Founders Club Believe Ladies Complete Golf Club Set Review

For women trying to break into the game of golf the right way, pickings are mighty slim. There are a ton of women’s golf club sets out there that are really shameful. They all advertise “lightweight” and deliver on that front.

But once you get them out on the course they are flimsy, hard to hit with and offer zero distance. We have personally taken a close look at the women’s golf club market and it’s clear that very few manufacturers are making quality clubs that are price-suited for beginners.

Sure, there are more options for quality women’s clubs in the $1,000-$2,000 price range. But what if you are just a beginner? You may not need all the advanced features.

So today we will be reviewing a lady’s golf club set that we tested and believe (no pun intended) provides quality for beginners at the right price.

Playing the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

So right out of the gate, women are going to love the design of these clubs. Our female testers said they were getting compliments left and right from other women on the course. Embossed on all the club heads is the stylized “Believe” logo and the soft purple appointments add to the feminine flair.

But these clubs shine during play as well. They are lightweight without being insubstantial, forgiving and weighted surprisingly well.


The driver puts an emphasis on distance and ease. It is the largest club head size allowable at 460CC’s and offers 13 degrees of loft. This means you can easily get great ball speed and launch angle off the tee with this driver.

And unlike most drivers that promise distance off the tee, this one isn’t too heavy or unwieldy. Our testers were able to get consistent distance off the tee with this driver which is a testament to its quality engineering.


The Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set comes with a single fairway wood: a #3 set to 16 degrees of loft. This fairway wood also bears a swing weight of C0 which is common of most of the clubs in this set – great for beginners with slow swing speeds.

In any case though, our testers found the #3 wood in this set very easy to hit with. In fact, many of them were using it off the tee as well as on the fairway.


Beginners of any ilk would appreciate the fact that the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set comes with 2 hybrid clubs: a #5 and a #4. The number 4 hybrid is set to 24 degrees of loft while the number 5 is set to 27 degrees.

The hybrids provide perfect gap coverage for beginners who find the longer irons unwieldy. Overall, they provide effortless distance from the fairway.


You get irons 6-9 in the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set and they are all constructed of stainless steel. Our female testers remarked that you get exceptional feel from these irons which may not be helpful for beginners who typically don’t know what to do with feel.

But this same attribute makes them excellent game improvement irons. They will inform your shot whether you realize it or not. Plus, they all feature wide soles to make it easier to learn how to use irons.

#6 is set to 31 degrees, #7 is set to 35 degrees, #8 is set to 39 degrees and #9 is set to 43 degrees of loft.


We were glad that this beginner golf club set came with both a pitching and a sand wedge as we feel that it’s beneficial for beginners to start learning how to use both as soon as possible.

The pitching wedge offers 47 degrees of loft and a swing weight of C1. The sand wedge is set to 56 degrees of loft and a C2 swing weight.


The putter features a mallet-style head and our female testers commented that it was weighted very well and provided excellent balance on long and short putts.

Club Composition

To help with the weight and flex, all of the clubs in the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set feature graphite shafts. Most of the clubs feature stainless steel heads and the grips are very comfortable without sacrificing any feel.

Club Options

You can get these clubs in ladies standard and ladies petite (which is one inch shorter than the standard size). We found that the standard length clubs are good for players as tall as 5’10” while the petite size was more suited to players 5’3” to 5’7”.

Pros & Cons Of The Believe Ladies Set


  • Very affordable set
  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • 2 hybrids
  • Suitable for intermediate players too
  • Comfortable grips


  • No titanium driver
  • No off-set hosel
  • Only come in right-handed
  • Umbrella stand on the bag is flimsy

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Final Thoughts

It isn’t every day that you come across a golf club set like the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set. It perfectly marries quality and value. You won’t have to spend much if you want to learn the game the right way when you choose the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set.

While it does lack some of the more advanced features that can be beneficial for beginners like off-set hosels (to promote more aligned shots and overall accuracy), most women will be able to build confidence and set a solid foundation for progression with this set.

Plus, you can’t beat the price. If you are a woman who is really willing to learn the game of golf, you can’t do much better than the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set. Pick it up today.

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