The Case For Golf Insurance – Benefits, Guide & What It Covers

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Any body that plays golf know that it is not a cheap game. The costs of memberships can be high and these may come with public liability while you are on the course but it will not cover the hefty price tags on all of your equipment. Trolley, clubs, bags, balls, golf watches, rangefinders and the list goes on and on.

If you are on the receiving end of theft, loss or damage, you could be left badly out of pocket and unable to replace the equipment for a considerable time. If you are travelling to play golf, the likelihood of you needing insurance is probably higher. Golf clubs are often targeting by thieves who understand the high value of the goods that may be unlocked in cars and if you hit someone’s car, it can cause thousands of euros worth of damage compared with a couple of hundred pounds per year for insurance.

Golf is also a dangerous game; it is not out of the question that you would have an accident or cause damage to property or even another person with a stray golf ball. By covering yourself with insurance, you can gain some peace of mind over the situation.

While third party golf insurance is not mandatory, it is up to each individual whether it makes sense for them or not. Read on to find out more about the benefits of Golf Insurance and whether it would be suitable for you.

What Will Golf Insurance Cover

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There are plenty of golf insurance policies out there for you to choose from and all offer slightly different options for cover. Check Out Our Best Golf Insurance Companies For More Info on the different plans.

Here are some of the items you can expect golf insurance to cover as standard.

Equipment Theft, Damage Or Loss

Equipment cover is one of the most likely items you are likely to see on a golf insurance policy and it is the first one most people think of.  There are plenty of others though that are also just as important if not more.

Injury To A Third Party

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We have seen in recent court cases that if you injure another person on the golf course, you may very well be expected to pay the medical bills and legal fees of the injured. You can imagine how easily this can up to a fortune and this is another key aspect of golf insurance.

In a recent case where the injured party lost his eye, the offended golfer had to pay a whopping $470,000 in damages.

Damage To Someone Else’s Property

It’s very easy to misplace a drive or over cook an iron especially when the stakes are high. If you are unlucky enough to hit someone’s car, you could cause thousands worth of damage and you more than likely will be liable for it. If you’re someone that plays a lot, insurance might be something worth thinking about.

Equipment Hire Costs

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If your golf equipment gets stolen or damaged and you have to hire new clubs and replacement equipment, that is going to be covered in your policy more than likely. Always check the individual plan to ensure that all of these items are included or check out our best list.

Personal Accident Or Disablement Cover

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If you have an injury on the course, it would be assuring to know that your insurance will cover any medical costs and maybe even loss of income resulting from the injury if you are out of work.

Any again it will depend on how often you play and how much you earn whether an insurance plan makes sense or not.

Hospital And Dental Cover

If you have an emergency where you need to stay in hospital, it may be paid on a per day basis by your insurance.  Subsequently, any dental injuries will have their fees covered, giving you peace of mind.

Membership and Tournament Fees

If you’ve forked out big bucks to play at a top course, become a member or sign up for a tournament are unable to play due to sickness or injury, many insurance policies will come with a reimbursement for any of the fees that you lost.

If you actually win a competition, your trophies may actually be covered as well but it’s always best to check with your plan provider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Insurance

Will my Golf Insurance Policy Cover Me If I Travel For Golf?

Each golf insurance package will offer different areas of cover. If you’re someone that likes to travel a lot for golf, then make sure you are covered while abroad should be a priority for you.

Typical options will include domestic, European and Worldwide. If you don’t travel for golf you may save some money by selecting a domestic only plan.

What Is Hole In One Insurance

When someone sinks a hole in golf, it can be a big deal and there are often ridiculous and costly prizes and traditions that come with it, like buying everyone in the bar a drink etc. Golf tournaments can also offer lavish prizes for hole in one competitions like free cars etc.

If you want to enjoy the hole in one and offset any potential costs, hole in one insurance is the one you need!

Does My Home Insurance Not Cover My Golf Clubs

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Your home insurance may very well cover your golf clubs while they are in the home but if you are out playing or they are in the car, then you may have difficulty in claiming through your home insurance.

Home insurance is great for your household contents, but golf is not played in the home and especially if you are travelling, insurance can make a lot of sense.

Does My Golf Membership Come With Insurance Already?

Your golf membership should usually come with some level of public liability insurance for yourself and may offer more advanced insurance packages for an extra fee on your mind.

Each membership will come with some sort of insurance but it wouldn’t be enough to exclude you from any damages, especially if you play a lot.

Never take for granted that your membership includes insurance and make sure to ask exactly what is covered an not covered.

What Is Not Covered By My Insurance

Golf Balls and Buggies may not be covered by your golf insurance. Again every policy is different so it worth checking the particulars of each plan.

Golf buggies can be expensive and you general plan may not cover the more expensive ones so that is something to look out for.

Golf Buggy Insurance?

Golf Buggy Accident

When you move around the course in a golf buggy, there are a number of things that could cause an insurance claim to be necessary.

If you hit a third party, injure yourself, damage the buggy, damage someone’s property or even if the buggy goes into the drink by accident, it can give you reassurance that you are covered no matter what by Golf buggy Insurance.

Even if you are using a golf buggy belonging to the club, most golf insurance policies will have you covered.

Do I Need To Be A Member Of A Club To Get Insurance

It’s more than likely you won’t need to be a member of any club to get insurance. If you play tournaments or play as a guest, you can still find cover.

Can My Family Also Be Covered

Most insurance plans will provide cover for your family members and it may cost a little extra. Again it is up to you to consider what risks are involved when it comes to your family. If they play a bit themselves or travel with you to play, it may make sense for you own particular situation

How much will Golf Insurance Cost?

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The golden question when it comes to golf insurance and it may not actually cost as much as you think to get insured.

Annual golf insurance policies can start at under $50 per month up $1,000 + depending on the amount of cover you need.

It is always best to shop around for the best deals or you can check out our best golf insurance policies of 2020 for a comprehensive list of insurance providers and their benefits.

Some common terms that may be included in your insurance

Standard Excess

This is the amount of any claim that you will need to pay yourself as it is above the limit covered by your insurance.

New Equipment For Old

If you lose your clubs, rangefinders, gps watches or swing sensors and the technology has advanced, you will receive the most modern equipment in it place at the current market value of the newest version and not the value of your old gear.


Golf is an enjoyable game for all the family but it is not the safest sport in the world to play and the equipment bills can get high, especially as you improve your game.

There are a lot of ways you can cause damage to others, yourself and property as you play golf and insurance can be a great way to mitigate the risk.

If you play a lot and you are not worried about the cash outflow, it should be a no brainer but if you are on the fence, you just have to access the risk yourself and make a decision.

If you are golfing for work, it might be best to speak to an employment law solicitor to see if you are already covered or should be with golf insurance.

Check out our top plans of 2020 to see if any of them would suit your game.