Sexy Golf Star Holly Sonders – Bio, Hot Pics, Vegas Dave, Trump, Net Worth

Holly Sonders is well known in the golf world and has been involved from an early age, winning various different competitions at junior level and she still shoots at a handicap of around 3 meaning she’s a top level but not elite golfer.

Holly played a lot of golf in her youth including winning various tournaments throughout her college Years and knowing her peers what are amazing abilities. Unfortunate injuries stopped her from pursuing a career in professional golf and her future lied in journalism.

Holly Sonders Wiki Bio

Holly Sanders was born in Ohio, USA in March 1993 making her 33 years old at the time of writing. She is more known to the golf world for her journalistic and reporting accolades, she was co-host on the Golf Channel where she ended up marrying her co host Erik Kuselius and she also worked for the United States Golf Association as a host and reporter.

Holly Sonders College Golfing Awards

Holly started winning in golf events at the age of 14, taking home ma the American Junior Golf Association and UCT national championships. She went on to take the Michigan state College golf team to win the Big Ten championship in 2007 and competed in the NCAA  at both regional and championship level.

Holly Sonders Journalism

Holly went on to graduate with a majors from Michigan State University in journalism and she wasted no time setting off on a lucrative journalism career.

The Golf Channel

Holly Sonders enjoy the four-year run at the Golf Channel where she became an incredibly popular news reporter on the show the morning drive, and she then went on to work on “school of golf” and “playing lessons with the pros” before her time came to an end when she was offered a more lucrative deal with Fox which she took in 2014.

Is Sonders Still With Fox?

Holly Sonders is still with Fox although she does not cover golf anymore. Fox Show the US Open from 2015 to 2018 and the sport didn’t grow as well as they would have liked. Holly now covers college football and 18 holes which is a golf destination show.

She worked in the studio as well as doing live interviews but she shows the preference for working in the studio and bringing the best out of her co-host.

Speaking in an interview you she said:

“The golf at Fox just didn’t turn out to be what we thought it would be, we hoped we would get more PGA Tour rights, and it just didn’t end up happening. But I wanted to be in the studio and show my personality. It’s what I like to do, make people smile and think and bring the best out of my co-host. There’s nothing like walking out of a studio knowing you kicked ass. And then there are a million projects that are on the table that are more entertainment and fun, so I’m kind of in that world too, and that’s been really good.”

Holly Sonders Marriage To Erik Kuselius

Having started work with the Golf Channel in 2011 she married her co-host Erik Kuselius even though he was much older.

The marriage was not set the last and Eric was initially suspended as The Troubles start to to come to the fore and the pair would eventually be separated.

Holly Sonders & Kliff Kingsbury Relationship

Alexander’s went on to have a brief relationship with football coach kliff Kingsbury at the start of 2020 although the relationship was also not destined to last and the pair split up up-do different Vegas Steve to move in.

Holly Sonders And Vegas Dave Oancea

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Vegas Dave is a legend in the bedding scene in Vegas and he has been for the past 15 years. Is ability to predict longshot no money has made him one of the most renowned figures in Vegas to date.

He is now engaged to Holly Sonders and the pair have been happily together for the past year and a half and seem to be going strong at the time of writing.

The pair are still happily together, sharing their wild Vegas Adventures on Instagram and she has even given Vegas Dave golf lessons proving that a relationship is very serious. Let’s hope it’s serious enough to survive this quarantine.

Holly Sonders and Donald Trump

Holly Sanders and Donald Trump have good friends going back a number of years even before his presidential run.

Holly sported a USA flag bikini and the ice bucket challenge in 2014 for nominating a good friend Donald Trump, trump hilariously accepted the challenge you can check out the results here:

Sonders also had a visit to President Trump’s trump Tower two weeks before his decision to run in 2016 where she stated:

“Looking through pictures from 2014…And I can say I genuinely enjoy my time with @realdonaldtrump, Great office visit in NYC. I think he’s a very smart man (everyone has haters).”

Holly Saunders Net Worth

Holly Sonders has had a lucrative career in journalism with the Golf Channel and with Fox which has increased her net worth considerably and she’s also had numerous sponsorships and endorsements from the likes of Puma and plenty of others.

We estimate or net worth to be at around 10 million dollars give or take and this figure is open to interpretation.

Holly Sonders Golf Swing

Holly Sonders golf swing was enough to win her plenty of awards understanding is one of the best College golfers in the USA.

Check out her appearance on the swing clinic here:

Holly Sonders Instagram

Holly Sonders is one of the leading female golf figures on Instagram with over 500000 followers and she is particularly active posting plenty of sexual and golf related pictures to her adoring fans:

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Holly Sonders Plastic Surgery

There has been a lot said about Holly Sonders getting plastic surgery but the record has never been cleared publicly but all we can say is that whatever she’s done has worked as she’s been named the most beautiful woman in golf on more than one occasion.

Holly Sonders Workouts

It is obvious that works out giving her amazing physique and we have found some videos on YouTube of her doing lightweight conditioning work and she also does a lot of squats and body weight work as we can see from these personal workout videos released by golf digest.

Holly Sonders is an American patriot and a top influencer in the golf market, with a reach of over a million people on social media let’s hope she can inspire the next generation of female golfers to achieve greatness and reach their potential.