Hottest Golf Wives And Girlfriends 2021

We all know that golfers like to tee it high and let it fly, picking up some lucrative bank roll in the process and attracting some of the hottest women on the planet to share their lives with.

If you have made it this far to our article, this will probably not come as a surprise to you and in this article we will take a lot at the hottest wives and girlfriends on the PGA tour so that you know exactly who is who once the masters rolls around.

So Without further Adue, let’s Jump straight into the list with a banger.

Ricky Fowler & Alison Stokke

Alison Stokke is a real athlete in her own right, competing extensively as a pole vaulter in high school and college almost to a national level and she keeps herself in tip top shape year round.

Alison was so successful at Pole Vaulting that an infamous picture of her went mega viral when it ended up on a male sports blog and despite attempts from her solicitor father to get it taking down, the damage was already done, with the picture sweeping across the internet.

The new found celebrity had a profoundly negative impact on the young women who even feared for her safety.

She eventually got her life back on track, snagging charismatic golf star Rickie Fowler and the two were married in New York.

Alison is a big contender for hottest golf wife of 2020.

Dustin Johnson & Paulina Gretzky

Dustin Johnson is right at the top of our golfers who have earned the most on the PGA tour in the last 5 years list with consistent high finishes in almost every tournament he plays.

He has also down incredibly well in the wife department, bagging a 10/10 in Paulina Gretzky and if you think that name is slightly familiar from somewhere, it should be! She is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, the infamous Hockey and out of Dustins 25 professional wins, Paulina has to rank as number 1.

The two were married after several months of dating and have two sons.

Paulina has been successful in her own right across modelling and as a pop star. She boasts 100’s of thousands of online followers on Instagram and it is not too hard to see why.

The two have had their share of turbulent times but look to be rock solid right now.

Check Out Her Instagram here:

Brooks Koepka & Jena Sims

Brooks Koepka needs no introduction to golf fans around the world, winning 4 majors so far and he has got the knockout, smash hit girlfriend to match in Jena Sims.

Here is what we know about Jena Sims

She loves golf and has been with Brooks for 5 years since they met at the Masters in 2015.

She once competed in the Miss Georgia beauty pageant but failed to place and she went onto to become a successful model and actress.

She has starred in some dodgy movies including:

Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader &

Attack of the three headed shark.

The tv shows she has appeared in are more reputable with classics like Dexter and Entourage.

She has a huge following on Instagram and rarely let’s them down with an endless flow of raunchy pics that leave little to the imagination. Her Insta Faithful has already swelled to over 200k and she is well known to support good causes.

Check out her Instagram here:

Bryson DeChambeau & Sophia Phalen

Bryson has made all the headlines this year for a number of reasons:

  • Packing on a ton of muscle in lockdown and smashing hulk like drives
  • Using Same Length Irons
  • Having A Stunning Girlfriend In Sophia Phalen.

.Here’s what we know about Sophia Phalen thus far.

She graduated college with a degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition. For this reason she may be a big reason behind DeChambeau packing on all the muscle with a steady supply of Protein shakes and Steaks from Sophia

She is an Entrepreneur in here own right with a swimwear line aimed at large cups. No prizes for guessing where she got the idea from.

She is an part time Instagram model and full time 100lb pig owner (No, Not Bryson, a real pig)

Check out more of Sophia on her profile here:

Jon Rahm & Kelley Cahill

Jon ‘Rahmbo’ Ram has had a very good 2020 post lockdown with two tournament wins since getting back into action. The second most successful college golfer in history also has one of the hottest women in the game by his side as he aims to continue his recent run of good form into the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Here is what we know about Kelley Cahill So Far:

  • She was married to Jon Rahm in 2021 after the couple met in college and spent two years living together.
  • She is sporty in her own right, once competing in javelin in college and she also take on tennis and boxing for fitness.
  • Apart from this she is a full time Instagram star who supports her husband thoroughly although she was once very upset when he beat her at tennis.
  • She rarely disappoints her Instagram follow with a continues stream on raunchy posts.

Check Out Her Instagram Here:

Daniel Berger & Victoria Slater

Daniel Berger turned pro in 2013 and has had three tournament wins to date, including winning the Charles Schaub classic directly back from lock down to catapult him to his highest world ranking of 13th in September 2020.

Victoria Slater is his smoking hot girlfriend and she has been with him through thick and thin. Here is what we know about the couple:

  • Tori started out in the University of Kentucky but transferred to Florida to complete a degree in Business and marketing.
  • She has over 36,000 fans on Instagram and rarely disappoints them with her posts.
  • She currently is a real estate agent in Florida and in her spare time, supports her boyfriend, enjoys hot yoga, cycling, paddling and paddle boarding.
  • She was inside the ropes with Daniel at the 2017 US Masters and has even carried the bag for him on occasion.

Check Out Toris Instagram here:

Rory McIlroy & Erica Stoll

Rory McIlroy has been a top earner and one of the top names in golf for quite a while. He broke up with former fiancée Caroline Wozniaki before the pair were hitched in 2014 and met his wife Erica Stoll while she was working for the PGA.

As of writing, the pair had a baby girl, Poppy just yesterday in August 2020 and they have been happily married since an exclusive wedding in County Mayo in Ireland.

The pair met when McIlroy slept in ahead of the Ryder cup and Stoll, noticed he hadn’t left the hotel yet, arranged for him to be police escorted to the course, starting a friendship that later blossomed into love.

Despite being beautiful an intelligent, Erica is private about her personal life, her social accounts are all private and she gave up working for PGA America to follow her husbands career full time.

Ricky Barnes & Suzanne Stonebarger

Ricky Barnes turned pro in 2003, has had 1 professional win and had a highest world rank of 58 but this list wouldn’t be complete without his wife Suzanne Stonebarger.

Stinebarger is a professional Volleyball player, she graduated from Nevada Reno college before going pro at volleyball and her team mate is Michelle More.

She appeared on the NBC show Identity and currently lives in California.

Check Out Her Instagram Here:

Gary Woodlands & Gabby Granado

Gary Woodland has 4 PGA Tour wins to his name and is known as one of the biggest hitters on tour. It goes without saying that one of his biggest hits of his life was in wifeing Gaby Woodland, formerly known as Gabby Granado, who you might have guessed from the name is of Latin decent.

Here is what we know:

  • The pair tied the knot in 2016 and have had two sets of twins with one dying in Utero, leaving three healthy children to this day, including two twins girls.
  • Gabby is a business woman, who keeps herself busy managing her husbands career and taking care of the children.
  • She is Kansas native and holds a degree in Interior Design while her father is a famous business man.

Jordan Spieth & Annie Verret

Jordan Spieth won’t need any introduction to golf fans, a steady top 10 player for who has brought home 3 majors to date and hoping there is many more on the way.

Spieth’s wife, Annie Verret is an independent woman who also works in golf, helping young people to mature with the first tee of Dallas who mentor youth through golf.

The pair met in high school and have been together since, despite attending different colleges.

The pair tied the knot in 2018 and despite her stunning good looks, she remains private with only 100s of followers on social media.