How To Increase Club Head Speed And Get More Distance

Every time any big golf brand comes out with a new driver they tell you how much further it will make you hit the ball. Whilst there is no doubt that technology has us hitting drives further than ever, could we be doing more for ourselves to increase yardage?

Learning to swing the club consistently faster will result in hitting it further. Consistency is important and you need to strike the ball well but when you get this right, more speed equals more distance. You can gain speed by using lighter clubs, by making your swing more efficient or by just learning to go faster. You can gain serious speed by doing more than one of those things. Take a leaf out of John Daly’s book, “grip it and rip it”.

Today I want to talk about clubhead speed and how it relates to distance. We will go through steps you can take to start swinging faster and gaining extra yards through your whole game. Read on to learn how to up your speed.

Chasing Bryson

There has been so much made of the ridiculous clubhead speeds that Bryson DeChambeau has been achieving on tour this year. Whilst watching the PGA Tour one Friday, I realised that he was quite comfortably swing his driver over 122 mph with a ball speed over 180 mph! I wanted to try.

I went to the driving range and, after a thorough warm-up of course, I started chasing those numbers to see what I could do. The very best I was able to achieve with very inconsistent results was 117 mph. Bryson swings it FAST!


What Is The Goal Of Increasing Clubhead Speed?

This is absolutely not just about pure speed at all costs, we need to be able to speed up our swing but we need to keep striking the ball well. Otherwise we will just be hitting lots of balls into danger with more speed and that’s not good for anyone except golf ball hunters.

So this pursuit is about the building of efficient and manageable speed to give us more control over our round, ie. how to create more speed yet keep control of your golf ball. Untamed speed is just a recipe for frustration so avoid this at all costs.


What Is The Difference Between Swinging Hard And Swinging Fast?

The last point above leads into this nicely, swinging hard implies trying to take the skin off the ball at impact rather than just developing a fast swing. One of the first signs that you are swinging too hard is that you struggle to keep your balance after impact, we have all seen someone do this.

Swinging fast means being able to produce great clubhead speed whilst swinging within the limits of your body. It is said that tour pros hit each shot at about 80-90% of their power, this is exactly the model we want to go for here. No one would say they swing it slow.

5 Tips And Ways To Increase Clubhead Speed

  1. Overspeed training

This has taken the golf world by storm and even Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have been seen giving overspeed training a go. Two main companies exist SuperSpeed and Swing Speed and both offer similar products.

This is essentially a way of training your body to control heavier “clubs” at higher speeds so that you can translate it to your golf swing. Overspeed can be quite an intensive and athletic programme so just make sure that your body is up to it before you commit.

  1. Weight training

Mcilroy Weight Training 5 Deadlift

It seems like the most obvious one but spending some time in the gym is the best way to develop your power. Fast swings require muscles to create power but they are also essential for stability. Golf training is very specific but good old-fashioned compound movements like squats really help.

Titleist have a golf athletics department, TPI, that put out loads of great content on golf fitness and this is a fantastic place to look and learn more. Here you will find tons of great content about golf fitness.

  1. Stay injury-free

It should go without saying but a huge part of golf fitness is staying healthy. If you have an injury then you are out of action and you are no use so you have to take care of yourself. This includes stretching properly and taking care of your body.

If you feel a niggle then you need to tone down the training a bit and go for a bit of recovery work. If you have access to one, saunas are a great way of recovering and sleep is vital too.

  1. Flexibility equals fast

Speed can be created in the golf swing through muscle power and through elastic power. Elasticity in your muscles can help you increase swing speed by creating a longer lever. One great way to help your flexibility is to create a regular stretching programme or even trying something like yoga.

Yoga goes beyond stretching and also helps you control your mood and your breathing. Try and find a programme you can stick to as consistency is far more important than anything else when it comes to improving flexibility.

  1. Get lessons

The fastest way to build speed is to improve your golf swing. By working with a qualified coach and finding inefficiencies in your swing you can correct them and benefit from the speed that creates. This can also help you strike the golf ball better.

Striking the ball better will lead to increased ball speed, whilst that may come without increased clubhead speed, it is still beneficial. Start with lessons and the other four tips can help you build speed on top of that platform.

Drills And Exercises For Creating Clubhead Speed

  1. Squats

Womens Squat 1

The squat is as classic an exercise as it is but there’s a reason it has been around for so long, it works. Squatting regularly is easy with body weight and then adding weight and helps build power through your glutes and legs whilst giving you’re a more stable foundation. Try it and please make sure to use proper technique, if it feels really easy then you’re probably not doing it correctly.

