Is the Callaway Hyper X Driver Still Good? Is it Forgiving for High Handicappers? 

Callaway Hyper X Driver

“The Callaway Hyper X seems like a distant memory for most of us but it may just have what you need if you are a high handicapper.” 

The great thing about golf clubs is that new ones come out every year. This decreases the price of older models by a significant margin. And as one of our readers, you probably already know how expensive golf gear can be.   

So if you are looking for a new driver on a budget but still want one that will be high handicap-friendly, you may want to check out the Callaway Hyper X. These days you can get it for well under $100.  

But does the low sticker price indicate poor quality? Does the Callaway Hyper X have anything to offer high handicappers in 2023? We tested it to find out.  

Is the Callaway Hyper X Driver Still Good? 

“The Callaway Hyper X driver is an all-titanium driver.”  

The build of this driver alone makes it worth a look for high handicappers. Titanium is a high-strength low-weight material that provides very high MOI.

MOI indicates how much a metal will bend and twist when it makes contact with an object.  

The higher the MOI, the straighter your shots will fly because the head remains stabler. The Callaway Hyper X driver provides high MOI which means more accuracy on your drives.   

It also has a 460cc head. The good thing about the size of this driver though is not that it is 460cc; but that it’s a 460cc driver that doesn’t really look the part. It’s large, but at address it looks manageable – not at all too bulky.   

This has a lot to do with how the Callaway Hyper X head was shaped. Instead of stretching the head out laterally, Callaway emphasized a deeper face profile.

This not only makes it look more discreet at address; it also increases forgiveness on low-face shots.   

And at well under $100, you can’t go wrong if you’re a high handicapper. While the Callaway Hyper X will have almost no appeal to low handicappers, the price makes it an excellent choice for high handicappers seeking more forgiveness. 

Is the Callaway Hyper X Forgiving for High Handicappers? 

Callaway Hyper X Driver3

“The Callaway Hyper X features what Callaway calls Hyperbolic Face Technology.”  

Basically, what this means is that Callaway imparted the interior walls of the driver head with a parabolic shape. This has a significant effect on the thickness of the walls which in turn, spreads the impact area to more sectors of the face.   

It’s basically a method of weight savings that affects how large the sweet spot is. It also allows for more efficient transfer of swing energy to the ball. The result is faster ball speeds even if your swing speed isn’t very fast.   

So right off the bat, the Callaway Hyper X is forgiving for high handicappers with low to moderate swing speeds. For example, one of our testers with an average swing speed of 179 mph was able to generate a max ball speed of 146 mph – very impressive.   

The average distance for our testing team after 3 swings apiece was 223 yards – also very impressive considering the fact that most of our testing party is made up of high handicappers.  

Callaway Hyper X Vs Callaway Big Bertha B21  

“The Callaway Big Bertha driver features internal draw bias and forward-positioned weighting.”  

Usually with game-improvement drivers, you get low/rear weighting. But that doesn’t do much to reduce spin off the tee. The Callaway Big Bertha driver has forward weighting which eliminates a lot of long-game ball spin.   

Club head speed with the Callaway Big Bertha was slower than with the Callaway Hyper X; but the distance was comparable. The Big Bertha produced an average of 227 yards after 3 swings apiece so it actually played a bit longer than the Callaway Hyper X. 

Callaway Hyper X First Impressions 

Callaway Hyper X Driver2

“We were a bit concerned about the sole of the Callaway Hyper X driver as it had a somewhat flat shape with an odd divot.”  

This seemed like a clunky feature and to be honest, we’re not sure what Callaway was trying to accomplish with a sole like this.

But it didn’t seem to hinder performance at all. In fact, some testers noted that the “X” design sole helped with alignment.  

Callaway Hyper X Selling Points 

  • All-titanium head design 
  • “X” design sole 
  • Deep face profile 
  • Truncated crown width 
  • Hyperbolic face technology 
  • Large hitting area 
  • 460cc head 

Callaway Hyper X Key Features 

“Most of the features of the Callaway Hyper X driver were included to promote faster ball speeds and forgiveness.”  

Hyperbolic Face Technology: This feature essentially thins out the club head walls to stretch the hitting area of the face.  

Titanium Club Head: This is one of Callaway’s all-titanium drivers. The material helps keep weight down while increasing MOI.  

Deep Face Profile: A deep face profile gives the appearance of a compact head while increasing forgiveness on low-face mis-hits.  

What Handicap is it for? 

“The Callaway Hyper X driver is definitely for high handicappers.” 

If you are in the handicap range of 20-25+ then you will get good use out of the Callaway Hyper X driver.  

Callaway Hyper X Options 

  • Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue graphite shaft 
  • Graphite Design graphite shaft 
  • UST Proforce 75 graphite shaft 
  • Aldila DVS graphite shaft 
  • Callaway Fujikura Fit-On E360 graphite shaft 
  • Standard model (face closed 1 degree) 
  • Tour model (face opened 0.5 degrees) 

Who Should Buy the Callaway Hyper X Driver? 

Callaway Hyper X Driver1

 “The Callaway Hyper X would be a solid choice for anyone looking to increase their ball speed. It would also be a good choice if you’re looking for a durable driver on a budget.”  

If carry distance is something that has been bringing your drives down, the Callaway Hyper X is an inexpensive means of remedying your situation.

It will also help keep more of your drives on-line which is good for any high handicapper. 

Distance: 95/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel & Control: 92/100 

Value: 94/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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