choice for anyone looking to invest in a driver that will stay valuable for a long time. It’s durable and will provide what you need as your game improves.

Distance: 93/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel & Control: 96/100

Value: 96/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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