  1. Plank

This is another one that is great for strengthening your core and building stability in your golf swing. The plank is also a move that can help you prevent injuries especially in the back. Try and do this move for thirty seconds and build it up. Three rounds of whatever time you can manage is a good place to get started.

  1. Skipping

Skipping might seem like a strange one on this list, but bear with me, it’s not just a playground past time. Learning to skip keeps you light on your feet, helps develop your calves and also aids your hand eye coordination. Try building up how long you do this, practice makes perfect.

  1. Wood-chops

The abs specialise in stabilising your trunk and to help us when twisting, this is a reminder that sit-ups are a waste of time so ditch them if you haven’t already. Wood-chops involve moving weight in the transverse plane. This is a great move for developing core power and increasing speed.

  1. Medicine ball throws

Med Ball Slams

Medicine balls can be picked up from Amazon, the heavier weight can train you how to develop power. Throwing to the side, slamming to the ground, throwing them into the sky and just generally moving them around can all help you hit a golf ball further. Remember, consistency is key.

Common Mechanical Errors

Holding on too tight

Golf Swing Fitting

Sometimes when we try to swing harder, we tighten everything up. We get tense and we try to hit it harder, this can often limit your power. Tightening up to hit the ball harder makes everything stiffer.

You want to be loose, gripping the club lightly and relaxed. If you are relaxed you everything will be freer to work in better sequence and you will get more speed as a result. It’s counterintuitive in some respects but it works.

Turn out your lead toe

Something as simple as the position of your lead foot (left foot for right handers and vice versa) can restrict your movement. Many golfers set up to the ball with their feet parallel, this can really restrict your hips in the swing.

Turn the lead foot out around thirty degrees, this gives your hips more freedom to turn through the ball and create speed in your swing. The best players have very active hips that are almost finished rotation at impact, this foot move at address can help you get there.

Swinging with the arms

Many golfers try to swipe at the ball during the swing to make the club move as fast as possible. They try to “hit” the ball but this leads to all sorts of swing sequence errors which can slow you down.

One of the best tips I have ever heard is to “let the ball get in the way”. This means swing your swing, the ball isn’t going to move so don’t rush to it. A smooth swing driven by the big muscles in your body will create more speed than lashing at the ball with your arms.

Wrong clubs

The shaft is like the engine room of your clubs. If you have the wrong engine in your car it won’t be drive as efficiently as it could so if you have a shaft that is too whippy or too stiff, you will lose clubhead speed.

Getting fitted by a professional technician can help make sure that your clubs are as suited to you as possible and can help you gain serious speed. You don’t necessarily need to change clubs, a change in shaft can be enough to bring you extra speed.

The Three Best Speed Trainers On Amazon

Swing Speed Golf

I’ve already mentioned this but Swing Speed is a great training system to help you with some overspeed training. It will help you develop serious speed in your swing and make your “on-course swing” faster and more repeatable.

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Sports Sensors Golf Swing Speed Radar

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, this small speed radar can help you learn your speed and see if you are developing more of it. The instrument measures clubhead speed and tempo, the latter of which is a key factor in gaining speed.

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The Orange Whip

Speed comes from power and the efficient sequence of your swing. The Orange Whip is great for developing both at the same time. This heavy gadget clicks satisfyingly when you get your sequence right and create maximum power during your practice swings with it, it is one of the best training aids in golf right now.

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How Long Will It Take To Add 10 mph To My Swing Speed?

This one is going to depend on your starting point both in terms of golfing ability and fitness. For people willing to put in consistent and hard work, you can see big gains in speed over just a weeks. By spending time in the gym and getting lessons to improve your swing, gains in speed can be quick.

What Muscles Generate Swing Speed?

The hips are a huge part of the speed generation of the golf swing. The separation between your hips and your upper body really help bring lag into your swing which creates velocity. Your legs, in general, have a huge part to play as they drive into the ground and explode out in the kinetic chain to create power, think of how Rory McIlroy uses the ground to create speed.

What Is The Average Clubhead Speed For My Age?

In a great study done by the guys at TPI it is clear that age certainly has an effect on how fast you can swing a club. However, I really want you to take that with a pinch of salt because we can all get fitter and better no matter how old we are. Don’t be limited by your age, getting professional help both in fitness and golfing terms will allow you to create more clubhead speed.


The golf swing is a highly athletic move, people may argue that golf isn’t a sport but they are simply wrong. Working in the gym can help you develop the power and speed in your swing which will result in more distance if you can work that speed into your swing.

Start by seeing a pro about your swing and learning what swing flaws you need to work on. Then ask the pro what areas of your fitness could help you add more speed. Always remember, when you are working on your golf game or your fitness, consistency is key, keep chipping away at it and you will see results.