Fred Couples Net Worth 2021 – Wiki, Golf Career, Wife, Kids, House, Interesting Facts


Fredrick Steven Couples is an American professional golfer. He’s been in the industry for 36 successful years.

It’s also easy to see why he has such a huge fan base because of his friendly nature. Fred also earned the name Boom Boom.

Find out why he got the nickname and some interesting facts about his career below. 


Fred Couples Quick Facts Table

Date of birth

3 October 1959


University of Houston


No biological children

Marital status

Girlfriend Midge Trammell


Seattle Washington, USA

Net worth

$120 million


Professional golfer


Cindy Couples and Tom Couples Jr.


5ft 11in




Any Nicknames?

Fred couples earned himself quite an interesting nickname: Boom Boom. That’s because of his incredibly far drives.

According to Bridgestone Golf, Fred gets his long drives from his signature swing that he created. He also has a favorite golf ball: TOUR B RXS that helps with his far drives.


Is He Still Playing – How Old Is He?


Couples is 61 years old and still looks young and performs well in golf for his age. In the early 2000s, Fred was injured by a baseball while playing a game of catch.

The ball permanently damaged his vision which was surely going to end his golfing career. 

Fortunately, Fred was still able to play and has been golfing for almost two decades since his accident. In an article published by Today’s Golfer, Fred teed off for the 36th time at the 2021 Masters.


What’s His Net Worth?

Fred Couple’s net worth is estimated to be in excess of $120 million.

Fred earned his net worth by playing professional golf and winning PGA and Championship tours.


What Are His Career Earnings and Tournament Wins

The All-Time Money Leaders board shows that Fred Couples has career earnings of $22,814,254.

These earnings are from PGA Tours as well as LPGA Tours and Championships. The golfer has also had plenty of tournament wins. Take a look at them below:

  • Master Tournament – Won 1992

  • US Open – Won 1991

  • The Opening Championship – Won 1991 and 2005

  • PGA Championships – Won 2nd place 1990


Fred’s total number of wins per tournament are as follows:

  • European Tour – 3 wins

  • PGA Tour Championships – 13 wins

  • PGA Tour – 15 wins


How Many Hole In 1’s

According to his PGA Tour Profile couples scored his first hole-in-one on the PGA Tour Championships in 2021.

He also scored a hole-in-one in the 1997 and 2006 The Players Championship.


How Far Does He Drive The Ball?

According to Instant Golf Lessons, Fred Couples driving distance is a whopping 265 yards!

That’s quite impressive for someone his age. But for Fred to hit the ball that far his driver swing speed is at an average of 113mph.


Is He Sponsored By Any Brand?

Fred Couples has a few sponsorships from Ecco Golf and recently renewed his sponsorship with the brand.

According to Business Wire Fred is also a brand ambassador for Anatabloc which is a pharmaceutical company.


Where’s He From?

Fred was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, USA where he also attended O’Dea high school.


Who Was His First Wife And What Happened In The End?

Fred got married to his first wife, Deborah Couples in 1981. The couple met at the University of Houston in 1979. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced in 1993. Deborah tragically committed suicide in 2001.

Couples then remarried Thais Baker in 1998 however she passed away from breast cancer in 2009. Fred and Thais didn’t have any children during their time together.


Who Is His Wife/Girlfriend Now?  

Not all is lost in the land of love as Fred has a stunning girlfriend and her name is Nadine Moze.

As stated in an article published by Celebswood the couple met in 2014. Nadine is a hairstylist and works at The Loft Salon in Manhattan Beach.


Do They Have Kids?

Nadine and Fred Don’t have any children. Although Fred’s previous wife Thais Baker had two children from another relationship

Where Do They Live?

Fred currently lives in New Port Beach California. In a 2020 article from Golfweek Couples experienced a huge financial loss on his California home.

The 5 bedroom house sold for $3.25 million but it was half a million dollars short of what Couples was expecting to get.


Fred Couples Course & Course Design

Forbes recently published an article on Fred Couples stunning course design for the Twin Dolphin Golf club in Mexico.

Couples designed the course to be enjoyed by golfers from all around the world. He wanted the course to be fun for everyone and not just the professionals.

With his design, Fred considered all types of players and it turns out everyone is enjoying his course. What’s more, you can view the ocean from every hole.


Fred Couples Early Life Bio

Fred Couples born Fredrick Steven Couples was born on 3 October 1959 in Seattle Washington USA to Tom and Violet Couples.

He lived near the Jefferson Park Golf Course where he self-taught his signature swing. Couples has never hired a swing couch.

He then graduated from O’Dea high school in 1977 and straight after he accepted a golf scholarship at the University of Houston. When Couples was 19 years old he beat Don Bies in the 1978 Washington Open in Bellevue.


Fred Couples Quotes

There are some inspirational quotes from Fred Couples that you may find some comfort in if you’re an amateur golfer. Fred is known as a laid-back sportsman that doesn’t take the game too seriously.  Take a look at these quotes below:

  • “When you’re prepared, you’re more confident. When you have a strategy, you’re more comfortable.”

  • Always count your blessings. Be thankful you are able to be out on a beautiful course. Most people in the world don’t have that opportunity.

  • “Everybody teaches a system. I just try to shoot where I’m aiming. I play by sight and feel not by technical thoughts.”

  • The press still considers me one of the most laid-back athletes since Babe Ruth. That’s supposed to be a criticism, but I consider it a compliment because I think being carefree on the course is one of the secrets to scoring well consistently.”



Even in his senior years, Fred Couples is still a world-class golf player and he’s one of the most popular golfers too because of his laid-back demeanor. Couples’ playing ability has allowed him to play on the greatest golf courses.

In turn, the professional golf player was able to design the most spectacular golf course in Mexico using his knowledge of golf and his experiences on various courses.

Although Fred Couples hasn’t been too lucky in relationships he’s still lucky on the golf course. As you can see he has plenty of awards and wins under his name which makes him a legend!