The Garmin Approach S40 Golf Gps Watch Review

Garmin s40

Although we somehow managed for centuries without them, sports watches are rapidly becoming seen as a vital piece of kit. And golf watches are no exception. There are plenty of good ones around but among the leaders in the field must be the Garmin Approach S40 GPS watch. This is no surprise as it offers so much in terms of style and functionality. As well as looking great on your arm it packs in many useful and fun features for both the amateur and pro golfer alike.

Garmin leverage their database of over 40,000 courses worldwide with this premium golf watch that is packed full of winning features. The watch comes in three interchangeable looks allowing you to dress the part no matter what the occasion, feel great and dropping shots off of your score.


Performance: 9

Features: 9

Value: 8.5

Overall Score: 9

Garmin s40 Golf Gps Watch Review

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Video Review Of The S40

Style and Comfort

Garmin s40 Golf Gps Watch Review

The design is stylish, lightweight and comfortable to wear so that it doesn’t interfere with your swing. It has a smart metal bezel which can be opened easily allowing you to change the wristbands to suit your mood and style.

It can be used even on the brightest days thanks to its sunlight-readable display. And with its 1.2” touchscreen display, you don’t need to worry about squinting at the screen.

Range Of Colors And Styles

Garmin s40 Range

This premium golf gps watch comes in a variety of different flavours to suit your mood on the course. From white and gold, to black to powder grey you can show up to the course feeling like a million bucks. The quality fitness features and pinpoint accuracy make we wish I hadn’t bought the s60 before the s40 came out. It is number one on my Christmas golf gift list for this year though so I must behave myself for the rest of the year!

Everything a Golfer needs

Garmin s40 GPS Watch

The watch gives you virtual access to over 41,000 greens from all over the world, which are accurately mapped and has many features to help you play your best game. Thanks to Autoshot detection, you can measure and record distances with ease. There is also the option of Approach® CT10 club tracking sensors for even better tracking.

Another popular feature is its Greenview manual pin positioning. This will help you to get the most accurate view of the green and lets you reference distances taking into account awkward areas, angles or obstacles.

To get the most out of your Garmin Approach S40 Golf Gps Watch it is a good idea to download the app. This will open more possibilities. For example, you can make use of digital scorecards to keep track of your performance.  You can compete on leader boards for the courses stored in the watch.  It will even let you track your own and your friends’ performances in real time.

Garmin s40 vs Garmin s60

What are the key differences between the s40 and the s60 you ask? Well the answer is that there are not too many differences. The changeable strap allowing your watch to look different every day is a key difference and these different styles look really good. Apart from that the s40 is slightly lighter. The watch crystal glass Is chemically strengthened in the s40 making it a little bit more durable and it is slightly lighter, .3oz lighter.  The battery lasts longer in the s40. It lasts 15 hours instead of 10 as with the s60 in GPS mode. In conclusion, both of these watches are classy and effective. They will make you the envy of your friends so choose the best one and have fun!

Not Just about Golf

In addition to the golfing features, it gives you all the features you would expect from a top sports watch. This includes steps, heart rate and sleep monitoring and many more. If you play a number of different sports, multi-sport profiles are available so you can keep all your stats and data organized in one place.

The watch can also be synched to any compatible smartphone so that you get all the functionality of a smartwatch letting you keep in touch with your messages, calls and notifications. As with any gadget you will be using out of doors battery life is important. Depending on usage the battery can last for 5 – 10 days in smartwatch mode or up to 15 hours in GPS mode.

There is no need to take it off after the game.  Its stylish and comfortable design makes it equally suitable for sports, business or leisure wear, and with all those great features, you’ll wonder how you got by for so long without it.

Garmin s40 Golf GPS Watch Gold


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