Garmin Approach S10 – Lightweight GPS Golf Watch Review

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Garmin makes some of the best GPS watches on the market which is why I am so glad that they make the Approach S10 model because it is more affordable than some of their other models. The price tag is not the only reason to be happy about the Garmin Approach S10. I have been using my Garmin Approach S10 for about 3 months now and it is as accurate as any other Garmin GPS device I have ever used which has kind of become their calling card. I love talking about this watch so I hope you enjoy my firsthand breakdown of the Garmin Approach S10.

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Getting Started

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This watch is perfect for the no nonsense golfer who wants to be ready to tee off as soon as possible. From the very beginning the Garmin Approach S10 automatically detects the course you are on. Garmin leads the way in course data and this one holds 40,000+ course maps, statistics and data.

I have yet to visit a course that the Garmin Approach S10 does not already have information on and I travel a lot for work (and golf).

There is a function that measures the distance of your swings that has been pretty accurate in my experience.

In the Thick of it

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The Garmin Approach S10 comes through even when things are getting intense on the course. The feature that I find myself using a lot is the hazard tracking because since I have had this watch, this is the feature that has improved my scorer the most.

It tells you the exact distances of traps, bunkers and hazards down to the last yard. You can also see how far you are from every section of the green.

I am a pretty competitive golfer so I really like the scorekeeping function on this watch but to take things to the next level for corrivals like me, Garmin has included a feature where you can upload your scores from specific courses and see how they stack up against other people using the app. Pretty fun.

Intuitive Design

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Perhaps part of what makes this model watch more affordable is that it does not come with overly complex features that sound cool but aren’t really practical for the average golfer. For me this is a good thing because the firmware design is very intuitive.

The different modes are easy to toggle between and the display is easy to read even in direct sunlight and at no time is the screen cluttered with confusing and nondescript numbers or figures.

The physical design is pleasantly simple as well. There are only 4 buttons which are clearly marked; “OK’ and “Back” on the right side, and “Up” and “Down” on the left. It’s a good size too. The face is thin and the strap is unobtrusive even when I am wearing a glove.


  • The Garmin Approach S10 can keep track of your total distance played
  • It automatically switches holes as you approach a new tee box
  • The Garmin Approach S10 displays sunrise and sunset times
  • It is waterproof up to 50 meters
  • You can easily read the display with its anti-glare feature
  • All information displayed is clearly labelled


  • The resolution on the watch face is 128 X 128 which is a bit low
  • This is not a color display golf watch
  • You have to plug the watch directly into your computer or internet enabled device to upload your scores to Garmin Express
  • It gets confused sometimes as to which hole you are actually on

Sizing up The Garmin S10 Golf GPS Watch

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The price and functions alone make up for the lack of resolution and the inconvenience of having to hard connect it to a computer to upload scoring data. For me, the Garmin Approach S10 has exactly what I need with an interface that is easy to master and convenient to use regularly.

Right from the jump, the plainly marked buttons make the menus simple to traverse and find exactly what you are looking for.

And as far as distance accuracy goes Garmin simply can’t be beat. For anyone looking for a solid golf watch at a reasonable price point I highly recommend the Garmin Approach S10. It has what every day golfers need so you should look into it if you are shopping around for a quality, affordable golf watch.

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