Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set Review

Getting your kids into golf is like walking a tightrope. You need to make the experience enjoyable for them because children are very fickle. And an enjoyable golf experience starts with the right set of clubs.

Your kid is not going to want to play another round of golf if their first round involved lugging a heavy bag around all morning. Likewise, the clubs should be easy to wield and instill confidence in your child.

With these criteria in mind we set out to find the best junior golf club set. And for this review, we wanted to concentrate on finding a good set particularly for girls since a lot of us here have daughters.

Most importantly, we wanted to find a set that would make the game fun for our daughters and one that would impart the passion of the game.


Key Features of the Golf Girl Junior Set

Getting your daughter excited about golf may be difficult. It was for us. A lot of us found the prospect of playing half a round with our daughters a hard sell. But right off the bat, the Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set features a color scheme that would get any little girl excited: you guessed it, pink.

All the clubs in the Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set feature a pink and stainless steel color scheme. Oh yeah and the bag is pink too. Another important feature of the Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set is that it is not too heavy.

When the bag is loaded up with all the clubs, it is less than thirty pounds. We would recommend this set for girls within the age range of 7-11. Our 8 and 9-year-olds had no problem carrying these bags to and from the course.

The bag is made of sturdy material and has a four-way top divider to fit all the clubs in the set, which we will get into later. There are also 4 exterior pockets to store balls, tees and any personal items your daughter can’t do without on the course.

The bag also has to legs so it can stand at a good angle on its own. When it comes time to head to the next hole, there are two padded shoulder straps that allow for easy and comfortable carrying. There is even an umbrella holder included on the bag.


What Do You Get In The Set?

On to the clubs themselves. In the Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set your daughter will get to try her hands at 5 important clubs: a driver, a putter and three irons (5, 7 and 9). The driver has a Titanium Matrix head with a loft angle of 15 degrees.

The iron heads and putter are made of metal and the shafts seem to be composed of a lightweight stainless steel material. The important thing is that they were not too heavy for any of our junior golfers.


Are the Clubs Beneficial for Junior Golfers?

All in all, we would say the answer to this question is yes. These clubs will be beneficial for your daughter’s game because they will show her that she can play too. These won’t be the clubs that help her game grow over time, but that isn’t really what we are basing our review on.

Remember, we set out to find a set of clubs for young girls to introduce them to the game and make it fun for them. And the Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set does just that. They are lightweight but they still allow for the fundamentals of the game to come through.

Your daughter will be able to hear the exhilarating “thwack” of the ball off the driver face that still excites so many of us seasoned golfers. The mallet style putter will allow your daughter to learn the basics of the short game.

The irons are very generous and have a wide sweet spot that will keep the game intriguing for your junior golfer.


Club Length

The driver is around 32 inches while the irons and the putter hover around 30 inches. Overall, they do run a little long for 7 and 8 year-olds but they seem to be perfect for 9 and 10 year olds. But if your younger girls are around 4’ 11” to 5 feet tall, these clubs would be a good fit for them at 7 or 8 years old.


Pros & Cons Of The Golf Girl Set


  • The bag seems like it will hold up for years
  • The driver has a nice sound to it
  • Great starter set for 7-11 year-olds
  • The pink color scheme will make the game more fun for your junior golfer
  • Comes in both left and right hand orientations
  • Comes with a head cover for the driver


  • The putter does feel a bit flimsy
  • This is not a club set that will grow with your daughter’s evolving game
  • We wish it included at least one wedge
  • The clubs run a little long

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Other Sets to Consider

These were not the only sets we tested in our search. Along the way we did come across some honorable mentions:


McGregor Tourney II Golf Club Set

McGregor Tourney II Junior Golf Club Set

McGregor are a well known name for good quality beginner clubs and they cater for you girls from 2 years – 12 years from sets with 3 clubs up to full sets. These club sets are also well worth checking out.

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Aspire Junior Plus Golf Club Set

Aspire are another quality junior golf club maker. They offer different sets for all ages from 3 up to 13 for girls and boys. These sets have been well reviewed on Amazon.

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Final Thoughts

Although we tried a variety of junior golf club sets for girls, we think the Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set stood out the most for its quality composition and accessibility. Keep in mind that this is strictly a beginner set designed to help get your daughter interested in the game.

They are not for intermediate players but if you want to get your daughter out on the links and start enjoying the game with her, this is a great set. Check it out soon.

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