Glove It Women’s Golf Bag Review

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My alarm clock beeps loudly, but today I don’t mind! Instead of heading to work I’m heading to the fairway. Last night I packed my drivers and irons into a rather stylish looking Glove It women’s golf bag, and I’m looking forward to putting this rather funky new bag through its paces.


The Glove It golf bag certainly doesn’t blend into the background, and I’m pleased about that. I’m a fan of all things bright and beautiful, and have been looking for a bag that gives off a modish vibe. But as they say, there’s more to life than just good looks! I’m keen to find out if the Glove It bag offers functionality alongside fashion.


Looking Good

Glove It Paisley

Created by designer Karen Gleason, the Glove It brand endeavours to offer golf accessories that are fit for purpose and look good. There’s a whole range of well-coordinated products – from floral designs to funky animal prints. You should find something to suit your tastes.


Today I’m trying out the lilac paisley golf bag, a mix of swirly patterns and lilac pockets, with a shiny “Glove It” logo emblazoned on the front. I’m a bit of a magpie, so this special little detail caught my eye.



Lots of Storage

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The Glove It 14-way golf bag certainly does look the part, and I’m hoping it will deliver on the performance front too. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a neat-freak. When it comes to my golfing goodies, I’m a big believer in a place for everything and everything in its place.


With that in mind I’m pleased to discover the Glove It women’s golf bag has 14 full-length dividers and 7 accessible pockets, providing ample storage for my clubs and other golfing bits and bobs. The golf bag even has a zip off ball pocket and I can add a custom logo or monogram if the mood takes me.


Easy to Carry

I like to be comfy when I’m out on the green, so I prefer a golf bag that’s lightweight. I’m pleased to say the Glove It bag weighs just 5 pounds, so I can manage it easily. The three handles help me to lift the bag effortlessly too, so no struggling to get it on and off a golf cart.


Lots of Extras

I’m also a fan of little extras (I like to feel as though I’m getting my money’s worth). I’m pleased to find the bag has a thermal lined cooler pocket, an umbrella sleeve, integrated putter well and a rain hood to boot. I’ve also discovered a soft-lined pocket that’s great for stashing my phone and keys.


I Especially Loved…

I can’t knock the 2020 Glove It signature print. The lilac paisley design is both chic and fun (I can match it with other golfing gear from Glove It and even team it with my outfit if I fancy)! The bag is made from quality polyester fabric too, so I expect it to last well.


If I Could Change One Thing…

Hmmm, this is quite tricky, as the Glove It golf bag ticked so many of my boxes. I guess there’s always room for more features, perhaps an added sleeve for my ball retriever?


Is the Glove It Women’s Golf Bag for Me?

Gloveit Image 2

I liked the signature design, the weight and portability of this golf bag. It’s aimed at women who like to stamp their image on their game, why can’t you play a serious round of golf and look stylish at the same time? The provision of storage rates pretty highly for me too – I can pack everything away securely and there’s even a thermal holder for my coffee! Let’s have a quick round up of the pros and cons:



  • Striking custom signature prints make this bag stand out.
  • Useful dividers and pockets provide plenty of space for storage.
  • Made from top quality materials.
  • Lightweight bag with handles, making it easy to lift and carry.
  • Lots of extra features included, such as a rain hood and umbrella sleeve.
  • Matching products available if you’re keen to co-ordinate your look.



  • The golf bag has a long-sided pocket but no elected sleeve for a ball retriever.
  • The rear dividers do not extend the entire length of the bag.
  • A slot for a cart strap might prove useful.
  • The lilac paisley design might prove too quirky for some (but Glove It do offer the bag in less “dramatic” styles).


Bogey or Birdie?

Gloveit Image 4

The Glove It women’s golf bag certainly scored well for me. Glove It appear to have managed to achieve what they set out to do – create a golf bag that looks great, has lots of useful storage and is easy to carry and manoeuvre. If you’re seeking a golf bag that’s both functional and fashion-forward you’re in luck. Why not check out the Glove It Women’s Golf Bag for yourself?