Flightscope Mevo vs Skytrak – Which One Should I Buy?

FS Mevo

There are two schools of thought when it comes to golf launch monitors: radar and camera. Which is more accurate for tracking shots? Which is capable of reading metrics that can actually help you improve your game?

We have talked to a lot of golfers and even some instructors about this argument and the community seems divided. Some golfers seem to think that cameras are more accurate while others prefer the versatility that radar launch monitors offer.

So which would be the better buy for you? The answer to that question will surely come down to personal preference but to help you find out, we tested and compared 2 different golf launch monitors: one that relies on radar readings and one that utilizes cameras.

We chose these two products because they represent the pinnacle of their respective measuring methods. We tested them both at our local course, driving range and with some of our indoor practice set-ups (mostly garages and nets). Take a look at what we found.


The SkyTrak

SkyTrak is made by Sky Caddie which is a trusted name in golf accessories. Sky Caddie is known for technologically advanced devices and the SkyTrak does not disappoint. First of all the SkyTrak is a launch monitor and golf simulator in one.

With the SkyTrak, you can project an interactive virtual image of pretty much any golf course on earth. And when you hit into your projector or net, you will see the ball fly down the course which is beautifully rendered in three dimensions.

So how does it measure shots? The SkyTrak utilizes photometric technology to take multiple images of your shot at the critical launch stage. With this visual data it can calculate things like side spin, launch angle, back spin, ball speed, carry, height, descent and distance.

The SkyTrak doesn’t need to be used with a projector screen. If you just want to hit into a net, you can have all the data rendered on your tablet or phone screen. The app is very easy to use and provides a wealth of important shot data.

One of the cool things about the simulation software is that you can see the actual path of your shots. You can see whether it draws right, left or when it’s straight right on the screen.

Another really cool thing about the SkyTrak is that you will see how the simulation reacts differently depending on whether you are using a hard or soft ball.


  • The simulator is very immersive
  • Great for entertaining guests
  • Gives advanced swing metrics
  • Can be used with a tablet or smartphone
  • The data is easy to sort through
  • Uses advanced photometric technology


  • Performs very poorly outdoors
  • Relatively expensive
  • Doesn’t pick up some shots
  • Set up can be a hassle


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The Flightscope Mevo

Flightscope Mevo

The Flightscope Mevo is a minimalist device compared to the SkyTrak. When it was first released, it was introduced as an entry-level golf launch monitor. But since then, many golfers have praised this little device for its accuracy and metrics that rival much more expensive units.

So this was the radar launch monitor that we tested. We were given information on flight time, apex heights, carry distance, club head speed, vertical launch angle, smash factor, spin rate and ball speed. All of this data is sent to your phone via the Flightscope Mevo app.

All except for the distance measurements which you can hear from the device itself after every shot. The Flightscope Mevo is not a golf simulator. But since it does use radar instead of photometric technology, it works really well outdoors.

In fact, it works better outdoors than it did indoors. We noticed increased accuracy when we were using the Flightscope Mevo on the driving range and at the course.

The Flightscope Mevo app also allows you to record your swings with your phone’s camera and it automatically superimposes shot data onto the video footage.


  • Good battery life
  • Very accurate with carry distances
  • Does not lose accuracy on long shots
  • Affordable
  • Stores shot data
  • Keeps track of club information


  • Needs at least 12 feet of space for accurate indoor use
  • More accurate when you use metallic stickers on the balls
  • Doesn’t calculate averages for short sessions
  • You need to tell the app precisely how far the device is behind the ball for it to work well

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Performance Comparison

When we compared the numbers between these two devices at the ends of our indoor sessions, we could see that there was not much of a difference. For instance, when we used a 7 iron for an indoor shot, the Skytrak read 170 for carry distance while the Flightscope Mevo read 172 – a very reasonable difference.

It was a little annoying that the Flightscope Mevo needed metallic stickers for indoor use but overall, these devices performed comparably to one another during indoor sessions.

But outdoor use was where we saw a major difference. You essentially can’t even use the SkyTrak outdoors because sunlight and background movement messes with the camera. The SkyTrak failed to pick up most of our outdoor shots and the ones it did pickup were inaccurate. You need to prop the Skytrak up on the protective stand so it is completely level with the golf ball.

The Flightscope Mevo performed much better outdoors. It was easier to set up and take down the fairway and it gave consistent readings across the board.

Only because of the immersive golf simulation feature of the SkyTrak, we would say it performed slightly better than the Flightscope Mevo for indoor use. But outdoors is where the Flightscope Mevo reigns supreme.


Which is the Better Buy?

So which was better? The camera or the radar device? Overall we have to give the advantage to the Flightscope Mevo and its radar technology. It was essentially as accurate indoors as the more expensive SkyTrak and its photometric technology; but it maintained that accuracy outdoors – the SkyTrak didn’t.

The Flightscope Mevo is more affordable and while you don’t get the immersive simulation experience, we think it’s a better buy if you really want to improve your game. Try it out for yourself today!


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