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Have you been looking for a reliable golf GPS to help you with your gameplay? The GolfBuddy Voice 2 is a device that’s compact and light in weight so you can carry it around the golf course with ease. It’s also an upgrade from the popular Golf Buddy Voice. The new and improved GolfBuddy 2 has all the features & easy to use functions of its predecessor but it comes with extra capabilities. One of the reasons why this golf GPS has a high rating is because of its simplicity and forgiving price tag. The last thing you want to be doing on the course is fidgeting with technology. That’s why GolfBuddy has made a point of making the user experience on their Voice 2 user-friendly. We bet you’ll love the features on this tiny but smart gadget.


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Features of the GolfBuddy 2 Golf GPS and Rangefinder Device

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On the older version of the GolfBuddy, you had to hold down the function button in order to display the yardages. The new and improved GolfBuddy Voice 2 displays the yardages on your screen so you can have a full view of the distances from the front, center and back of the green.

With the GolfBuddy Voice 2, it gives you a dynamic view of the green. Here you have the ability to change your measuring points to multiple positions on the map. The Golfbuddy Voice 2 GPS also gives you precise measurements on the distance of your shots.

Because the GolfBuddy Voice 2 has an audio feature, it will tell you the distance so you don’t have to keep looking at the device.

How Many Golf Courses Does it Feature?

The GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS and rangefinder device has a course capacity of 40,000. You can play anywhere in the world and save your courses onto your device effortlessly. The device also comes with preloaded courses that are available from all around the world.

Attachment Made Easy

The GolfBuddy Voice GPS unit comes with a small clip at the back so you can attach it to your belt, cap or bag. It also comes with a durable strap so you can wear it on your wrist like a watch. It’s quite a small device so wearing it as a watch as you play will be comfortable and sturdy.

What are the Dimensions?

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This tiny device has dimensions of 1.76″x1.76″x0.49″ and it weighs a mere 1.02oz. Having a small GPS unit is convenient for golfers because you don’t want any extra baggage weighing you down. As mentioned before the GolfBuddy is compact and easy to travel with.

Does it Come with An Application?

The GolfBuddy Voice 2 has an application you can download onto your SmartPhone. This is because the course library is always expanding. The app keeps you up to date with the latest course layouts.

GolfBuddy’s application is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices. Simply visit the GolfBuddy website or your specified app store to download the application onto your device.

Since your GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS is a Bluetooth device you can connect it to your app easily. You can update any of your courses on the go. With the application, you can also search golf courses that are near to you. The app has the following features:

  • Tracks your steps, calories you’ve burned and distance travelled
  • Use the app to find your GolfBuddy Voice 2 when you’ve misplaced it
  • You can control the volume and display of your GPS using the app

The Design of the GolfBuddy 2 GPS

GolfBuddy’s Voice 2 GPS unit and rangefinder is a small square device with a 1″ Mono LCD screen. The display is crystal clear so you can view your scores and distances with clarity. The on/off button is easily accessible as it’s displayed on the face of the device.

The volume buttons are situated on the side of the device so you can control the sound of the GPS’s voice.

This golf GPS device comes in colors of blue, pink and black. This is an excellent feature for any golfer who wants a stylish unit to wear on a cap or on your wrist.


  • Provides accurate distances
  • The courses are easy to update
  • It’s extremely user-friendly making it perfect for beginners
  • You can select from multiple languages
  • There are no additional fees when updating course information
  • It’s convenient to travel with


  • It doesn’t have a color screen
  • The voice on the GPS sounds mechanical
  • Sometimes fails to connect to the app
  • Might have some trouble using the GolfBuddy software on your PC

What are the Specs?

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The GolfBuddy Voice 2 has an audio feature that comes in several different languages. You can select the language of your preference easily using the settings menu. This GPS unit comes with auto course and hole recognition which makes it easy to navigate through the course.

You can select which measurement of distance to use as the GolfBuddy Voice 2 comes with yards and meters settings.

The device is tournament legal so you can use it when playing competitions. You also get 14 hours of battery life per charge so you don’t have to worry about the device dying when you’re playing.

Final Thoughts

The accuracy on the GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS and rangefinder device is one of the main benefits. So you can definitely rely on the distance measurements it gives you. It will be one of the most useful devices you can carry when you’re playing a game of golf.

GolfBuddy’s Voice 2 GPS device is something every golfer should have in his or her kit. So if you want reliable distance and course information get yourself the GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS rangefinder. It will eliminate the guesswork on your distances so you can have a more satisfying and relaxing game.

Get yourself a GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS device if you want to concentrate more on your technique and less on the distance & hazards around the course.

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