Golf Equipment Essentials For Beginners – What You Need To Play

So you’re going to be playing golf. You have either been invited for a round by a friend, have a work outing coming up or want to take on a challenging yet rewarding new hobby. You may be a complete newcomer or played before but need to refresh your memory on everything you need to bring with you to the course so that A) You are actually allowed to play the round and B) you don’t stick out like a sore thumb as someone who doesn’t belong.

If this is you, don’t worry, we have got you covered in this guide.

The first thing you are obviously going to need is a set of golf clubs, now if you are only going to be playing one round, you may be able to rent them but 9 times out of 10, you will be looking to get your own set for any future golfing endeavours. Besides a few gadgets to repair your divot marks and holes and some bottled water and snacks to keep you going, the next most important part is the dress code, you need to correct shoes for most courses and you can’t show up wearing just sweat pants and a t-shirt. We also need to dress the part.

The Golf Clubs

You have two options when it comes to getting you first set of golf clubs. You can buy a standard set from Amazon or you can go to the Pro shop and get yourself a fitting for some clubs.

Getting A Fitting

Head to the pro shop at your local course and they will be more than happy to give you a fitting. The will usually be a small fee involved for the fitting but you can take this off the cost of the clubs at the end if you decide to buy.

A Fitting will have the benefit of giving you clubs that are the right length, that is adjusted by a couple of inches up or down depending on your height.

The will also give you the right shaft material and flex for your game. This basically effects the weight and stiffness of the club. The faster you swing, the stiffer and heavier you will want the clubs to be.

The club will be able to give you the perfect set of clubs but they will probably cost a lot more than a standard set on Amazon.

Getting A Standard Set On Amazon

I would recommend most people to get a standard set of clubs on Amazon. You can get a quality set and a very affordable price.

If you are around 5ft 8” to 6 ft 2” the standard length of clubs will suit you perfectly and if you are a bit taller, there are plus size clubs available as well.

Beginners sets on Amazon will give you large club heads designed for forgiveness, accuracy and distance so you can hit the ball straight more often, even if you are not that good yet.

Our Favourite Sets On Amazon:

Callaway Strata

Strata Main Image

Well known as a leading brand in golf and the Strata are well know as the leading club set for beginners. They come in sets of 10 – 18 clubs depending on your needs.

Check Out More Reviews Here:


Wilson Profile Platinum

Wilson Platinum Set

A new set for 2020, these clubs combine all the experience Wilson have gained developing clubs for beginners over the past 20 years and the result is a quality set of clubs well worth checking out further.

Check Out More Reviews Here:


Cobra XL Golf Club Set

Cobra Golf Clubs

Cobra XL are a premium set for beginners designed for optimal performance, distance and forgiveness in all clubs. You get to chose you shafts and stiffness to suit your game perfectly and can take you golf to the next level with these clubs.

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Quick Breakdown Of Each Club:


Cobra Golf Driver 11.5 Degree

The driver is the club that gets the most attention in the bag, it is used for teeing off and the distance and accuracy you can get are the most important points.

Quick Tip: Keep you eyes on the ball and focus on accuracy over distance as a beginner. Don’t try to hit the ball too hard.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods

If you land on the fairway or light rough from your tee shot, the fairway wood is designed to give you loft when hitting from the ground and the long shaft and big head can give you good distance to reach the green on your second shot, all going well. Can be difficult to hit for beginners.


Flat faced clubs to go from 3-9, increasing loft and trajectory as the numbers get higher but losing distance. Your three iron will have a low flight trajectory with a long distance while the 9 iron will fly high but not travel to far. You should have an iron to cover any distance you have left to the hole.


As the name suggest, combine the advantages of the distance and loft of a fairway wood with a shorter shaft for increased accuracy. They are usually easier to hit for beginners and most beginner sets now come with a hybrid club as standard.


these clubs are designed for around the green, they have a high loft and should only travel a minimal distance. There is a pitching wedge for the fairway or rough and SW for hitting out of bunkers.


The putter is probably the most important club in the bag. You will probably hit the majority of your shots with the putter so improving is key to your game. If you can try out your putter before buying, all the better.

What Else Do We Need

Now that we have gotten the clubs out of the way, we need to look at everything else we will need for our round of golf.

The Golf Bag

If we buy a standard set it it will usually come with a bag but it is worth keeping in mind that there are a few different types of bags for us to chose from:

Stand Bag

This is bag we will carry around the course and it will come with legs to stand it up when we are not using it. They should be light with minimal storage space so it does not get too heavy to carry. If you are going to be walking the course, this can be ideal.

