Hot Female Golfers In Swimsuits & Bikinis 2023

Natalie Gulbis

Natali Gulbis Key Stats

  • Country: California, USA

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro

  • Spouse: Josh Radarmel

Natali Gulbis Bio

Gabi Powel is a winner in the golfing world and smoking hot in a bikini,

This decorated LPGA tour player can trace her ancestry back to Latvia in Eastern Euopre and is an ace on the golf course.

Jessican Korda

Jessica Korda Key Stats

  • Country: Florida, USA

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro

  • Sister: Nelly Korda

Jessica Korda Bio

Jessica Korda is one half on the talented Korda sisters alonside Nelly who is also an accomplished golfer.

These two are LPGA tour golfers and sizzle when the hit the beach in their bikinis.

Lexi Thompson

Lexi Thompson Key Stats

  • Country: Florida, USA

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro

  • Fact: Youngest US Open Participant

Lexi Thompson Bio

Lexi Thompson is a talented professional golfer that happens to stun the fans in a bikini.

She turned professional at age 15 and competes at the very highest level.

Muni He

Muni He Key Stats

  • Country: China

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro – Hot Prospect

  • Boyfriend: Alex Albion

Muni He Bio

Muni He is a young golfer from China who a resident of the United States.

A smoking hot eastern dynamo that is drawing a large following with her attractive looks.

Blair O Neal

Blair O Neal Key Stats

  • Country: Illinois, USA

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro

  • Spouse: Jeff Keiser

Blair O Neal Bio

Blair O Neal is a pro golfer and media personality that is also extremely attractive in a bikini.

You can catch her modelling or on the Golf Channel when she isn’t playing the game herself.

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie Key Stats

  • Country: Hawaii, USA

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro

  • Spouse: Jonnie West

Michelle Wie Bio

Michelle Wie is of Asian descent as are many of the best female golfers and she is also smoking hot when she hits the course.

Michelle Wie looks great anytime we see her, but especially on the beach in her swimsuit.

Belen Mozo

Belen Mozo Key Stats

  • Country: Cadiz, Spain

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro

  • Fact: Retired Due To Injury

Belen Mozo Bio

Belen Mozo knows all about the sun, growing up in Sunny Cadiz.

Her golf career ended early due to injury but she looks amazing in her swimsuit.

Elise Lob

Elise Lob Key Stats

  • Country: California, USA

  • Golf Career: Golf Influencer & Media

  • Fact: Also A Model

Elise Lob Bio

Elise Lob is tall and attractive, which makes sense as she also a model.

Check these stunning pictures of the multi talented golf influencer.

Maria Verchenova

Maria Verchenova Key Stats

  • Country: Moscow, Russia

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro

  • Fact: First Russian To Play On European Tour

Maria Verchenova Bio

Maria Verchenova came from Russia, playing on both European and US Tours.

She is incredibly attractive as seen in the following images of the star.

Cheyenne Woods

Cheyenne Woods Key Stats

  • Country: Arizona, USA

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro

  • Fact: Tiger Woods Niece

Cheyenne Woods Golf

Cheyenne Woods Bio

Niece of the mega star, Tiger Woods, Cheyenne has taken on the professional golfing world.

She looks great and is set for big things in the game.

Katie Kearney

Katie Kearney Key Stats

  • Country:  USA

  • Golf Career: Media And Influencer

  • Fact: Competed In Miss USA

Katie Kearney Bio

Katie Kearney is a model and famous golf influencer.

She appears in multiple bikini shots and looks more beautiful in each one.

Kenzie O’Connell

Kenzie O’Connell Key Stats

  • Country: Nebraska, USA

  • Golf Career: LPGA Pro

  • Fact: Suffers With Epilepsy

Kenzie O’Connell Bio

Kenzie O’Connel is an extremely popular golfer and influencer.

She is also well know for her work to #endepilepsy. She also looks great on the course.

Tisha Alyn

Tisha Alyn Key Stats

  • Country: California, USA

  • Golf Career: Infleuncer

  • Fact: Has Come Out

Tisha Alyn Bio

Tisha Alyn is one of my personal favourite golf influencers on instagram. Showing plenty of fun video footage.

When Tisha wears a swimsuit, it is a pleasant sight for everybody in the audience.

Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac Key Stats

  • Country: Coolarado, USA

  • Golf Career: Infleuncer

  • Fact: Incredibly Popular On Social Media

Paige Spiranac Bio

Paige Spiranac has shot to super stardom in the golf world, on Tik Tok and Instagram in particular.

She also fits well in a bikini and has some excellent golfing skills.

Paige Spiranac

Hailey Rae Ostrom

Hailey Rae Ostrom Key Stats

  • Country: Oregan, USA

  • Golf Career: Influencer, Pro Golfer

  • Fact: Competed On Golf Channel’s Shotmakers

Hailey Rae Ostrom Bio

Hailey Rae Ostrom is the real deal, she is incredibly hot in a bikini and is also a budding professional golfer.

We look forward to seeing her progress in the coming years.

Lucy Robson

Lucy Robson Key Stats

  • Country: Britain

  • Golf Career: INfluencer

  • Factr: Lives In Florida

Lucy Robson Bio

Lucy Robson has an incredibly curvy figure and is a mega famous golf influencer from Britain.

Lucy is also stunning in a bikini.

Gabi Powell

Gabi Powell Key Stats

  • Country: USA

  • Golf Career: Influencer

  • Fact: Popular On Instagram

Gabi Powell Bio

Gabi Powel is a golfer and influencer that looks stunning in a bikini.