Garmin Approach G30 GPS Device Review

Garmin G30

The Bottom Line

93%Total Score

As far as GPS devices go Garmin is a hard company to top. This has been proven true yet again with the Garmin Approach G30. This is a compact GPS device that delivers on all fronts. We definitely recommend this unit and consider it to be at the top of its class.


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Garmin Approach G30 GPS Device Review

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Garmin is a name that you probably already know. They have been making high-tech, reliable GPS systems for many years now and the Garmin Approach G30 GPS is representative of their commitment to manufacturing high-quality devices.

The Garmin Approach G30 GPS is an endlessly useful device. It offers distance to green, shot distances, a score card function and you can even sync it with your phone. One of the most attractive features of this unit though is the full color touch screen display.

The entire unit is only 3 inches tall so all of these features are packed into a very portable chassis. It is smaller than the G8 but still features the responsive touch screen that we have come to love.

We played with the Garmin Approach G30 GPS for 5 full rounds of golf and we really liked the color display for hazard detection. We could see exactly where the hazards were in relation to our position and exactly what the hazard was.


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The Garmin Approach G30 GPS comes loaded with great functions. A lot of these compact units don’t have pinning features so we were really glad to see one that does. All you need to do is enter “Green View” and it will allow you to set the pin to the correct position for the day.

But by far, our favorite feature of the Garmin Approach G30 GPS and the one that sets it apart from other GPS devices is the touch targeting. Touch targeting allows you to see a map of the entire course and measure your distance to any point on it just by tapping the screen.

This was a really handy feature as one of the courses we played on was new to all of us. The screen also displays par scores and distances to the front, back and center of the green.

You can measure any shot imaginable with the shot measuring feature. You simply select “Measure Shot” and tap the “Begin Measurement” button. Then you can drive or walk to your ball to accurately measure the distance.

There is also a scorecard feature that can keep score for up to 4 people. When you are done for the day, selecting “End Round” will compile all the data acquired during your round like duration, distance traveled and of course scores.

You can connect your device to Garmin Connect for advanced tracking of your stats and other helpful shot information.

The Garmin Approach G30 GPS can even be synced with your phone and it will display number, incoming calls, emails and texts. You can even set it to give you certain alerts of phone activity.

There are 40,000 preloaded courses in the Garmin Approach G30 GPS and it will automatically detect the course you are on or courses in your area.

The Device

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The device itself sports a sleek design. It is 3 inches by 2.1 inches in width and length and only 0.8 thick. It’s basically the size of a small remote control. It features a rounded back which makes it sit very comfortably in the palm of the hand.

One of the great things about the design of this device is that there is only one button on it. The power button turns the unit on and from there; everything is controlled via the touchscreen.

The Garmin Approach G30 GPS also comes with a karabiner so you can clip it to your golf bag, belt or anywhere.

It charges via a Micro USB cable and takes between 2 and 4 hours to fully charge. A full battery is enough to last 3+ full rounds or roughly 15 hours of use.

I actually got mine wet once and thought that it would make the touchscreen all wonky but that wasn’t the case. It performed like normal after I dried it off. The water didn’t damage the screen either.

Navigating the touchscreen itself is a breeze too. It is smooth and responsive so functions like pinning and distance measuring is easy.


  • Tournament legal
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity for phones
  • Waterproof
  • Full color display
  • Score tracking function
  • Green pinning function


  • No hip clip
  • Cannot be synced to Google phones
  • The screen can be tricky to manage of you have big fingers
  • The hole tracking feature can lag

Last Comments

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The Garmin Approach G30 GPS is one of the best golf GPS devices we have had the pleasure of using. The green pinning and touchscreen features make it feel like a luxury item but it isn’t even that expensive.

The fact that it doesn’t connect with Google phones is a bit of a disappointment but Garmin knocks it out of the park in all other aspects. This would be a great addition to any golfer’s arsenal as it helps to improve accuracy and allows for in-depth course knowledge.

For anyone shopping around for golf GPS device you can’t go wrong with the Garmin Approach G30 GPS. We encourage you to give it some serious consideration.

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