Cart Bag

This cart is designed to sit on a golf push cart and it has more storage space as you don’t need to lug it around everywhere. If you plan on using a trolley or cart (You can rent one on the day or buy one), this will be the bag for you. Most cart bags will also come with a carry strap for when you are not using the cart.

Golf Balls – All Balls Are Not Created The Same

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

To a beginner, it may seem like golf balls are just golf balls but as you get better, you begin to understand the subtle differences in golf balls. When you hit the ball, you need to compress it to get optimal distance and some balls are softer than others.

Your choice of golf ball is not going to turn you into Tiger Woods as a beginner but it can make a difference as you improve.

Softer balls will also offer more feel with your irons and around the greens and we usually recommend Srixon Soft Feel or Callaway Supersoft golf balls for beginners.

The cost is worth keeping in mind with golf balls for beginners too, there is no need to spend big bucks on Pro V1’s if you are an average player or beginner.

The alternative is buying a bag of used balls which should be fine as well but it is worth keeping in mind the differences between golf balls.

Harder balls need a faster swing speed to compress them and will generate more distance but these balls are more suited to mid – low handicappers.

The Attire

Golfers Walking

Mot golf clubs take the attire of the guests and members seriously and this a place where it is best to look the part.

Golf Shoes

Most clubs will make it mandatory to wear the proper footwear and golf shoes come in Spiked and Spikeless versions.

While Spikeless shoes are beginning to look a lot like tennis shoes, it is still best to get the correct footwear, that will offer you grip on the course, freedom to swing correctly and comfort as you make your way through the 18 holes.

Check out our favourite golf shoes here.

Stylish Pants or Shorts

Try to avoid sweat pants, jeans and joggers when you are on the golf course. Number 1 they may not be allowed at the club and 2. You will definitely look out of place.

A solid pair of khaki’s will be hard to beat on the course and you can pick them up almost anywhere for varying budgets and tastes.


If the weather is nice, a polo shirt should do the trick and if it is a bit colder, you could wear a nice sweat shirt or even a light jacket.

All in all most courses will have a smart casual dress code for anyone who wants to play.

Golf Tees

Tees to prop your ball up for your drives are a necessity on the golf course and you can pick them up in the club house or online here:

You can get wooden or plastic tees but keep in mind that wooden tees will break a lot more easily if you are a beginner.

Divot Repair Tool

Green keepers go to amazing lengths to keep the quality of their greens in pristine condition year round and it is only natural that we can put dents and marks in the green as we play the game.

The divot repair tool is a handy and necessary tool for you to repair any slight damage you cause in the green throughout your round.

They are cheap and easy to pick up online or in the club house.

Golf Towel

If there is any moisture on the course when you are playing or even if there is not, a towel is a necessary item on the course for cleaning down your clubs when they get covered in dirt or mud from the course.

They can also be used to wipe down your balls and other equipment, clean your hands and wipe sweat of your brow.

A Coin

A coin to mark you position on the green if one of your golf partners is behind you and you need to remove your ball for them to hit first. You can use a proper ball marker or just a coin.


If the weather is hot, it is probably best to wear suncream to protect your skin and make sure you don’t get burned during your round.

An Umbrella

Under Armour Golf Umbrella

If the weather is at the other end of the scale or if you are in the UK or Ireland, carrying a golf umbrella can make a whole lot of sense, even if it is not in the forecast for the day.

A golf umbrella can be used for any occasion so it is probably worth picking one up for $20 anyway.

Check out our favourite golf umbrellas here:

Change Of Clothes

If you plan on going to 19th hole (Clubhouse) for a drink and some food after your round or you don’t want your car to get dirty, you could bring a change of clothes, especially if you are covered in sweat or it has been raining.

This will depend on whether the club offers shower facilities or not also so check that out before you play your round.

Golf Shoe Bag

If you want to change your shoes after your round, you can get a golf shoe bag to place you golf shoes in for safe storage until your next round.

You can usually pick them up cheap enough, check out of our favourite golf shoe bags here:


If the weather is nice, the sun can get in your eyes and impede your visions. A nice pair of sunglasses should do the trick.

Check out our favourites here:

A Golf Hat

Golfers are famous for their use of hats and a nice hat can be a important ally in your fight against the sun.

Check out our favourite golf hats here:

The Final Word

At the end of the day, golf is a game to be enjoyed, so don’t take your performance to hear,t especially if you are just starting out.

My number one tip would be to keep calm and relaxed, keep your eye on the ball and focus on accuracy over distance until you improve.

If you like the game and want to improve quickly after you are done, you could always start hitting the driving range or get a lesson from a local professional.

Repair any damage you cause to the fairways or greens, rake the sand when you hit out of it, dress the part, respect the club and you should have no problem enjoying your first round of golf.