Garmin S62 Vs Garmin G80 – Which One Should I Buy?

For today’s review, we wanted to test some Garmin devices that aren’t really in the same category but do have some feature overlap. Our reasoning was that most golfers want the basic golf GPS information while some of them also want non-golf related features.

Even still, some golfers want the GPS basics with integrated launch monitor metrics. You may be considering what combination is the right combination for you. If so, you have come to the right review. Garmin does a great job with GPS overall but what about periphery features?

How do Garmin devices perform as fitness trackers? How do they perform as golf launch monitors? These are the types of questions we will be answering in today’s review. Read on to find out which is the better buy between these two popular Garmin devices.

The Garmin Approach S62

The Garmin Approach S62 came out very recently. It was released in January 2020 and has taken the golf watch market by storm. With its striking design that makes it attractive on and off the course and its advanced golf and fitness tracking features, it is a very coveted watch right now.

As for the basics, you get 41,000 preloaded golf courses with the Garmin Approach S62. It also comes with Greenview so you can plainly see the front, back and middle distances to any green you play.

The Garmin Approach S62 also features a 1.3” color touchscreen display which make the following features a breeze to use:

Touch Targeting – By scrolling over the course map and touching any point, you can get the precise distance to that point.
Touch Pin Setting – Set the pin to exactly where it is on the green by just touching the screen.

Some of the advanced features we really liked were the Virtual Caddie which suggests clubs to use on any given shot. There is also a wind speed and direction sensor to further inform your club choice.

The Garmin Approach S62 locks onto the pin so you can see where it is even if it is obscured by trees or other obstacles.

So those were the golf features but what periphery features does this watch bring to the table? The main function of the Garmin Approach S62 outside of golf is as a fitness monitor. With it, you get running, cycling and swimming sports profiles. It also has an integrated heart-rate monitor.

The Garmin Approach S62 Pros & Cons


  • Text and email alerts
  • Automatic shot tracking
  • Automatic shot tracking
  • Virtual Caddie
  • Saves shot history and round data
  • Comes with Garmin Pay
  • Advanced golf features


  • Expsensive
  • Can be complicated for senior players
  • Bulky for some

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The Garmin Approach G80

First and foremost, this is not a golf watch. This is a handheld device that works as a basic golf GPS device and a golf launch monitor. As alluded to at the top of this review, there is some feature overlap between the G80 and the Garmin Approach S62 and they are all related to GPS functionality.

For starters, the Garmin Approach G80 also comes preloaded with 41,000 courses. It will also automatically detect which course you are on. You also get distances to hazards and the fairway. You can also use the Approach G80 to provide distances to the middle, back and front of the green.

There are also a few advanced golf GPS features loaded in the G80 like plays like distances that take into account uphill and downhill shots. And, like the Garmin Approach S62, the G80 has the pin locking feature which points the way to the pin on blind shots.

You can even zoom in on the green maps of the Garmin Approach G80. So what features make the G80 unique? For starters, it is a basic launch monitor. You can use it to measure ball speed, club head speed, smash factor, tempo and shot distance.

The Garmin Approach G80 also offers virtual rounds where you can hone your skills with challenging games and tournaments where you can go up against other users. The G80 uses radar technology to measure swings so it is very effective outdoors.

The Garmin Approach G80 Pros & Cons


  • Features a big numbers mode
  • Digital scorecard
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Garmin Golf app comes free
  • Large 3.5” display
  • Touchscreen
  • Virtual Rounds On Any Course


  • You have to manually input which club you are using
  • Basic launch monitor data
  • Not as accurate indoors
  • Overheats sometimes

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Performance Comparison

As a launch monitor, we had a bit of trouble with the G80. It missed some of our shots and was inaccurate indoors. As a golf GPS device, we were impressed that it had all the basics and even a couple advanced golf GPS features.

But in terms of accuracy, the Garmin Approach S62 was the better device. It picked up more of our swings and gave a lot of advanced detail. We must say though that we liked the larger screen of the Approach G80.

Price Comparison

You are looking at about a $50 difference between these 2 devices. The Garmin Approach S62 will cost around $500 while the G80 usually retails for about $450

Which is Better?

The periphery functions are the main difference between these 2 devices. They are both golf GPS devices but one functions as a fitness tracker as well while the other has bonus launch monitor features. So the question comes down to: which periphery features functioned better?

And in our humble opinion, the fitness tracking functionality of the S62 worked better. The main problem the G80 had with its launch monitor functionality was that it tended to miss shots if it was not placed just right. It also lost a lot of accuracy indoors.

While the G80 has impressive GPS functionality, we wouldn’t pay for the compromised launch monitoring features. Even the fitness tracking of the S62 wasn’t super useful to us, but at least it was accurate and reliable. The Garmin Approach S62 is today’s pick so check it out soon.

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